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My first video is up:  Tom Payne about becoming part of the TWD family, naked Andrew Lincoln & Jesus relationship to Daryl

Walker Stalker London 2017

Flirt // Chandler Riggs Imagine

Chandler is more slightly more over-confident and cheeky in this one, instead of the aDORABLE CINNAMON ROLL he usually is.

Requested by: @fannyimagines

PROMPT: The reader has a part on twd as Carl’s love interest. Chandler flirts with her during a panel, only making the fans ship them more<3

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C H A N D L E R // 1 2 4 8

I nervously tugged at my top as I stood behind the stage with the rest of the cast. We were about to go on for a twd panel at ComicCon. I had done panels a million times before but this was the first time I was properly nervous.

The only reason I was so scared was because I noticed I had been getting more attention lately on social media, which worried me because I might be asked more questions than normal. My recent ‘fame’ It was due to the fact that I was beginning to get a bigger part in the show. I had been on The Walking Dead for years, playing Melissa Dixon, Daryl Dixon’s daughter. I had a decently important role, and I loved it.

Now, in season 6, I had lots more screentime due to the fact that I was becoming Carl’s love interest. Chandler was my best friend on set, so naturally, we were both super excited to have more time to work together. Well, I was probably more excited than him because let’s face it, Chandler’s pretty damn cute.

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so a friend was going to Walker Stalker Con in Chicago and he asked if there was anything he could do or get for me while he was there and i said YES, please deliver a funny gift to Tom Payne for me and grab an autograph and he said SURE! so i made a candle and it was delivered! he said Tom loved it and look - Jesus loves me! aaawww! (heh heh) JESYL…hell yeah i ship it.

Is Anyone Else Sobbing Horribly Right Now?!!! Sasha, she's gone. She's gone. She's gone. It hurts, I can't do this. Either she died or their carrying out Hollys death. I cant do this, nooo. I cant, I can't, this is not fair. Ben was sad, but Sasha has been there since the Prison. She's lost everything and she deserves to live. Why??!!! 😭😭😭😭😭😭