darwin theory

DEVIL evolution theory: evil darwin tickle the creatures until they have arms and legs so that theye are human.

CATHOLIC creation theory: god makes all the good boys with big bellies that they can slap when they are happy with there friends

ngl but a big miss for the warrior cats lore in my opinion is like, the concept of alternate religions or even a cult-like group in wc, because really, while religion is a huge part of lore there’s really only…..three religions in this series.

it’s either starclan, the tribe of endless hunting, or no religion at all; the tribe of endless hunting is just a branch of starclan anyways and every character who doesn’t believe in starclan just….doesnt believe in anything at all. cloudtail and mothwing seem to have little to no belief system and the dark forest cats, although they renounced starclan, they’re not really a religion or have any form of belief on their own.

so, here’s some ideas i have cookin’:

  • mothwing has her own personal belief system that sorta mirrors being a wiccan if that makes sense? she believes in nature being the driving force behind most things and has a more natural belief system; she believes in the power of healing through herbs and water and believes that certain things are sacred. she doesn’t believe in starclan and there is no set ‘leader’ of this belief system - other medicine cats and cats from other clans share her beliefs, though, and they do talk about them during gatherings
  • tigerstar probably attempted to construct his own religion in tigerclan tbfh; he wanted a belief system that ruled by his teachings and what he had to say. scarily enough he did have cats who…genuinely believed in what he was saying [darkstripe, blackstar, leopardstar for a time to name a few] and it was a system based off of the idea of “the strongest survive” and the most basic form of the darwin evolution theory, lol. after he died, the concept of this religion was basically abandoned and forbidden.
  • shadowclan’s belief system recently is not…cut and dry as being “starclan is the best” anymore. they’ve been introduced to sooo many forms of alternate religions - starclan, tigerstar’s….thing, darktail’s concept of religion - that now it’s just a huge mass of different beliefs. shadowclan has no set belief system and they are the most diverse in terms of their beliefs.
  • darktail absolutely like, considered himself the leader of his own beliefs and tried to like, assert that and teach that. he genuinely believed in trying to separate from starclan and his beliefs were like, a branch of tigerstar’s system.
  • skyclan does believe in starclan, but not in the same way as the clans - they have ancient skyclan’s ideals of “starclan may be the place we go when we die, but it’s not the higher power of our world.”

JUST some to name a few but yeah the warriors books and the way starclan is presented was so…lazy imo and weird that we’ve never seen like, alternative religions or concepts of like, ‘shunning starclan and a leader tries to make their own religion’ thing

charlesisseriousbusiness  asked:

If birds are part of an order of dinosaurs, then how do they have separate orders? Are they micro-orders or something like that? And can you explain like I'm five?

Of course! Basically, orders aren’t real. And neither are classes, or families, or phyla.

See, all those “ranks” were made before scientists knew that living things could change over time, so they just put things into groups of similar things. These groups didn’t always actually reflect how they were related.

After Charles Darwin proposed his theory of natural selection, lots of people began to question the old classification system, and this only got stronger when we figured out how to use DNA to find out how things are related.

We found out that, for example, crocodiles are closer relatives of birds than they are of lizards or turtles. And that birds are actually a kind of reptile. According to the old system, this would mean that a class (aves) was inside an order (saurischia*). And that’s not possible.

*Saurischia as we knew it may not be real

So, what happened? Well, if a scientific way of describing things doesn’t describe the real world, then the model is wrong. So the system of “ranks” (aka Linnaean taxonomy) was pretty much thrown out, in favour of cladistics.

The truth is that nature isn’t really as cut and dry as we like to think. It would be nice if evolution was organised into orders and suborders and infraorders, but it’s not. Those are just names humans made up for bookkeeping; they can help understand things, but they also don’t always show the true story.

  • Howard: Alfred Wallace created the theory of evolution years before Darwin, but it's Darwin's theory of evolution. Nikola Tesla invented alternating current, but all the power companies are named after Thomas Edison. So why are Darwin and Edison famous, and Tesla and Wallace footnotes? Because history is written by the winners. You get your name on it first, you get it out there the most, and twenty years later, you invented it.
What Darwin’s theories tell us about the shape alien life will take
All aliens must evolve, says a new study from scientists at the University of Oxford – and that gives us something to look for
By Stuart Clark

“It’s life, Jim, but not as we know it.” How many times did we hear Mr Spock say this back in the day when classic Star Trek ruled the airwaves?* What always interested me back then was how did he know that it was life if it was so barely recognisable by Earthly (or Vulcan) standards? Turns out a group of scientists from the zoology department at the University of Oxford may have the answer. Don’t look for faces, eyes, limbs or any of the large-scale things that are so familiar to life on Earth. Don’t look at the chemistry either. Instead, look for the hallmarks of natural selection. Natural selection lies at the very heart of Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution. It is the process by which favourable adaptations are retained and accumulate in populations. As time goes by, lifeforms adapt to be more and more suited to their individual environments. This leads to the appearance that they have been designed to fit into their surroundings. However, there is no magic involved, the favourable adaptations allow these entities to live longer and have more offspring, so naturally the fittest rise to dominate the population. Natural selection extends down to the level of individual cells where environmental hardship can force cells to work together for their common survival, thus building complex cells, multicellular life, animals and then social structures.

