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I watched the Caryl bit at the Paleyfest for myself, because that’s the only way to know what’s really going on.

Interviewer: One of the high-points of this season was your reunion with Daryl. [the audience cheers] What is it about you and Norman that clicks with [the viewers]? Why do you think that people really see them…? [more cheering from the audience]
Melissa: You know what, I have no idea! [the audience laughs] I have no idea! Norman and I have a good time together, too, and— [The audience cheers]
Someone shouts: Yeah, you do!
Melissa: *smiling, rolls her eyes and head all cutesy before making a mock serious face* Stop.it. [The audience cheers some more]
Melissa: Can I just say - [turns to Sonequa] - I’ve never sat this close to you before. You’re stunning!
Sonequa: *punches the air, looking highly pleased, then kisses Melissa’s hand*
Melissa: [turns back to the interviewer] I’m sorry.
Interviewer: Anyway…
[The audience laughs]
Melissa: Yeah.

- Source (Waiting for a better and complete version of the panel)

Just Friends – Part 2

Daryl x Reader Smut Warning! 18+ Only! NSFW

Request: i just discovered this blog and i’m already in love :) i’d like to request one where the reader and daryl are friends with benefits after a night of drinking led to them discovering that they’re both into rough, kinky sex. they get more intimate with each other (maybe daryl shows his scars), but they still wont admit their feelings for each other until daryl gets jealous and possessive over her and they get together. sry if its too specific, im just excited i found some good daryl smut ;)

Summary: Second part to the request above. Reader becomes friends with the man Rick and Glenn saved, trying to help him get used to the group and his new surroundings. Daryl notices her spending more and more time with him and gets really jealous and angry. He claims her and finally admits he loves her. Beginning of Season 4. The Prison.


You awoke an hour or two later to find a lantern had been lit in the back of the room, on the corner by the door, illuminating the darkness. You sleepily open and shut your eyes harshly, trying to adjust to the light and the scenery around you. You are still naked wrapped in the blanket and tucked in on the mattress, but Daryl is no longer by your side.

You look up and see him, fully clothed, standing at the front of the big window, legs shoulder width apart, crossbow clung over his shoulder, staring harshly into the night.

Ever the dutiful one he was. You thought to yourself with a smile as you get up and begin to pick up your clothes off the floor, putting each item on one by one quickly, before tip toeing over to stand next to Daryl. You look out the window for a minute, neither one of you saying a word.

“Sorry, I fell asleep.” You say hazily rubbing your hair about in your hand as you peered over at him with a smile.

A slight smile arose on the side of his face as he took your messy, pleased image into his eyes. He cleared his throat and turned toward the window again.

“That’s okay.” Daryl said gruffly before looking back over at you and tensing up again, “Glenn will be here to relieve me in an hour, why don’t you go get some rest, Y/N.” He said softly.

You look up at him and smile sleepily, “Okay… Thanks.” You turn to walk away toward the door before quickly pivoting your feet and walking back over to him.

You lay a quick peck on his cheek and lean into his shoulders with your arms, “You wanna come over when you’re done here?” You ask placing another kiss on him.

His body shivers with goosebumps at your call to him, he loved that you wanted him so much. He closed his eyes slightly and leaned his head back into your kiss.

He looks back at you, his eyes dark again, “Sure. I’ll be there in an hour.” He says huskily and reaches around to grab your ass a little.

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Just for You

Daryl x Reader Smut Warning! 18+ Only! NSFW

Request: Hey babygirl, just want to say your writing rocks ! And if you can do a imagine which Y/N went on a run without Daryl (maybe with Maggie and Rick) and she found a beautiful black lingerie and “surprise” Daryl 😁😁❤. Just a thought but would be sweet!

Summary: Reader goes on a run with Maggie and Rick and finds lingerie. She takes it home to surprise Daryl. Pre-Negan. Season 5/6. Alexandria. Hope I got this one right! :) Smut Alert.


“Be careful, Y/N.” Daryl says.

You roll yours in response, “I know… Dad.” You mock him a little and laugh at him playfully.

“This ain’t no joke, Y/N. I ain’t gonna be there to protect ya… Be. Careful.” He looked at you with serious but, worried eyes.

You smile sweetly back at him and lean up and give him a quick kiss on the cheek.

“I’ll be back before you know it.” You say softly, as you reach up to caress his cheek with your hand.

He closes his eyes and nuzzles into your hand a minute before he looks back at you, now with only worry.

He moves his hand over to put it on your cheek, mirroring your action, looking into your eyes a moment before swooping over and landing his lips on yours for a short passionate kiss.

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First of all, I’d like to apologize for not posting for so long - I’m sick again and I’m just not in a good place in general. I know a lot of you are expecting ‘King and Queen’ and I feel really shitty that I can’t deliver it to y’all. I’m working on things little by but it’s not the pace i want to work in. UGH, okay, rant over. I’ll try to post more of these one shot thingies in the meantime…


“Did ya ever have to kill a man?” The question made you stop folding laundry for a long moment, before you resumed the daily task as if nothing had happened. Daryl watched you from the couch, curious, waiting for you to answer the question.

“Yes I have, “ The Southern accent was still adoring your speech, even if you hadn’t been home in almost four years. Lifting your saddened (colour) eyes up, you looked straight at him “Have you?”

“A couple.” He shrugged. Silence fell on the room again, “Are you scared?”

“Should I be?” You stopped working, giving him a cheeky smile, “If I say I am will ya protect me like a knight in shinnin’ armor?” He rolled his eyes, cracking a small smile of his own “I’m a big girl, and I can take care of ma self just fine thank ya.” You trailed his movements as he stood up and lazily walked over to you.

“I’ll keep my eye out for ya just in case.” He said.

“Back at ya.”

Requests are opened! <3

Request #9: Daryl Imagine (Smut)

Anonymous request: May I get an imagine where I’m Carl’s older sister like 18 and I start to date Daryl and he is really cute and protective. The one day Rick finds out and gets super mad. Thank u

I’m not really proud of this imagine but it’s the best I could come up with. Also, I’m super, super sorry for the long delay. I was meant to post this last yesterday but I was feeling ill…

It’s not what it looks like 

In many ways, Alexandria could be defined as heaven. You didn’t have to constantly worry about being bitten in your sleep or whether there would be anything to eat the following day. The big problem was that everybody knew everybody and it was pretty much impossible to come and go unnoticed.

“Hey (Y/N)!” Carl called me over from the couch where he was reading some comics, making me stop in my tracks. “Where are you going sis?”

“It’s my nightshift to guard the walls,” I replied a little too quickly, having thought about my excuse in advance.

“Oka- Wait! Isn’t it Daryl’s turn tonight?” Carl was eyeing me suspiciously, leaning over the back of the sofa, his comics entirely forgotten.

“I think I know better than you when my shifts are, don’t you agree?” Not daring to wait for his reply, I quickly exited the house and hid in the shadows while walking towards the guard post.

Checking once again that nobody had seen me, I started climbing up the ladder to the platform where Daryl was already keeping watch.

“Yer late, (Y/N),” Daryl mumbled without even turning around. Instead of getting distraught by his cold demeanor, I went tiptoes and placed a chaste kiss on his lips.

“Carl’s been getting suspicious,” I explained as I sat down on the wall’s rim, not too far away from him. “I guess when you don’t have to fight for survival every single day, you have time to snoop in other people’s businesses.”

“If yer dad finds out, he’ll kill me,” Daryl wearied and his knuckles turned white as his grip on the sniper tightened. Smiling at his reaction, I stood up and made my way over to him, taking the weapon away from his hands before he could say anything.

“If my dad finds out,” I whispered as I pressed my chest against Daryl’s torso, tilting my head up to look at him while my hands found their way to his back pockets. “You’re dead, I’m dead and whoever tells him about it is probably dead too.” I joked as Daryl tipped his head down to have a better look at me and no matter how many times we had been like this, his blue eyes still made my legs weak.

“And ye think that’s funny, don’t ye?” He smirked ever so lightly and I nodded, barely able to hide my smile. Without wasting another second, Daryl leaned down, capturing my lips with his as his hands roamed over my body, holding me tighter.

Still proud at having been able to lighten the mood, I gave his ass a teasing squeeze before sliding my cold hands under the back of his shirt. I could feel the scars on his back as he shivered every time I traced them with the tip of my fingers.

His lips left mine, tracing their way down my jawline until they reached the spot between my neck and my collarbone, nibbling on the sensitive skin and making me moan in pleasure.

