daryl finding love

Alone in my own Bethyl-world...

Ever since the ‘thing’, I’ve avoided following other Bethyl blogs out there in a desperate attempt to ignore anything and everything about 5b (and beyond). For a while it was simply too dangerous (aka triggering) for me to risk following any blogs other than those of a few close friends whom I trusted to tag consistently and sensitively. 

While I’m still completely ignoring the show itself (and probably always will from here on out), it’s been over six months now. It’s getting rather lonely over here, alone in my little Bethyl-bubble.

I guess you could say I’m finally trying to reach out….  

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anonymous asked:

I'm living in fanonland were everything is beautiful, so like everyone could die in the show for as I care, but why are they anouncing a possible love interest in the CC? Are they trying to mislead people or just are more idiot than we thought?

Fanonland is where everyone should live, tbh. But let’s get REAL TALK for a second. Now, this real talk is going to piss a thousand people off and lose me the few remaining followers I have, but I honestly don’t care.

Daryl Dixon’s penis placement is honestly the most contested and talked about development discussed in TWD articles. Well, to be fair, it’s probably tied with WHEN IS NEGAN COMING articles. And guess what? Scott Gimple is going to play that card eventually. Daryl Dixon is going to get a love interest. Scott Gimple even flat out said Daryl would find romantic love and I don’t believe he was speaking about Beth after the shambles of season five. Norman will likely be involved in how that is portrayed, but it’s absolutely going to happen. Money talks louder THAN ANYTHING ELSE IN THE GODDAMN WORLD. And Daryl’s penis = money. Maybe that’s cynical. Maybe. But it’s also true. So any time a new female is cast - that’s going to be the speculation. And one day that speculation is going to come true.

Sorry not sorry.

anonymous asked:

I stoped watching the show so I don't care if Daryl finds love with Deanna, but I don't think they will reveal something so important as a Daryl's LI in the casting call. They only want to expectation and free promotion.

Lol Deanna.
Idk I have no further opinion on the matter except what I already said :)