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Man Dissolved in Acidic Water After Trying to “Hot Pot” Soak in Yellowstone National Park Hot Pool

He and his sister were trying to “hot pot,” or soak in the water.

An Oregon man who died in a Yellowstone National Park hot spring and dissolved when he fell into the boiling, acidic water, was looking to soak in the water, park officials said in a report.

The report, which followed a Freedom of Information Act request from KULR, found that Colin Scott, 23, was looking for a place to “hot pot,” or soak in the streaming waters—a practice forbidden by the park—with his sister in June. He “was reaching down to check the temperature of a hot spring when he slipped and fell into the pool,” the report said, quoting his sister Sable Scott.

Search and rescue rangers who looked for Scott found his body in the pool, along with his wallet and flip flops, but their recovery efforts were thwarted by a lightning storm. The next day, they could not find any remains because of the acidic water quality.

“In a very short order, there was a significant amount of dissolving,” Deputy Chief Ranger Lorant Veress told KULR.

Too bad to check: Westboro cult vows to travel to Iraq to protest ISIS

They call themselves “Westboro Baptist Church,” but I refuse to refer to them using the words Baptist or church because they are neither of these things.  They are a cult and a hate group, and it really isn’t more complicated than than. 

The Westboro cult was recently challenged by British talk show host Adam Hills to protest someone who actually is an affront to Christians: ISIS, who beheads and crucifies Iraqi and Syrian Christian men, women, and children in the streets. 

Here’s the clip from Hills’s show (PROFANITY WARNING…there are some f-bombs in here):

Shortly after the show aired, the Westboro cult accepted Hills’s offer via Twitter:

If this actually happens, you’re going to be hearing about these people on the Darwin Awards.

Things (I) Learn From My Patients

All these stories are borrowed (and cleaned up, which is my contribution) from the forums over at SDN.

They’re just too good to pass up…

  1. Never, ever leave flashlights, beer bottles or any other long, circular object on the floor because someday you will fall on it… and it will somehow impale its way up your rectum.
  2. Always do woodwork with your skill saw before using meth.
  3. White latex paint, despite being luxuriously thick and creamy, does not coat your stomach and provide relief like pepto bismol does.
  4. If you have taken 7 home pregnancy tests, and they’re all positive, when you come into the emergency department… chances are our test will come back positive too.
  5. If you are given a prescription for narcotics, at least have the courtesy of leaving the lobby before you try to sell the pillz.
  6. Drinking diluted Pine Sol with 5 friends is not a good way to get drunk.
  7. When attempting self-circumcision, do not use dry ice to numb the area. As a corollary, when the dry ice sticks to your parts, do not attempt to remove it with boiling water.
  8. When stealing a prescription pad, please fill it out correctly before turning it into the pharmacy. They know something’s up when you write for “1.2 pounds of morfeen x 1000 refills”
  9. Carefully weigh your options before inserting a toilet brush wrapped in duct tape and saran wrap into your rectum and breaking off the handle. There are better ways to spend your Saturday afternoon.
  10. When your 15 year old daughter gives birth to a bleating, underweight infant 30 minutes after presenting with “gas pain”, try not to run around the ED loudly proclaiming, “I don’t know what y’all did or who that baby is, but my lil’ girl warn’t pregnant when she come in here!”

Break out the orange cones, we’ve got some safety experts here. Don’t worry guys, I’m fairly certain everyone in these photos knows exactly what they’re doing ;)

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