Not wanting to waste another minute of our precious time, my hands left his back and went to his shirt instead, proceeding to undo every and each button. I felt him groan against my neck, his stubble scratching my skin when my fingers went further south.

“Yer sure (Y/N)?” He breathed, slowly pulling away from me to have a full view of my blushed self. Admittedly, this probably wasn’t the best of places but it did have the advantage that nobody would see us.

“Mmm,” I purred, looking straight into his eyes as my hands went to grab the hem of my t-shirt. Before I could even start pulling it upwards, Daryl did the job for me, sliding the garment off me and throwing it somewhere behind me, outside the walls.

Our hands were all over each other, removing the remaining pieces of clothing that separated us in a blur. His lips found mine again in a passionate kiss and while the night might have been chilly, my skin felt as if on fire when I laid down on my back. Daryl’s body quickly covered mine and I could feel every single part of him pressing against me as we continued kissing.

Way too turned on to worry about further preliminaries, I took his engorged member in my hand, stroking it slowly and enjoying the guttural sounds coming from Daryl’s throat before guiding him to my core.

“Daryl!” A manly voice called out and we both froze in our spot. “Daryl, are you there?”

Our eyes were locked in each other for a moment, both of us not knowing what to do. Daryl regained his wit before I did and we quickly disentangled from each other as I rolled over to the darkest part of the platform, trying to grab my clothes in the process.

“Yeah Rick, what d’ya need?” Daryl responded, doing his best to remain in the shadows as he put on his jeans.

“Do you know where (Y/N) is? Carl told me she went out to take the night shift but I checked and it’s not her turn tonight,” dad explained and I didn’t even have to look at him in order to know that he was pissed at me.

Daryl turned my way, silently asking me what to do but I just shook my head in panic as I tried finding my panties in the heap of clothes.

“I, she-” Daryl stuttered, trying to come up with a good lie and failing. “(Y/N) came by earlier, told her she had the shifts wrong and she went back home,” he ranted, still fumbling with his fly.

This probably was the dumbest story he could have come up with considering that there was no way I would be able to get to my house before dad did but I didn’t have time to point it out to Daryl as Rick spoke again.

“Why aren’t you wearing a shirt?” Dad asked confused and Daryl went rigid, almost like a deer caught in the headlights. “Oh, oh,” Rick chuckled after a minute of silence, “that definitely explains the sounds,” he went on, clearly amused. “Well, I’ll leave you guys to it, and um, have fun!”

Daryl didn’t reply, frozen in place at us having come this close to being caught. I heard the footsteps growing fainter and finally dared getting back up on my feet.

“Out of all the things you could have come up with, that was your best shot?” I teased, smirking as I eyed Daryl up and down while trying to fasten my bra. The walkers didn’t scare him, neither did the cannibals and the wolves but my dad certainly did and I found that way more amusing than I probably should.

“Yeah, well ye try thinkin’ with no blood in yer brain,” he retorted, returning my smirk.

I quickly placed a kiss on his lips before starting to climb down the ladder as fast as I could. I used the short cut Enid had shown me weeks ago, running until my ribcage hurt. Luckily for me, dad seemed to have taken the long way around because I managed to get home just before him.

Closing the front door behind myself, I tried not to make any noise as I walked upstairs.

“(Y/N)?” Dad shouted behind me the very same moment the lights went on.

“Yes, dad, I’m here,” I replied weakly, halfway up to the first floor when he stopped next to the stairs.

“Where were you?” He asked angrily and I didn’t even dare imagine how he would react if he found me with Daryl.

Breathing deeply to remain calm, I turned around, putting on the most innocent smile I could master. “Thought it was my shift so I went out. Daryl told me it wasn’t the case so I went back home.”

He was silent for a moment, relaxing as he realized that my story matched Daryl’s and I breathed out in relief. While Alexandria was relatively secure, dad still worried a lot about my safety and he didn’t like me being out at night, hell, he didn’t even like when I took shifts.

“Wait! Where’s your t-shirt?” He asked suspiciously just as I was trying to climb up the final stairs.

“Well, you see,” I babbled and felt my cheeks grow pink. “I was getting ready to take a shower,” I replied, a fake smile on my lips as I faced my dad.

“At midnight?” He stated, cocking his head and giving me his “I don’t buy your bullshit” look.

“I was kind of sweaty.”


“I told you this wasn’t a good idea!” Glenn screamed the moment we stepped out of the car inside the walls.

“Oh come on! This is nothing,” I countered, holding my bloody arm with my right hand.

Tara and I had gone over some maps of the area in the morning and had found a gas station that looked promising. Glenn had decided to join us in our run and we managed to fill the entire trunk of the car with useful stuff.

“Nothing?” Glenn spoke out incredulously. “Your father will kill me if he finds out you got hurt under my watch!”

“And if he doesn’t, Daryl will,” Tara laughed as she came up behind us, placing an arm around my shoulder. I gave her a pointed look, silently telling her to shut up but she only smiled more. “Let’s get you to Denise, she will stitch you up.”

“What happened?” The doctor asked once she saw me covered in blood.

“Cut myself with my own knife,” I explained, sitting down on the cot. Denise nodded before walking away to gather the necessary material.

“You can’t believe how much I regret you having found out about Daryl and me,” I angrily whispered at Tara who was leaning against the door.

“Trust me, my eyes regret it too,” she said, sticking out her tongue at me.


I was slowly brushing the knots out of my hair in front of the full body mirror, getting ready for bed. I might have gotten hurt in the process but I was proud of having accomplished a very successful run. Rick saw red when he noticed my injury but after I told him how much we managed to bring, and more importantly, after Michonne told him to suck it up, he calmed down a bit. I was just glad that Daryl hadn’t been there when we got back or else he would have thrown a fit.

As if on cue, I heard a small knock on my window and through the reflection on the mirror, I saw Daryl’s figure standing outside.

“Is this a High School Musical remake?” I joked after having unlatched the window. This was the first time Daryl had done this and even though it was cliché, having your boyfriend climb up the house and enter your bedroom through the window still had a certain appeal.

“Show me,” Daryl ordered as soon as his feet touched the floor. He didn’t look pleased, in fact he looked even angrier than Rick had.

“It’s nothing,” I whispered in order not to be overheard by Carl whose room was right next to mine. Obviously not buying it, Daryl seized me by my waist and pulled me closer to him before taking my arm in his hands.

“Denise told me ye got twelve stitches,” he whispered, not being able to see the wound because of the bandage. “Why did ye even go on a run?!” He groaned, his blue eyes cold as they pierced through mine.

“Because I wanted to be useful,” I explained, keeping my voice low even though Daryl wasn’t doing any effort in that department. “And don’t even start because you don’t have the right to tell me what and what not to do,” I quickly added when he was about to start lecturing me.

“So I’m supposed ta sit back and let ye get killed?!” Daryl fumed but still tried to keep his voice down this time.

“No,” I replied weakly, understanding where this was coming from. Slowly, I pushed him backwards until he was sitting down on my bed and I took a seat on his lap. “But I would be happy if you congratulated me on my success,” I whispered before kissing his cheek.

“I can’t loose ya.” I wasn’t sure if I had heard it right considering Daryl’s voice was merely a whisper. Silently, he took my wrists in his large hand before looking up at me. “I can’t live without ya.”

His confession took me by surprise and I was rendered speechless for a while, barely even able to hold his gaze. “Daryl, are you telling me what I think you are?”

“I love ya, (Y/N),” he murmured, looking straight into my eyes. Never in a thousand years would I have thought I’d get to hear Daryl say those words.

My body reacted before my brain even had a chance to and in less than a second, I was straddling him, kissing him like there was no tomorrow. Daryl quickly responded to my actions, his hands tearing my nightshirt apart, buttons flying everywhere across the room.

There were no words needed as we undressed each other in the moonlit room, smiling each time our eyes met. When Daryl noticed me struggling to stay on top with my wounded arm, he gently flipped us around before placing a soft kiss on the bandage.

I probably managed to kiss every inch of his chest before his shirt had even entirely come off. He smoothly pulled me away and proceeded to take my right nipple between his teeth, making me squirm underneath him as I tried to remain relatively quiet.

We took our time, enjoying each other’s bodies before I felt him enter me. The bed squeaked each time he thrust in me and every time he did, it brought me closer to my release.

