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Preference “How they react the morning after a drunken one night stand with you”

(I’M BACK WITH THE PREFERENCES!! WOOO OUR FAVES!!! xD Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owners.)

Negan-As he’d wake up to find himself naked next to you, he’d instantly smirk looking at your body covered in hickeys and lovebites. For sure, although he had been drunk there wasn’t a moment he would forget with you and as you’d wake up, he’d be full of himself and ask you if finally you understand how great his dick is.

Daryl-As he’d wake up to find himself naked next to you, he’d be genuinely confused and surprised to see you. As he’d pull the blanket, he’d start to blush, realizing he had gotten with you in such intimate ways and would end up staring at you dazed until you’d turn and wake up, realizing it yourself.

Rick-As he’d wake up to find himself naked next to you, he’d be stunned for a moment before starting to smirk to himself. He’d sit himself up and look at what he did to you before acting sleepily innocent as you’d wake up, asking you in a lighthearted way if whatever you both did happened, making you laugh.

Merle-As he’d wake up to find himself naked next to you, he’d laugh in satisfaction and would end up waking you up as well. He’d be rather cocky about himself and would just ask you if you liked everything he did to you all while grabbing you close to him and still trying to kiss you all over, clearly already sober.

Glenn-As he’d wake up to find himself naked next to you, he’d be shocked and would pull away so quickly he nearly falls off the bed. As you’d wake up and try to help him, he’d get flustered and ask you numerous times if what he thinks happened, happened, making you laugh and try to figure things out.

The Governor-As he’d wake up to find himself naked next to you, he’d be in deep thought and reflect on what had happened in a slight groggy state. As he’d sit up, he’d wait for you to wake up and start to stroke your hair softly the moment you’d open your eyes to try and comfort you, only to crack a smile and ask you if this was all real.

Abraham-As he’d wake up to find himself naked next to you, he’d let out a loud chuckle and roll over to smack your ass, waking you up in surprise. He’d just find it rather funny that it truly ended up happening that he’d have to make you realize of it like that before getting cocky and ask you if you’d like to relive it sober.

Eugene-As he’d wake up to find himself naked next to you, he’d be so shocked, he’d hide himself under the blanket while trying to assess the situation. He’d end up mumbling worriedly but so loudly that he’d wake you up. As you’d turn over to look at him confused, he’d be a stuttering mess trying to explain what really happened.

Jesus-As he’d wake up to find himself naked next to you, he’d let out a chuckle and be so stunned that he’d start to freak out a little. He couldn’t believe that had happened and wouldn’t know how to process everything, especially when he sees how much of a mess he made out of you and your room, only to awkwardly greet you in the morning.

Dwight-As he’d wake up to find himself naked next to you, he’d feel bad about it and blame himself for it. He’d take his time getting up, reflecting on what happened before trying to quietly leave you, only to look at you with guilt in his eyes and apologizing seriously for what happened, only to be relieved when you’d get up to kiss him.

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TWD // 7.16 “The First Day Of The Rest Of Your Life” Promo.
“You are gonna help make sure things get back on track today.“ - “No one has to die” -
“You are wrong.”

Preference "When they finger you under the table during a group dinner" (NSFW)

(Sorry I only did the dudes…I didn’t want this to take too long to write…But i promise i’ll the the other way around for the girls soon :) but in the meanwhile 😏😏😏YAAAAAASS OUR FAVS!!! Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gifs not mine/found them on google/credits to the original owners.)

Negan-He’d start to finger you under the table as everyone would get quiet and be too busy focusing on eating. It wouldn’t matter to him as to what you were wearing, his fingers would find its way into your folds and he’d have his fun teasing you, making sure that you’d have to stifle your moans all while he just looks at you with a smirk. He’d get off hearing all the sounds coming from you and from looking at you struggle and grip onto the the table cloth, all while practically praying that someone catches you both. “Can’t take it anymore, Y/N? Want me to make you come? With everyone around the table? Come on, scream it and i’ll fucking make it happen…”

Daryl-He’d be shy about touching you in public but on an occasion he got jealous hearing you talk so much more to the others than to him, that he’d decide to remind you of you belonged to. He’d try his best to be subtle but his frustration would seem to show a little as his hand would quickly delve into your panties. Before you could ask him anything, he’d have you in pure pleasure and slowly he himself would forget about the others around as his eyes would be glued on you, only to whisper words to make you weak. “You’re mine, Y/N…Remember that…Ain’t no one can touch you like this but me…”

Rick-Seeing how you were dressed for the dinner, he’d be so turned on during it and wouldn’t be able to keep his hands off of you. While everyone talks and eats together, he’d try to keep your attention to him and suddenly he’d just slide his hand to your thigh to start pleasuring you. As his fingers would go in and out, he’d chuckle to look at you squirming. The urge for it to be even more interesting would come to him, so he’d ask you loudly if you were fine, only for everyone to stop and for him to smirk. “Y/N?! A-are you okay, honey? You look like you have something on your mind, care to share with us?”

