daryl and carol are not the kind of people who would rip each other's clothes off

The mysterious girl & the redneck.

🔅Request: Hello ^.^ Can you do a Reader x Daryl story where the reader already has a group, (mostly bad people) they catch & muzzle Rick’s group. But Y/N help them to escape cause she can’t bear that anymore. They bring her back to Alexandria and she falls hard for the redneck, love is reciprocal. Thank youuuuuuu !🔅
(I hope you like it!)
Terminus was left behind and the group kept walking through the woods trying to find an opportunity to live.
Carol and Daryl were roaming the woods in search for something to put in their mouths in order to fill the voids in their bellies when they heard something behind a bush. Daryl took his crossbow and pointed at whatever the hell was there, whether it was a rabbit or a walker, it was better to shoot.
They found it wasn’t any of the things they thought, it was a girl. She was scared, so she tried to cover her face with her hands.
-The hell are ya? —Daryl held his crossbow at the height of her face.
-I… —the girl stuttered. Carol took out her knife.
-Are you alone? —Carol’s soft voice asked. Her head swung both ways to let them know the answer was ‘no’.
-Then go the hell back to where ya came from. —he was angry. Her eyes only showed sadness and fear, at first they thought she was afraid of them but now she seemed more scared of where she came from, maybe she was running away when they found her.
-Please. —the girl begged when voices could be heard in the distance. Carol and Daryl looked at each other, contemplating the chance of having a new member, but it was too late. The voices were closer now.
-Ah, here you are. —a fat man said as he grabbed her arm. The look on her face was painful to watch. The people that went to get her stared at Daryl and Carol. —You have new friends?
The fat man grabbed her arm so strongly that they thought it was gonna come off.
-There’s no need to… —Carol was about to step up her, when she was interrupted by a gun pointing at her face.
-Why don’t you mind your own business? —the man who was holding the girl spoke. —In fact, now that you care that much, help us out. Give me your guns.
Carol didn’t feel like arguing with a man holding a gun to her face and three other men and a woman with knifes in their hands. So she gave everything she had in that moment, and gave Daryl a sign to the the same. He surrendered everything, even his crossbow. They left with the stolen things and took the girl, who already had tears streaming down her face.
That night at the barn Daryl couldn’t sleep. The raindrops falling from the clouds were so hypnotizing, they reminded him of that girl. So much sadness and deep pain. In some way he felt guilty, but was there really something he could’ve done? Maybe not. The thoughts in his head were scared away when a knock on the door echoed the barn. It was soft and low so no one else heard it. It couldn’t be the walkers, none of them would have much grace at slamming their heads against the door.
He opened the door only to find his crossbow lying on the ground. There was no type of thief that would bother stealing something just to give it back later. But there was someone who maybe would. Back at the woods, when Carol and him noticed her, he knew that taking back with them wasn’t a crazy idea. After all, he knew how to tell the difference between a good person and a bad one; she seemed nice and kind, maybe it was a mistake letting them take her like that. Daryl stepped out of the barn and looked around for a while, she wasn’t hiding behind a bush or spying on him behind a tree. Daryl didn’t know this, but she gave it back because she knew he was going to need it soon.
The whole group woke up to the sound of footsteps over the thatch, and the creaking of the door. There were more people than usual, people with guns.
Rick tried to take his gun, but a man that Daryl and Carol already knew yelled at him telling him to stay still and don’t do anything stupid.
-We’re going to take these cans. —a woman said while holding a couple of cans of soup.
-Actually, darling, I think we’ll just take this whole place. —the known fat man spoke.
-How did you find us? —Carol asked.
-We saw you weren’t hungry for not eating in a few days, —he said as he walked around. —that you weren’t tired for sleeping on a rock with one eye open. We figured you had something good, so we followed you here.
Daryl was inspecting these people but he didn’t find who he was looking for.
-I’ll give you a chance. I’ll let you leave and take a few things to eat, if you leave now. —their leader said. But Rick stood up and turned his eyes in a look that only meant that he’s never let that happen.
-I’ll give you a chance. —Rick walked towards the man. —If you leave now, I won’t kill you.
This being said, Daryl, Glenn, Maggie, Carl and basically everyone else raised their weapons and pointed them at the thieves. The mysterious girl peeked through the window from outside, no one saw her, except for Daryl. She told him to hush and later shot the man who was trying to take over the barn. His blood splashed on Rick’s face, painting it red.
It was almost like a sign for everyone else to kill the enemy they had in front of them.
That’s the story of how (Y/N) joined the group. It wasn’t necessary to ask her the three questions and interrogate her, she proved she was on their side, but they still kept and eye on her, I mean, she DID betray her old group.
They finally found Alexandria and settled in. (Y/N) was grateful to them, she was friends with them and even could say she loved them. But she could say much more things about her feelings for the redneck. She spend most of the time focusing on her task, but she caught herself staring at that tan body every now and then.

It wasn’t like she just wanted to rip his clothes off and jump on him, she felt something deeper and harder to explain. She was young and experienced the confusing art of dating dumb boys her age, but she never thought that a man like him would cause that kind of impact in her life.
Almost like in a “damn romance novel” neither of them knew that the other felt exaclty how they felt. Daryl’s head was going through a messed up moment as well, he had been with girls before but deep inside there was something growing near his chest.
He got jealous when the guys in Alexandria talked to (Y/N), and she got jealous when women went and thanked him for helping their groups, it made her sick when a reckless lady every now and then touched his uncovered arm. Maybe she was also jealous from the dirt sticked to his tan skin.
He felt those things as well, not even when she was around him he was happy. He needed her to be with him, like she was meant to, at least that’s how it felt in both their hearts.

Unorganized thoughts on the new trailer

Okay, so I’ve written up my initial thoughts on the trailer. This is in no particular order, and it is in very broad strokes. I apologize in advance if it’s completely incoherent. I’m still coming down off the high of official new footage.

These are my thoughts on the general trailer, not very Caryl specific, though that will come later after I’ve had time to simmer on some of this stuff.

I set out to just document what I saw without making conjecture, but you guys know me…speculation happened. That’s all it is: speculation.

Also, I realized that I have lost all trust in the trailers like this, so most of this is me just side-eying the footage itself…Which is kind of sad, because I want to trust official footage like this, but S4 burned me.

So…yeah…Here be my thinky thoughts on the SDCC TWD S5 trailer.

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