“I love you too, Daryl,” I smiled, teary eyed when my orgasm hit me. I don’t know if it were my words or the way my heat pulsated around his member but he reached his peak at that moment, burying his face on my neck to muffle the sounds.

We fell asleep soon after, still naked as he held me close to him, my head resting against his cheek.


I woke up in panic when I heard noise coming from downstairs. It sounded like something had fallen, quickly followed by multiple curse words.

Daryl and I got up at once. I frantically searched for something to wear, quickly settling with his shirt as he put on his boxers. He silently implored for me to stay but I was already out of the door, gun in hand before he could stop me.

“What the hell?!” I shouted, gun raised once I was downstairs. The beautiful lamp next to the couch had been knocked over and glass shards littered the floor.

“Don’t tell dad,” Carl asked me when I noticed him closing the front door behind himself, hiding Enid from sight.

“Are you okay, (Y/N)?” Daryl’s worried voice came from behind just as I felt his protective hand on my shoulder.

“What the hell is going on?” Dad screamed, running downstairs quickly followed by Michonne.

“Carl went to the kitchen for a snack and knocked over the lamp in the process,” I quickly blurted out, trying to dissipate the tension as the five of us stood in the middle on the room, holding various weapons.

“Yeah,” Carl quickly agreed, nodding his head more than was natural.

“Okay,” Michonne accepted, nodding slowly as she set her katana on the stairs. “Let us clean that up before anyone gets hurt.”

“Wait,” dad countered and my face fell, knowing what was to come. “What is Daryl doing here? And why are you wearing his shirt, (Y/N)?”

“Dad, look, I can explain,” I tried softly, walking towards him carefully. “It’s not what it looks like.”

“Really, (Y/N)?” Rick scoffed without looking at me. Instead, he raised his gun again and pointed it at Daryl, making me stop at once. “The way I see it, it is exactly what it looks like.”

“Look man, I can explain,” Daryl pleaded, raising his hands in defeat.

“Oh, you do?” Rick exclaimed, cocking his head. “So my daughter is wearing your shirt, you’re in boxers and there’s an explanation,” dad joked, sarcasm heavy in his voice. His blue eyed stare was colder than ever and suddenly, I felt like a child again.

Panicking, I rushed in front of Daryl, putting myself between him and the gun. “Okay dad, relax please. I’m nineteen years old so you don’t exactly have a-”

“I can’t believe it, (Y/N)! You lied to me, you were the one on the platform with Daryl,” Rick realized, an angry rictus poisoning his face. When he didn’t lower his gun, Daryl tried to shove me behind himself but I stood my ground.

“Stop!” Michonne yelled, coming out from the kitchen, looking pissed. “Lower your gun, Rick,” she ordered but dad didn’t budge. “Rick!” She yelled once again and he finally complied. “(Y/N), Daryl, go get dressed. We need to discuss this calmly,” she added, pointedly looking at my dad.

 Let me know what you think of it :)

You Want Better? – Part 2


Summary: I made a second part to this because I wanted to. Sort of felt like resolving the Rick-ness of it all. Daryl and the reader begin to sneak around and see each other, they go on a run with the group and Rick confronts the reader about his feelings and the reader has to decide between Rick or Daryl. I really love jealous Daryl. Smutty Daryl x Reader Goodness.

Warnings: Smut


You and Daryl began to sneak around regularly after the night by the campfire, neither one of you said the word, “dating,” but you both knew you didn’t want anyone but each other.

You smile at him as you both walk through the woods, side by side. He looks over at you and smiles back, taking your hand in his, as you both walked at the rear of the group. You, Daryl, Rick, Shane, Andrea, and T-Dawg were out on a run, trying to find some supplies to bring back to Hershel’s farm. Rick figured it would be a good sign of faith and it might convince Hershel to let you all stay. You were doubtful, but as you looked into Daryl’s eyes you thought to yourself that anywhere he was would be just fine with you. Whether that be on the farm or on the move again, it didn’t matter.

You snap out of your trance and look forward to see that the group had stopped at the edge of the woods, on the other side of the clearing you could make out a small town, you had arrived at your destination. As you look up toward the direction you and Daryl are walking, you see Rick put his arm in the air, putting his finger up, signaling for the group to halt.

Everyone stopped and watched Rick as he turned around with serious eyes, to give commands to his group. He looks around at everyone, putting his hands on his hips, getting ready to speak. His eyes scan the group and see you and Daryl in the very back a few feet away from everyone else, he looks down and notices that Daryl is holding your hand. He looks back up and looks in your eyes with something that looked like shock. You feel your entire body vibrate as he stared at the two of you in dismay. Does he fucking have to? You thought to yourself, trying to make yourself angry and push those old feelings for Rick away.

Rick’s eyes move to your hands intertwined again, Daryl pulls your hand toward him harder and pulls you a little closer to his side. This causes Rick to look up at Daryl, who is staring him down harshly. Rick nods to himself a little, clenches his jaw and looks away, focusing on the group ahead of you two.

“Alright, you know the drill. In and out quickly, you see a walker you do whatever you can to kill it. Let’s go in groups of three. Shane take T-Dwag and Andrea…” He pauses a little and stares back at you and Daryl, pushing emotion away from his eyes. “Daryl and Y/N, your with me.” Rick said shortly, turning his back again quickly motioning for everyone to start their descent onto the town.

You look over at Daryl, a little nervously, after that display of dominance you didn’t really know how Daryl would react. Not to mention that pesky feeling in your stomach you felt every time Rick looked at you. Daryl looked at you, noticing your worried eyes on his. He smiled softly and leaned over to kiss you gently, brushing his lips softly against yours for just a moment. You close your eyes at the feel of his lips, you could never get enough of his kisses, for a moment you forgot your worry. As his lips detach you open your eyes, smiling a little now.

“Don’t worry. I’ll be good, baby.” He said to you a low voice, leaning back down to quickly kiss you again.

Before he can pull away you reach you left-hand up the nape of his neck and to his hair, you push his head towards yours, pushing his lips into you further. He growled a little and slowly plunged his tongue into your willing mouth. You moan a little feeling his tongue inside you, suddenly feeling that familiar need for him to be all over you.

You hear someone’s throat clear and your stomach drops. Shit. You forgot where you were. You try and pull away, but Daryl snakes his right-hand up your neck and mimics your actions, pushing your head into his, not allowing you to let go just yet. He sucked and swirled around your tongue deeply, crashing his lips onto you over and over. You moan out into him again, in a trance by his actions. That fucking tongue. You thought to yourself as you melted into him.

After a minute of fucking your mouth with his tongue, Daryl finally let go, slowly backing away from you, still staring into your eyes. He is very well aware that Rick has been watching this whole time, in fact he was fucking counting on it.

You slowly open your eyes after one of the best kisses to date from Daryl and hazily look at him smiling. Daryl smirks and grabs your hand again, pulling you both back toward the town, shoulder to shoulder. Daryl looks straight into Rick’s eyes, who looks like someone had just punched him in the gut. Daryl smirks and nods his head toward Rick.

“We’re ready. Let’s go.” He said flatly.

You looked at Rick and let your eyes drop to the ground as Daryl spoke. You felt your face get hot with embarrassment but you couldn’t deny that you didn’t ever regret the way Daryl made you feel, unlike Rick.

Rick clears his throat, nods his head, and turns around walking toward the town.

Daryl looks at you and smiles cockily. You roll your eyes and place your head on his shoulder for a moment as you both walk towards town.

“You got your knife, Y/N?” Daryl asked, making sure you were prepared for the scene ahead.

You chuckle a little, taking your head off of him and using your free hand to snake to your right side and pull your favorite knife out of its holster. You grin at him and shove it back in its place.

He nods and smiles at you before turning his attention toward the task at hand. He drops your hand and looks at you as you clear the woods and feel your feet hit the tar road that lead into town.

“Stay with me at all times and be careful.” Daryl growled in a low voice, motioning for you to stay behind him.

You comply and drop behind him to flank him on his right side. You see Daryl unsling his crossbow and hold it up, using it as a scope for danger as he scans the area all around you two before starting forward on the road. You draw your knife in response, scanning the area behind you to, putting your back to Daryl’s for a moment. You turn slowly back around, hearing the heel of your boot slowly groan as you twist it into the tarred surface. You turn back around to flank Daryl, walking cautiously forward behind him.