TDBM Thinkie Thoughts 5.7

My weekly post of little things which didn’t fit into other posts. (Only 2 more! Sob!) I’d felt like 4.7 and 4.8 had this odd disjointed quality, as though they actually should have been a two part arc.  I sense that 5.7 and 5.8 may end up with same way.  The character stories have all come to the front but need the resolution in 5.8 before I feel like I can truly critique what’s happened.

Not that it will stop me from flapping my lips…

That flash car of Edward’s…It was cool when Patrick was driving this old vehicle in 3.8, but it seems a bit out of place for a young man.  I’d expect him in some Jaguar convertible or something.  Yes, it’s wrong and Edward’s gross, but why is there more spark and interest in Edward’s weird and uncomfortable pursuit of Rose than the studied ‘courtship’ of Charlie and Rose?

Rewatching and knowing that a murder will happen soon, I can’t figure out when everyone had time to get guns and murder someone and fire guns in the quiet of night and there’s a raging fire going on and Eileen was calling from the murderer’s house and my head hurts.    

So…Just sayin’….Jean picks the murderer to find attractive, AGAIN.  And I’m with Lucien, I don’t care how many times she says that Lionel was Christopher’s friend, I think she has some interest.  

Ned’s sullen expression as he stands in the background; he knows.

Maybe it’s because it’s all in the news, but Edward seems to follow the How to Sexually Harass Your Direct Report handbook with his creepy moves!  And Rose, girlfriend, remember when you were assuring Charlie that Edward didn’t think of you that way?  We all said UH HUH.  And now we get to smirk knowingly.  UH HUH.

Great acoustics in the church for Jean to spontaneously sing.  Jack’s 'headstrong’, eh?  Oh, Jean, honey…  

How would Lucien know the smell of sump oil?  The man who didn’t know how a car works? In the US, it would be creosote, and that’s a very distinct odor, but would non-farm sorts would know it?  

Love the Italian couple.  The wife just keeps talking even though no one understands her.

Norm Baker, self-righteous, but also lying through his teeth. One thing I like about this episode is how every character is right and wrong.    

Speaking of which, Charlie steals evidence, the envelope from the lawyer?  Uh, what?

Now is time for poor Rose to beat off Edward in that achingly familiar fashion. But when she claims that her date with Charlie has, “…been arranged for ages,” and if that’s true, Charlie is the dullest boyfriend ever.  He won’t be luring her to a field for a picnic any time soon.  And in her haste, I think she called him Charlie Davidson.  

But when Edward says, “I thought you were ready,” he’s such a creepy grooming creep.  

Watching Lucien and Jean decorate the tree, I have to agree with Matthew that there were too many empty spots.

I kinda love that one big ol’ brown dawg that was hired to bark in every scene that he’s in.  

Although I’m saving thoughts on Lucien’s drinking until 5.8, I’ll note that yes, Lucien had to drink to butter up Angelo, but he drank alot.  Alot.  CM does that sort of loose drunk well.  That said, it’s the grappa that got him.  Shouldn’t have drunk that whole glass.  But I think it was important to show that Lucien doesn’t drink because he’s upset in a particular moment, and this scene, with happy Lucien, in the midst of his investigation–why does he need to get drunk?    

I did really love Angelo promising the grappa would put Italian hairs on your chest and Lucien saying, “Here’s hoping.”  That was sexy.    

Jean gardens in pumps?  I know I’m supposed to be noting the tension in the scene, but I’m too fixated on this.  

I love how Norman knows just what to say to Lucien, how to twist the knife: “Were you drunk then too?  The day that you had her arrested?”

And when Lucien wipes his mouth, it’s the gesture of a drunk, and how he obviously has to think to answer, it was just a kick to the gut moment.

For the rest of the day, he’s reverting to S4 and doing his hiding thing.  He has to know Jean’s upset and probably furious, so there’s no rush to go home.  But when he does, she comes popping out where she’s been lurking, waiting, angry, until he arrives.  They  haven’t been seen touching or kissing all episode, and her cheek pressed to his cheek highlights this.  Such a killer scene.  

Next morning, he tries the ol’ pretending nothing’s wrong, flattery at breakfast, which Jean isn’t buying at all, and then let’s his jealousy rise to the surface.  His low self-esteem–waiting for rejection by the woman he loves–twists what she said about Lionel into something that fits his narrative at exactly the wrong moment.  Charlie starts mentally flipping through the rental listings…

Lawson’s snark is strong this episode: “Mr Darwin have any theories on drinking?”  Which is actually funny because it’s years before genetics and DNA is truly understood, which would explain Lucien’s tendency for addiction.  

Is every single child in this town NOT fathered by the husband?  This all doesn’t bode will for Lucien actually being Thomas Blake’s son.  

When we see the crime, all I can think is, some Olympic shooter.  Couldn’t even kill his Dad at close range.

Kevin, “I wish we’d all just let it burn.” sounding like Jack and his I hate this place which had reminded me of Lucien fleeing town.  So every young man hates Ballarat?   

Jean’s line is fabulous: “Never going to be any easy options for us,” can be taken both literally and figuratively, meaning they’re literally stuck with the divorce, and figuratively with Lucien’s self-destructive tendencies.  

Sometimes I struggle to understand how we got here. Faces in a crowd that’s wearing thin.

But animals that don’t adapt always die off. Replaced by something inherently better at fitting in.

Darwins Theory of Evolution