daryl x andrea

Ugh, they look so good together. And look, the knife Andrea was sharpening at the beginning of the episode is Daryl’s! Wasn’t she cleaning his gun in an earlier episode, too? #MARRIED

(This shipper moment brought to you by a desperate fangirl who is currently shaking and crying because she has to wait a month and a half for a new episode of The Walking Dead. Carry on.)

That Awkward Moment When Even E! Starts Shipping Daryl/Andrea

From one of the newest E! Online articles:

We’re crossing our fingers for a Daryl-Andrea hookup, which (as long as she doesn’t accidentally shoot him again) would be hotter than an RV in an Atlanta summer.

I love how they mention how HOT their sex scene would be, because seriously, regardless of how you feel about any of the two characters, Daryl and Andrea would have the hottest sex in recorded history. He would fucking go down on her all rough and shit. I bet birds would immediately start to migrate south at the sound of Andrea’s orgasm. Sea turtles would crawl to their location to mate.

How would you feel about your characters [Daryl and Andrea] hooking up sometime? Do you see a romance coming?

REEDUS: You know, it’s interesting. It’s the end of the world….”yeah, whatever!” But you know, I don’t think anybody’s going to be putting rings on anybody’s fingers, you know what I’m saying? It’s a hook up world! It’s a one-night stand kind of world.

HOLDEN: He’s been checking me out in scenes.

REEDUS: Been checking everybody out.

HURD: Come on though, you’ve read the comic book, there’s romance!

HOLDEN: But… we are deviating from the comic book!

REEDUS: And I’m not in the comic book so I can nail anybody.