Rick waits for you two to catch up to him and you both reach him, under the population sign, he nods to Daryl asking if he is ready, Daryl nods shortly back. Rick looks at you, looking down for a second and then looking back up at you and nods, you nod in response, trying to keep your eyes hard. Rick silently motioned you to the right side of the street, filled with houses. You can see Shane’s group making their way into the first house on the left side of the road.

Rick runs quietly up to the front door of the first house, checking the lock with his left hand, his wedding ring glistened as the sunlight hit is for a moment, blinding you a little. You laugh a little wryly to yourself at this, trying to hide it from Daryl. Rick finds the door is unlocked and he slowly opens it with his hand, pushing it open. He pushed his back to the wall beside the door for a moment, awaiting to see if anything would come out at him. Nothing. Rick walked in to the doorway of the house about three feet in, holding his gun in the air. He surveyed the space with his gun for a moment, before relaxing his hands and turning around to face you two on the street. He nods and motions to you both, telling you it is safe.

Daryl nods and starts to walk toward the door of the house, never lowering his bow. He walks right past Rick, with you a few feet behind. You follow Daryl inside and feel Rick close behind you. Daryl stops at the end of the hallway, causing you to stop shortly, Rick bumps into your back a little as you do this. He stands into you for a few seconds too long, you slowly move your feet forward a couple of steps, breaking contact. You can feel him breathing on your neck as you feel his eyes on you. You turn your head slightly, wanting to look back at him, but not allowing yourself to. Instead you turned your head back toward Daryl’s back and tried to ignore Rick’s breath on you.

Daryl looked back at you and whispered, “Stay here,” to you in a serious tone as he darted to the left, scoping out the living room. You didn’t move and neither did Rick, as if he knew what he was doing was having an effect on you. You stand in the hallway and see Daryl walk across your view again, this time toward the kitchen.

You hear Daryl’s big footsteps dart around from room to room as you feel Rick’s breath on you. Daryl walks upstairs to check the rooms on the second floor and you feel Rick step closer to you, pressing ever so slightly into your back again. You turn your head slightly, but still do not give in to his gaze. You feel his right hand come up and rub the small of your back a little, putting his lips right up next to your ear as he leaned in to you.

“I know you feel that.” He says in a low whisper, not wanting Daryl to hear.

Your breath hitches feeling his breath and his words in your ear. You say nothing. He continues to rub on you, slowly moving his hand to your side and to your stomach rubbing slightly. Your hair stands up and you get goosebumps. You feel your eyes begin to close at the feeling of him when you remind yourself what the hell was happening.

Your eyes snap open and you smack his hand away from yours. You step forward further into the hall, forcing yourself to turn around and look at Rick.

“You’re fucking married Rick, don’t.” You say sternly, trying to hold a serious gaze.

His eyes fall to the floor ashamed for a moment, before sheepishly raising his eyes with his head still hanging.

“What if I wasn’t?” He asked, staring into you.

You ignored the flip your stomach did, this was everything you had wanted from Rick for so long, since the first time you’d met him. Why did he have to do this to you now? When you finally had something good with someone? You are lost in your thoughts when you hear Daryl’s loud footsteps come crashing down the stairs. You turn back around and face Daryl, pushing all thoughts of what had just happened aside.

“Anything?” You ask him.

He shakes his head no and looks at you in relief, before heading for the kitchen.

“Come on. Let’s get to work.” He said and you all went about scavenging from room to room of the house. You repeated this pattern until you had scavenged what you could from all of the houses on your side of the street. Killing what few walkers were found in, quietly.

All three of you panted heavily as you carried your full packs full of supplies to the middle of the street, where Shane, T-Dwag, and Andrea were waiting, also carrying their heavy packs.

Rick nodded to the other group, “Let’s make our way back.” He said turning his heels and clicking his boots down the tar road and back to the woods where you came from. You all turn and follow suite. Shane catches up with Rick at the front, followed by T-Dawg and Andrea in the middle, followed by you and Daryl in the back.

Daryl slung his crossbow in place on his shoulder and began to walk down the road, staring straight ahead, concentrating on the scene, making sure he could keep you safe if anything should jump out at you. You walked side by side with Daryl, absentmindedly going over the words Rick had said to you back there.

After a while you notice Daryl staring down at you and you whip your head up quickly to give him a smile. He smiled back softly and took your hand in his again, this time with a gentle, loving touch. You stared into his eyes for a moment, lost in his perfection, he always knew how to remind you right where you wanted to be. You sighed happily and returned your gaze toward the road. He rubbed his thumb over the back of your hand, swaying your arms, as he walked you both back home.

The walk home was quiet, no body saying too much, everyone was tired. You felt your legs groan and ache as you made your way back to the farm, through the woods. By the time you saw the farm in the distance, you were ready to kiss the ground, you had never been more happy to see the place. You tug at the heavy pack on your back and dig your heels in, focusing on the short way you had to go before you could sit.

You walk through the big meadow, trudging through the grass, as you all make your way across to Hershel’s farm. You reach Daryl’s tent first and you groan, wishing you didn’t have to trek the supplies all the way up to the house before stopping.

Daryl stops and drops your hand, he looks at you, “Give me that.” He said nodding to your backpack. You nod and swing the bag off your shoulders, you bring it over to Daryl’s open hand and he grabs it. You sigh in relief, finally feeling free. He slugs the bag easily over his other shoulder, placing it next to the strap of his crossbow, as he carries his bag on the opposite shoulder. He adjusts, making sure the load he carries is evenly weighted.

You stare up at him gratefully as you catch your breath. He leans down and kisses you shortly on the forehead, before returning to his stance.

“Why don’t you go rest a bit. I’ll bring this stuff up.” He says nodding his head up, almost commanding you.

You smile smally, he knew you well, you nod in agreement.

“Thanks, Baby.” You say sweetly and reach up, putting both your hands on the sides of his face before pulling his lips onto yours for a short kiss.

“Hurry back.” You say with a devilish grin.

He smirks with lust forming in his eyes. He nods again, this time more urgently, and licks his lips.

“I will.” He says, moving the bags around on his shoulders one more time before turning and walking towards the house, lugging your pack along with his. You stared at his big, muscular arms and broad back as you watched him walk off. Your eyes trace down his back to his great ass, you bite your lip and sigh in frustration.

Your body reminds you how tired you are and you slump toward Daryl’s tent, a place you had been spending most of your nights, and when you could most your days. You walk into his tent and begin to unbutton your jeans, you wiggle out of them, kicking them away to the corner. You unclasp your bra under your shirt and pull the straps out one by one, arm by arm, before reaching under your shirt and pulling the bra out and off of you. You smile at the feeling of freedom. You yawn and stare at Daryl’s sleeping bad and pillow, you notice Daryl’s poncho next to the makeshift bed and smile, you walk over to it and pull off your shirt, leaving you nearly naked. You pick up the poncho and pull it over your naked breasts. You giggled to yourself as you imagined Daryl’s reaction when he came back.

You crawled under the sleeping bag, pulling the cover up over your body. You snuggled into the pillow moaning a little as you enjoyed the feeling of the soft feathers under your head. You loved the warmth and comfort of the bed and Daryl’s fabric draped over your body. You couldn’t wait until you felt his arms around you again. You smiled at the thought, drifting off to sleep.


You awaken sometime around dusk, seeing the light is starting to slowly fade, through the tent’s fabric. You feel an arm wrapped around you as you slept on your side, toward the inner fold of the sleeping bag, wrapped in Daryl’s poncho. You feel Daryl’s body pressed against your back in the sleeping bag with you. You smile sleepily and moan out stretching your arms up. You turn your body around to lay on your back while Daryl’s hand slips over to rest its palm on your stomach, in response. You pull the blanket slightly away from your body, only leaving your lower half covered.

You look up at him, noticing he is awake and looking down at you with his hand propped up on his shoulder, resting on his side. He looks at you with a smile, his hand rubs over your stomach slowly, over his poncho. He looks you up and down a few times, finding your eyes again, smirking.

“You look so fucking good in my poncho, Y/N.” He said, looking down at your half naked body. You feel his bare foot and one of his legs, trapped inside his jeans, come up to the bare skin on your thighs. He rubs his leg onto yours and his feet graze down your naked calves. His hand traces down your stomach to your hips, and down your thigh. He growls feeling your bare skin under his touch. He trails his hand back up you, sliding this time slightly over your core, before returning to your stomach. He plunges his hand under his poncho and up your skin until he reaches your bare breasts. He uses his one hand to massage the right one roughly and then the left one.