Merle-He’d have the idea of fingering you under the dinner table whenever you would rather pay attention to someone else other than him. He’d distract you from your conversation as his fingers would start to pleasure you and give you no other choice but to stop talking for a little while. No matter how hard you’d concentrate on anything else, he’d eye from the corner with a smirk and go harder and harder to the point where others notice and ask you if you’re alright, only for him to answer them in your place. “Y/N? Of course she’s fine…She’s just talking to me like a good babygirl does…Am I right, Y/N?”

Glenn-He’d get the idea to pleasure you as you’d both flirt at the dinner table a little too much. As your little talk would get rather dirty, he’d get confident enough to just put his hand on your thigh and let you know of his idea, waiting until the give him a sign to let him. As you would, he wouldn’t be able to stop smiling and just spend his time giving you an unforgettable time. He’d tease you with his words and chuckle, only for you to try and stifle your moans. “I can’t believe you’re such a dirty little girl, Y/N…Oh my god…You’re so wet…Imagine if the others hear you…”

The Governor-As you both got ready for dinner he would’ve already have the urge to have you but you’d deny him to not be late and leave, making him decide to have his way with you. As you’d sit next to him, he’d glare at you and keep quiet whenever you would ask him something, only to suddenly feel his hand on your thigh, lifting your skirt away. Before you could say anything, his gaze and touch would keep you still and he’d have his fun with you just as he wanted earlier. “See Y/N…This is what you get for playing around with me earlier…Not as fun when you have to hold in your voice…”

Abraham-As you’d tease and flirt with him a little too much, distracting him from his conversation with the others, he’d smirk and start to casually finger you to put a stop to your whole act. He’d know the exact way to make you weak and try to be on your best behavior. He’d go as slowly as he can, circling you around to keep you on the edge, all while talking to the others, to distract them from you that is until you’d let your voice out a little. “Y/N…Cut it out sweetheart…I can hear you…and if I can hear you there’s a big chance they can too…”

Eugene-He’d only get the idea of doing it after you had suggested and hinted that you absolutely wanted him to do so a number of times. He’d be so nervous about it that he’d keep his eyes on everyone until he knows for sure no one is paying attention to neither of you. As his hand would travel on your thigh, you’d feel him shake and that’s when you’d grab his wrist to guide him to where you need him to pleasure you. Gradually, he’d get better, making you hold onto him to keep in your voice, all while he manages to keep a straight face.

Jesus-As you’d sit next to him, he’d notice how you seemed a little down during the dinner and he’d try to cheer you up as best as he can with his topics of conversations. As you’d still be relatively quiet, that’s when he’d decide to flirt and tease you by whispering in your ear about his plans for later and slide his hand up your thigh. Before you know it, you’d get turned on by his ideas and even more as his fingers skillfully enters you and circles you bringing you all the pleasures. “Don’t look so down, Y/N…I’m just trying to make you smile a little…Is it working? Or should i go harder?”

Dwight-Seeing how provocatively you’d dress up for the evening, he’d whisper in your ear an order to not wear any panties for the night before leaving to go join the others. As you’d sit close to him, he’d catch you off guard while in your conversation and slide his hand up your thigh as he gets closer to your ear, asking you if you did just as he asked. Feeling your wetness, he’d smirk and start to rub you just as you liked before skillfully entering his fingers in, making you try your best to not get caught. “Did you take it off, just as I asked you? Good…Let’s see how much you can take before you beg me to leave the place and finish you off…”

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Melissa McBride on Carol knowing that Daryl lied to her

Knowing now that Abraham and Glenn were killed upon Negan’s introduction, not only is Carol ready for war, but she knows that her closest friend Daryl lied to her when she asked him what happened.

As for whether or not Carol is frustrated with Daryl for his lie, Melissa McBride quickly says, “No,” in an exclusive interview with ComicBook.com.

“When Morgan reveals what happened, she immediately remembers [Daryl] at the table saying what he said and realizes why he said what he said,” McBride said. “Also, in the moment when Morgan reveals that and she’s pulling it all together, she realizes without a doubt this is what she has to do now. I don’t think there’s any ill feelings toward Daryl for lying. There’s complete and total understanding, and if not a little guilt on her part for putting him in that merciful position to do what he did and tell her that everyone was okay.”

- ComicBook