Every time I can't sleep I try to think about happy thoughts.

I always ponder everything that happened within a day. I always try to go back to the stories of how I overcome it. I think about the happy moments that happened and try to seek happiness to those that weren’t that good. I always want to sleep with a smile. A smile that will give me a great sleep and will wake me up early in the  morning.

I always pray before I went to sleep. I do talk to God with regards to the things whom I’m thankful of, my dreams and also for guidance. I pray for my family, friends, love ones, everybody who’d been part of my life and of course for myself. I always thank God for everything - for all of these wonderful blessings that I’m receiving.

I thank God for the peace of mind and for the continuous love that He gives me everyday. I always seek for His guidance every time I feel unwanted, in pain, and need to decide for my future plans. He never fails to give me surprises. I will continue believing on Him for I know that He knows best.

I may not have everything in this world but today, I will sleep with a big smile drawn in my face, symbolizing how contented I am with all of these - all of you who’d been loving me.

Think about happy thoughts and fly :)