“Yes!” You cry out to him, shooting your head back, loving the feeling of his touch on your naked body.

Your hips arch up a little as he caresses you roughly under the fabric.

“So ready for me.” He says, as he watches your hips thrust up and down at the feel of his hands on you. His hands move back down to your stomach and rub around your navel a few times and then moves to the side of your right hip, rubbing it roughly, causing you to arch up into his hand again. He smiles watching you love the pressure he was putting onto you. He watched you writhe in pleasure, with your eyes closed on the pillow. He moved his hand slowly to your stomach again and slowly rubbed his palm across the waistline of your panties.

“Daryl!” You cry out, feeling yourself getting wetter for him with every touch. You ached for his hand to move just a few inches further, you ached for him in every way. You cry out to him again and then you feel his palm move down, fingers first, down your core. He pushes pressure into you as he moves his hand down, making you feel so good. You buck your hips into his hand, holding yourself into him hard, his palm slightly pushed up and down your clit for a moment before moving down slightly. You feel his index and middle finger move to the side of your panties and tug them over, allowing him access to you. You open your legs to his fingers and moan as he slowly pumps those two fingers inside you, slowly pumping into you.

“Baby, that feels so good!” You commend him and his fingers thrust into you further and faster.

He looks down at you as his fingers fuck you, you writhe into his hand, with your eyes closed and biting your lip, trying not to scream.

“Go ahead darlin. I don’t care if anyone hears us. Do you?” He asks in a husky tone, wanting to hear you scream out for him.

You stop for a moment, seeing Rick’s face in your head, you push it away and force your eyes open, locking them on the man who made you feel so good. You being to feel his pleasure again as you stare into his eyes, you shake your head no and put your hands on his face, pulling his lips into yours for a short rough kiss. You let go, but he pushes his head back into yours and roughly slams his tongue back into your mouth sucking on it harshly. He detaches with meaning, staring down at you.

“I want you to scream my name. Make sure everyone knows who makes you feel so good.” He says fucking you with his eyes.

You nod in agreement feeling yourself building as his fingers fuck into you harshly.

“Oh yeah!” You cry out, not trying to stifle yourself anymore.

He smirks at your volume and thrusts a third finger inside you, pumping into you, pushing his thumb up and around your clit, putting pressure on it as he swirled around it.

“Daryl! Don’t stop!” You cry out and bounce your body up and down on his fingers. You hear him growl in response to watching your body fuck him, under his poncho. He gets harder every time you cry out loudly to his touch.

“Cum for me baby.” He said thrusting into you faster and faster, hitting your clit with his thumb. He swirled and pushed around your clit, slamming his fingers inside you with intensity. You rock your hips harder and harder into him and his thumb puts more pressure on your clit each time you slam up into him. You thrust and thrust over and over, feeling him hit your spot every time, your hips begin to slam up into him wildly as you feel yourself ready, you swirl your hips a little, rocking them back and forth into his thumb, hard, faster and faster.

“Oh, Fuck!!!” You cry out. You feel yourself hit your climax as you thrust up into his thumb on your clit, and hold yourself there pushing into his hand as hard as you could. He moves the back of his palm back up to your core and slowly rubs up and down, hard, making you enjoy your high even more. You scream out his name again as he does this, prolonging your high, “Daryl!” You cry out in shock and in pleasure, rocking into his hand a few more times before dropping your hips, feeling yourself in a haze.

Daryl keeps his hand over your core for a moment longer, feeling you pulsating in pleasure underneath his touch. He looks up from his hand, to your eyes. You stare at him happily and sleepily smile.

“Nice wake up call.” You say to him and caress the side of his face.

He smirks and growls, “Yeah, like you weren’t expecting anything.” He says slowly reach his hand up from your core and pulling the hem of his poncho up your skin, until he can see the bottom of your bare breasts. He growls at the sight, looking back into your eyes, this time serious with lust.

“It was a present for you.” You say sweetly, smiling at him, loving the way he looked at your body.

“About time I unwrap it then.” He says looking down, while slightly tracing his index finger along the bottom of your breasts, one at a time. You moan at the sensation and nod to him.

He licks his lips, while tracing your skin, and looks back into your eyes. You stare at him with urgency, wanting to feel him all over you. He looks back down and slowly moves his index finger in between your breasts and hooks the fabric, slowly pulling it up. He drudges it up over your breasts, exposing your aroused nipples, and then up your collar bone and to your neck. You sit up a little allowing him to pull it over your head. It falls slightly behind your head, still resting on the pillow. You position your exposed body back down over the pillow and the poncho. Daryl’s hand comes down on your cheek and then rubs its way slowly down your neck to your right breast, he cups it greedily, groaning in pleasure as he rubbed and swirled his palm around it. His fingers came up every so often to flick your nipple, causing you to cry out for him, “Daryl!”

“Yeah baby, you tell them who makes you feel so good.” He says in low approval as he crashes his mouth back onto yours, moving his hand over to your left breasts and starting in on that one. You cry out his name into his mouth again as he swirls around your erratic tongue, he finds it and sucks on it for a moment, slowing your motion, he swirls his tongue slowly around yours over and over again, with tremendous pressure, while his hand pleasured both of your breasts, rubbing on them, harshly.

You arch up into him and writhe under his touch, massaging your hands into his hair, pushing his mouth into you harder. He groans and exists your mouth, beginning to lick and swirl his tongue down your neck and to your collarbone. He stopped for a moment and lifted up his body, swinging one leg over your hip, and straddling you. You felt his hard cock pulsating against your stomach as you watched him lean down, putting both of his hands on the sides of your face, he crashes his lips back to your neck, roughly sucking and swirling his mouth around your skin and down to your left breast. He swirled around the soft tissue and took in your nipple, slowly sucking on it as he moaned, “Mmmm…” He growled into your skin, making you grind your hips up into his and cry out in pleasure.

He took the nipple and began to swirl his tongue around it faster and faster as you called out to him, pushing his head into your body.

“Oh yes!” You cry out, rocking your hips underneath him. You feel yourself get wetter and he moves his attention and tongue over to your other breast, treating it with just as much attention. He sucked on your nipple slowly and swirled around it, before sucking up and around your entire breast. Moaning and groaning in delight as his tongue pleasured you.

“Baby…” You plead as you rub your hands down his clothed back, until you find the hem of his shirt, you pull it up as far as you can and groan a little.

He lifts his lips from your breasts after another flick of your nipple, he sits up and slides out of your finger. He smiles down at you, grind his hips into you a little as he reaches down and pulls his t-shirt off, throwing it across the room. His huge, bare arms push themselves to the ground by your naked sides and you slide your hands up them and down to caress his gorgeous chest. You bite your lip a little, loving the feeling of him on your hands. You  rub up and down, reaching lower with every pass downward. You reach the button of his jeans and you rub the skin right above it, rocking your hips up into him. You unbutton the metal and look up at him with pleading eyes.

He growled looking at you lowly, suddenly he stands up, ripping the rest of the sleeping bag blanket off of you both and throwing it fulling open on the ground. He stands up, straight on top of you, he smirked as you watched him in awe. Your eyes wander down his beautiful bare chest, down his stomach, and to his jeans. You watch as he unzips the zipper slowly and wiggles his hips down, his big cock popped out as he carefully guided it out of the zipper with one of his hands. He leaned his head back a little as he took himself in his hands. Once his dick was free he moved his hands back to tug the fabric down, with one quick swoop, he kicks out of them and kicked them behind him.

He smiled down at you lustfully as he watched you stare at him, frozen in arousal. He takes his huge dick into his hands again, using his feet he kicks your legs apart and kneels down in between them. He holds his cock in his hand and lines it up to your core. He looks up at you and you are playing you’re your breasts, massaging them with your hands, absentmindedly, waiting to feel him in side you.

He looks back down and drudges the tip of his cock up and down, slightly inside your folds.

“So wet.” He growled to himself and ran himself up and down you once more before slowly pushing his huge cock inside you, filling you as far as he could go. Your hips arch up as he fills you and your cry out in pleasure, “Fuck Yes!”

He pumps a little into you when he cannot push himself in any further. You bounce up in response, moaning at the sensation, “Yes.” You whimper and he pulls out and repeats himself, pushing himself back into you, filling you slowly, and then pumping into you harshly.

“Daryl…” You moan out to yourself as you massage yourself, closing your eyes feeling the full sensation of his cock filling you and making you feel so good.

“Fuck, Y/N! You look so good riding my cock.” He says licking lips staring down at you moaning as he pumps into you.

You nod, keeping your eyes closed, moaning in pleasure.

He begins to fuck you harder, slamming his cock harshly in and out of you, making your body bounce up and down faster and faster. He groaned as he watched your breasts bounce up and down under your roaming hands, as he fucking you.

“Oh yeah! Just like that, Daryl!” You cry out, arching your hips down into his, needing to feel even more of him. You grind up into him and clench your pussy over his cock, crying out at the sensation.

“Fuck!” He groans, feeling you tighten around him.

He moves his hands to the sides of your hips, grabbing them roughly, thrusting himself even harder into you. He moves your legs up and wraps them around his waist, as he thrusts even further into you, pumping shortly into you after filling you.

“Oh fuck, Baby!” You cry out in pure ecstasy, shooting your head back and arching your hips up into him, nearly pushing your ass off the ground completely.

“Damn!” Daryl growled, grabbing the sides of your ass with his hands, before your body could fall back down. He held your body in the air, grabbing your ass, and thrusting you into him. One of his hands, grapsed your ass check harshly and smacked it a few times, making you moan in pleasure. His hands grabbed you by the ass as he slammed into you harder and harder.

All you felt was him filling you in every way possible, you bounced in happiness, feeling him slam into your core and hit your clit putting pressure on it.

“Yes! There!” You cry out and he begins to hit you long and hard over your clit as his hands slam your hips into his, with so much pressure you thought you might break. He pumps into you and your clit over and over, faster and faster until your fingers grasp and grip your breasts tighter. He thrusts a few more times, deeply over you, grinding into you as hard as he could.

You feel yourself rising to your high as he thrusts into you, so fucking good. He ground his hips and his cock so hard into you, you ground your hips back into his harshly in return. Bouncing on his cock, until he hit you one last time, grinding into your clit and filling you to the brim.

“Oh, fuck yes!! Oh, Daryl! Yes!!” You cry out to him louder than you should, but you didn’t care. You clench your pussy around him as you cum hard. You ride his cock, feeling every moment of your high intensified.

He groans and smacks your ass again, feeling him cum around you.

“Fuck yes, baby. Cum for me.” He says and thrusts into you roughly, making you bounce up and down again.

“Cum inside me, baby.” You say, breathlessly, moving your hands down to rub over your stomach for a moment before bracing them to your sides, on the ground. You put your palms down on the ground and helped keep your body arched up in the air, the way he liked it.

He smacks your ass again and bites his lip as he starts thrusting into you harsh and wild. He hips rock back and forth on their own accord, changing their rhythm from slow and long, to fast and short, his hips would slam in and out and then swirl around to hit your sweet spot again, as he put as much pressure into you as he could.

He slammed into you faster and faster, swirling his hips every so often, loving the pressure he felt. His breath got heavy and erratic and his hips wildly began to buck as he cried out and came inside you.

“Oh, Fuck Yeah!!” He cries out, watching his body fuck you and feeling himself cum all over inside your warm body. You clench your pussy around his a few times as he cums, which makes him whimper in ecstasy. He thrusts into you slowly a few more times until he pushes back as far as he can go and holds himself there. Feeling his cock pulsating as he rides his climax out.

He lets you fall to the ground and he crashes on top of you, his cock still inside you. You reach your hands down to him and he takes them. He pulls out of you and falls back on top of your body, his face coming up near yours. Your hands are intertwined together and pushed out to the sides of the bed.

He moves his face up and over your own and stares down at you, breathing heavily still. He smiles and leans down, plunging his tongue slowly into your mouth, swirling around you with painstaking passion. You moan into him and squeeze his hands into yours harder.

He pulls his lips away from you for a moment, leaning his head back to stare back down at you.

“That was fucking amazing,” He said smiling and crashed his lips back down to devour yours.


You awoke early the next morning feeling so peaceful and relaxed. You looked up at Daryl’s as you lay on his chest, looking at the man who made you feel nothing but good all night long. You sigh and lay back down on his chest, listening to the sound of him breathing in and out peacefully as he sleeps. You lay there for a little while, watching through the tent walls as the sun began to creep up into the sky. You hear Hershel’s chickens pecking somewhere in the distance and the horses neighing, morning was here.

You slink out of the sleeping bag, trying not to disturb Daryl, he never got the rest he should, you wanted him to stay asleep if possible. You slowly creep around the tent, grabbing your underwear and clothes, quietly trying to dress yourself. You successfully get everything on and put on your socks and boots. You grab a couple of empty water bottles that are on the floor of the tent, in the corner, and unzip the tent, stepping outside.

You breathe in the crisp, cool morning air, you see the slight dew that built up on the meadow grass overnight, as the sun beams begin to shine done on them. You smile at the beautiful scene in front of you. You don’t remember a time ever being happier or more satisfied than right at this moment. You stand there for a moment with the water bottles in your hanging hands, just taking in the moment. Visions of Daryl flood through your mind. His smile, his laugh, the way he bit his lip when he was nervous, the way he made you feel so good with every part of him.

You feel the bottle tops in your fingertips and remember what you were doing. You began to walk toward the drinking well that was to the back of the barn, across the road and on the backside of the farm. You creep your way quietly around tent city, not wanting to disturb anyone, everyone was still asleep, except for Dale who was perched a top his van, on guard duty. He nodded down to you hello. You smiled and waved at him, continuing on your way. You loop around to the back of the barn, walking the few extra feet to the well. You pump the handles a few times and open it, water starts spewing out. You quickly unscrew the first bottle top off and shove the bottle under the rushing stream. You tighten the lid back in it when you are finished and repeat your actions with the second bottle, filling it to the brim and tightening the cap. You slam the handle back down, stopping the water, and smile to yourself as you tighten your grip on both water bottles, putting one back in each hand.

You turn to walk back toward the front of the barn and back to Daryl’s tent. Your eyes snap over to someone standing against the barn staring at you, it was Rick. “Shit!” You gasp shocked and stop in your tracks, heart pounding.

“You scared the shit out of me, Rick!” You say startled.

Rick pushed his back off the back of the barn and lowered his heel that was resting on the wall. He stared straight at you, with his hands on his hips. He looked at you darkly, with a tinge of anger in his eyes. You stood there trying not to feel the flips that involuntarily went around in your stomach as you stared into his eyes. You gripped the water bottles tighter in your hands and focused on remaining guarded for this conversation.

“What are you doing up so early?” You ask, trying to sound casually.

Rick nodded his head down and sighed, “Couldn’t sleep.” He said looking up at you with tense eyes.

“That’s too bad.” You reply, shifted the weight on your feet awkwardly, hearing the gravel crunch underneath your shoe. You look down, not sure what else to say.

“Well, I better be-“ You start, but are interrupted.

“What are you doin’, Y/N?” Rick asked, tilting his head and looking sideways at you.

“What?” You ask, peering at him questioningly.

“You know what I’m talkin’ about. What are doin’… with him?” Rick asks, his voice is gruff and throaty, as he emphasizes his words.

You shake the hair away from your face a little and stare at him, “What does it matter to you? I’m just having a little fun. I like Daryl.” You say sincerely.

You watch as Rick takes a step back and run his hands over his face for a moment. And then suddenly he is striding towards you. He wraps one arm around your waist and snakes the other up your back to your neck. Before you know what is happening his lips are on yours, he harshly pushes his tongue into your mouth, through your teeth. Your mouth remained mostly closed to him, in shock. Your hands drop the water bottles to the floor and you reach them quickly up to Rick’s chest, pushing him away and out of your mouth. You push him again, this time more angrily.

“What the hell Rick!?!” You cry out a little too loudly, you shush your voice down to an angry growl before continuing, not wanting anyone else to hear the commotion.

“You can’t do that! Or have you conveniently forgotten about Lori?” You continue, staring at him your body full of anger. What made him think he could just take you whenever he wanted, you were not playing this game with him. You thought to yourself angrily.

Rick put his hands on his hips again and looked down at the ground, nodding, he looked back up and peered into her eyes.

“I want you Y/N. I don’t know what happened, but seeing you with Daryl… It made it clear just how bad…” He says, not breaking eye contact. He stays in place, not wanting to elicit an angry reaction from you again.

You take a deep breath, taking in this man’s words. For so long this was all you had ever wanted, but things were different. Your stomach was doing flips as you entertained the idea for a moment. And then your thoughts turned to Daryl smiling at you, that sparkle in his eye when he really laughed. You thought about Daryl’s mouth on yours and how much you loved his kisses. You thought about the way he looked at you, like you were the only thing in the world. Your mind wandered as you thought of this man, the man you wanted as yours, this wasn’t just fun, this was something better. You thought to yourself. You looked back into Rick’s eyes and smiled a small smile.

“Rick. I admit there was a time when I would have loved to hear those words. But now… I’ve moved on, ya know?” You say feeling a weight lift off your shoulders.

“Because of him??” He asked gritting his teeth.

“Yeah.” You smile to yourself, looking at the ground, “Because of him.”

He looked angrily at you and at the ground, nodding, trying to take your words in.

You pick up the water bottles that are on the ground and begin to walk past him, back to the front of the barn, and across the road into Daryl’s arms.

As you walked past Rick, he grabbed your arm harshly, you thrashed a little trying to break his contact.

“Get off me!” You cry out. But, he just holds you in place.

He looks into your eyes with a look of angry desperation, “We had somethin’ Y/N! I know we did!” He pleads to you.

You continue to try and get his hand off your arm.

“What did we have but a few lousy sideways glances and looks? Besides me hanging on your every word and watching you want me but stay with her? What did we have?” You ask him sarcastically and angrily.

“Let me go, Rick. Go home to your wife.” You spit.

He doesn’t let go of your arm, in fact he grips it tighter after hearing your words. You cry out a little in pain. He stands there staring at you as if frozen in rage.

“You best do what she says…” You hear Daryls low voice as he strides into view from the other sside of the barn. His arms swing full of purpose as he stares into Rick’s eyes.

Rick pushes your arm down and puts his hands up in the air.

“I don’t want any trouble.” Ricks says staring at Daryl.

Daryl growled a little in reaction, “Didn’t sound that way to me.” He says circling over toward you.

You rub your arm where Rick had placed such much pressure on, it would definitely leave a bruise. You pout to yourself in your pain and look over, relief washing over you as you watched Daryl making his way to you. He walks up to you and looks you in the eye, concerned.

“You alright?” He asks you softly.

You sigh and grumble, “Yeah.” You say in response, shooting Rick a pissed off look.

Daryl turned around to face Rick again, pushing his chest slightly into Rick’s getting inches away from Rick’s face. Rick’s jaw tightens, he says nothing just stares back, waiting for whatever Daryl had to say.

“I catch you so much as lookin’ at her again? You’ll be sorry.” He says simply, pushing his face closer to Rick’s slightly, puffing out his chest, before backing away.

Rick nods and stares at the ground.

Daryl turns sideways and looks at you, holding out his hand. You grab it gratefully and intertwine your fingers with his. He pulls you past Rick, slightly bumping Rick’s shoulder as he does. He walks you across to the side of the barn he had originally emerged from.

He stops and slightly pushes you into the wall of the barn, his big hand in the middle of your chest.

“Are you alright?” He asks again, without Rick’s presence.

You look at him, your eyes softening, “Yeah. Thank You.” You say caressing the side of his face with your right-hand.

He nods a little and licks his lips, a look of worry in his eyes. “I heard you when you screamed. I thought… And then I heard what he said to you…. I didn’t… I didn’t know what to think. I’m glad you’re alright.” He says softly and looks gratefully into your eyes.

He had heard you tell Rick off and that she wanted only him. Daryl stared at you completely in awe that a woman like her would ever want someone like him. He pulled the hair from your eyes, to get a better very of you. He pulled you in for a short kiss. You grab his face and pull his lips into yours a few more times before allowing him to detach.

“I love you Daryl.” You say as his lips exit you. You stare sincerely into his eyes, surprising even yourself as the words fell from your lips.

His eyes open and he smiles shyly at you, dropping his head, he looks up at you with eyes that pierce your soul. You feel a sense of electricity hit you hard as he stared at you. He pushed his lips onto yours and passionately dives his tongue in and around yours, bringing his hands to the sides of your face, swirling around your mouth for a minute, before detaching and looking into your eyes again.

“I love ya too.” Daryl says playfully and crashes his tongue back into your mouth, devouring you again.

Your breathing is heavy and you feel the urge to touch him anywhere you can again. Your hands come up and caress his back, pulling him into you as you rub.

He groans into your mouth. Detaches his lips suddenly, giving you only one more quick peck before stepping back, his hand still in yours. He nods his head sideways.

“Let’s go.” He says simply, with that look in his eyes again.

You began to get excited and felt a rush through your body as you let him pull you away, back down the hill and to Daryl’s home. When you were both back inside the tent you excitedly crashed into his body, wrapping your arms back around his and taking his mouth in for another long, sweet kiss.

You sigh happily to yourself, as you enjoy this feeling. He made you so damn happy and now everyone could know it. He was hers and she was his. You moan blissfully into his mouth as his fingers began to race up around the small of your back, underneath your shirt. His fingers on your bare skin felt heavenly. Hell, everything about what they created together felt that way. And Y/N intended to enjoy every minute of it. You sigh as he picks you up wrapping your legs around his waist, before laying you down on the makeshift bed.

You pull away to look into his eyes again, “Don’t ever stop loving on me.” You say staring at him in pure want.

He smiles at you and licks his lips, “That’s the plan…” He says lowly, raising his eyebrow, as he pushes his tongue back into your mouth for another passionate kiss. One of many, many more to come…

You want me

Request- I was wondering if you do a smut where Daryl and the reader fight a lot and one day when the reader and Daryl are out on a run they come across a house and while they are fighting again Daryl ties the reader to the bed….thanks

Rick rubs his temples hoping it would calm the pounding in his head. Behind him he could hear Y/n and Daryl arguing again.  “Look at what you did!” Y/n yelled at Daryl. With both her hands she rinses out a mysterious black liquid out her hair. “I told you to get out of the way. It’s not my fault you can’t move fast enough.” Y/n glares at him. “Oh honey i’m fast enough to have you busting a nut in two seconds.”  They both stop in their tracks. Y/n analyzed what she said and felt embarrassed.  She looked up at Daryl and saw the look of confusion on his face. Angry with herself she stormed off. Daryl watches her leave staring closely at her ass. “What a amazing ass” He said to himself. “She wants you bad.” Abraham chimed in. Daryl looked at him and noticed the cigarette in between his lips. “Yeah, whatever. Can i get one of those.”  In her house Y/n marched straight into her bathroom and turned on the shower. taking one look into in the mirror she sighed.”I look hideous…” She tried running her fingers through her sticky hair. “Ugh!” Annoyed she undressed and stepped into the shower.  

  Y/n couldn’t help but blame herself, if she hand’t been so distracted on Daryl she’s heard Daryl warn her of the walker that was above her at the warehouse. When Daryl shot his arrow the walker bumped into some buckets knocking everything in it fall on her. soaping her legs she rubbed them well, making sure to get all that sticky substance off. Y/n sighs in pleasure loving the fact that she was cleansing her body. Then her thoughts took another turn. In her mind instead of her hands on her, she imagined Daryl’s. Her nipples grew hard just as she was running her hands to them. She tweaked them which sent pleasure straight to her core. Taking her right hand she pressed her palm to her bare flesh down there. It was much easier to play with herself this way. Her middle finger found her clit and she rolled it in a circle. Y/n let out a small moan. Daryl’s eyes came to mind and that sent her fingers shoving themselves deep in her rubbing against her G-spot. Y/n leaned against the wall for support. Her moans filled the hot steaming bathroom. Little did she know…

Daryl looked at the front door to Y/n house. He had been standing there for who knows how long procrastinating weather he should knock and apologize just as Rick had persuaded him to do. Apologizing will take toll on his ego. Looking at the door closely he noticed it was a tad open. A smile came to his lips. To teach her a lesson he decided to ‘scare’ her.Daryl made his way up the stairs and he soon could hear the shower. Suddenly his intentions changed.  In his pants his dick twitched. With every step he took his cock was getting harder. Peeking into the bathroom Daryl was shocked to see Y/n in the shower masturbating. Now he was fully hard. Daryl couldn’t keep his eyes off her. Her body was just the way he pictured while masturbating at night. Her breast were nice around her nipples the perfect shade for her skin tone. He licked his lips. He wondered how her nipples taste like, he wonder how the sound of her moan would be like. Y/n gave a loud moan calling out Daryl’s name and her body spasm as she came. Daryl’s eyes grew wide and he ran out her place. 

Y/n eyes slowly open and on her face she wore a goofy smile. That had been intense and yet she found it weird. Never had she had felt that much pleasure. She didn’t do anything different. A noise caught her attention it sounded like the door. Wrapping herself in her towel she walked down stairs. She looked around confused there was no one there. Shrugging she walked back to her room.   Y/n adjusted her ponytail and stared at her reflection. Walking to the front of the gate she leaned on the wall and waited. Soon she saw a familiar figure on a motorcycle coming her way. She instantly roll her eyes.                     “I thought Rick was coming.” “News flash baby, he isn’t coming. It’s you and me. Get on.” The sound of him calling her baby made her pussy quiver with need.  Damn why did he have to be so…. Tempting!!!! Against her will she sat behind him trying not to touch him. 

“This looks like a good place to search.” Daryl said shutting of his ride. “We’re in the suburbs.” Y/n said following Daryl to one of the houses. “Yeah didn’t you use to live in a place like this?” Daryl pointed out. Feeling insulted Y/n exploded. “I did not! I lived a decent life. Not everything was handed to me in a silver platter. Before all this!” She motioned to her horrid surroundings. “I worked my ass off at a gas station and I also volunteered at a soup kitchen!”    Y/n stormed by him and into a nice looking house. Of course inside it was burglarized. The house was clear. Y/n felt tears forming in her eyes. Why does he treat that way.? She asked herself. He thinks I’m some type of prissy princess.  “Hey… you okay?” Frustrated Y/n turned to him and started hitting him on his chest. “Why are you so mean to me! What did i ever do to you!” “Hey quit it.” They both struggle against each other and barged into a room. Reaching behind him Daryl grabbed his handcuffs and restrained her to the bed. “Are you fucking kidding me?!” Y/n said in shock. He hand cuffed her! “Where did you get handcuffs?” “You never know when you might need them. I just never thought i’d use them on you.” Something felt oddly good about being bind.  “Let me go, Daryl.” The moment he realized what he did he knew he had her at his mercy. “You know last night i was in your house.” Y/n eyes were wide. ‘He… He saw me.’ Y/n averted her eyes. She was so embarrassed. He watched her. He saw her come and…. The horrifying realization that he knew how she really felt was embarrassing. “Now I’m going to give you what you want. The real thing.” 

To be continued….

Love Part 2/?- Daryl Dixon

Plot/Request: You finally confess your feelings to Daryl, but his reaction was one you were dreading. After months apart, are those feelings still there? 

Word count:

Warnings: somewhat violence

 lol yesterday was a shitty day, so i couldn’t write. but i got this done– finally– today because i knew you guys wanted it. 

read [part one] first!


The prison had seemed too far for you. You didn’t want to go back to your cell, walking past Daryl’s in the process, so you stayed out for the night. Now the cool wind nipped against your skin, sending shivers down your spine.

Subconsciously, your arms snaked around yourself, trying to hold the broken pieces of your heart together. Your teeth clattered, though the temperature was anything but freezing. Daryl’s harsh words must’ve created the cold feeling.

You glanced up to the stars, your chest feeling empty. You could no longer appreciate the beauty they held or the saddening fact that only after the apocalypse struck you could really see them. No longer feeling much of anything, other than the ground beneath your feet, you stood up.

But you footsteps didn’t near the prison’s doors, they didn’t take you closer to your warm bed; instead, they brought you to the front of the guard tower’s door. You knew someone would be on watch, and knowing there was no way you’d be sleeping tonight, decided to relive them.

The metal door creaked as you opened it to expose a dark staircase. You pulled a small flashlight from your pocket, one that would fit on a keychain. It flickered slightly before shining an inadequate ray of blue light forward. It was enough to see the first step, which was really all you needed.

You walked up the steps, a somewhat blurry sight ahead of you. You could feel your eyes moving, your feet landing on the hard ground, but everything else appeared as a blur.

You didn’t really take in who was keeping watch, they were a Woodbury survivor and tried to make small talk. But when you told them to go get some sleep, they were quick to take your offer.

Within a few hours, someone else had come to relieve you. Originally they were a little confused it was you up there and not the other person, but didn’t ask. You were thankful they didn’t pry. Of course, you told them you had everything under control, to which they responded with a ‘bullshit’. You gave them a small smile, your eyes a little heavier than before.

“Look, sleep a bit, I can tell you need it,” They smiled back, “I’ll go take watch in the other tower, if you want to be alone.” The offer was kind and extremely tempting. You imagined your figure. Obviously, you looked tired. Hell, you were hunched over yourself, not even paying attention to your surroundings. “The other tower has a better view anyway.”

You nodded, muttering a small thank you before moving to the small mattress just to the right of you. You cuddled into the thin blankets, a small amount of warmth beginning to overcome you.

They began climbing down the tower, leaving you alone to succumb to sleep.


The morning sun hadn’t woken you up, instead, an equally tired Michonne  did.

“(Y/N),” Michonne called from the stairs. You snapped awake, eyes wide as the adrenaline began pumping through your body. But when no danger was near, you sighed, rubbing your eyes as you called back.


“Can you help us burn some of the bodies? We could use the help.” She asked, walking over to your figure. You raised your upper body onto your elbows, head hung back and eyes slowly adjusting to the harsh sun.

“Mhmm,” You mumbled, nodding softly as you began to stand up. She gave you a small smile, but you didn’t notice as you rolled your shoulders, stretching a bit. “Wait,” You realized, “who’s ‘us’?”

“Hershel and I. We’re leaving now, so come on sleepy-head.” She chuckled, walking down the stairs as you followed, still half asleep.

You walked out of the tower together, grass at your feet and conversations erupting around you. It’d been quieter recently, probably because half the prisons population was being treated or quarantined, but it didn’t stop the others from talking.

From across the field, you were caught in Daryl’s sight. He didn’t mean to stare, but the words you shared from the night before were haunting him just as much, if not more, than they were you. He walked as you walked, slightly hunched over from what he presumed lack of sleep.

You’d told him you loved him. That was something new for Daryl, extremely new. Of course, the word had been thrown around before, but that was simply Merle trying to convince him he was the only one that’d ever care for him. When in reality, he had you, Rick and the others. They cared about him, and you loved him.

He knew that feelings made you stupid, and stupid got you killed. So in effort to hide his heart from pain, to lock it in it’s own cell and throw away the key, he broke yours.

But that was the only way. You wouldn’t risk yourself for him. You wouldn’t save him, sacrificing yourself in the process. You wouldn’t die.

“So why were you sleeping up there?” Michonne questioned you, walking by your side to the red pick-up truck where Hershel stood. The bodies were already all loaded, but he was throwing some gasoline in there as well.

“I was uh–” You sighed, not really knowing what to say. “I just felt better out here last night.”

“Anything happen?” She hesitated, but nevertheless asked. You inhaled the crisp autumn air, the wind brushing against your face and ending your hair flying.

“I’ll tell you one day, Michonne. Just not today.” You mumbled, holding back the memories of last night. You could barely even look her in the eye.

“Whenever you’re ready, I’m here.” She comforted you, patting your shoulder softly before you both reached Hershel. He stood straight, smiling at you both.

“We ready to go, ladies?”


You threw the bodies on top of each other, not caring for delicacy as you did. You grabbed a walker by one of their remaining limbs and pulled the body from the truck. It collapsed hard to the ground, ad you used your strength to whip around, releasing the dead from your grip as you did so.

It was efficient, and got the job done. Part of you felt bad for the human’s they once were, but walkers weren’t them anymore. You knew that.

Gasoline coated them all like a blanket, dripping from one body to the next as you and Michonne tossed the flammable liquid over the pile.

Hershel threw a lit match into the centre, the bodies quickly catching flame. You stepped away, walking to place the half full container in the empty truck. But as you turned to face Hershel and Michonne, you saw a man you hadn’t seen in weeks.

The Governor’s gun connected with your face, swiftly knocking you out. Your legs gave out, leaving your body to collapse to the ground. Michonne watched with a glimpse of fear in her eyes, but only she reached behind herself to grab her sword– which wasn’t there, did she feel the terror take over her. 

Hershel reached to grab his gun, pulling it out of it’s holster, but the Governor was quick to aim his own firearm their way. Hershel raised his hands as Michonne glared at the one-eyed man.

“Don’t make a move,” He begun threatening. He motioned to you. “or I’ll kill her.”

[part three]