What I love about the "Darvid" line...

…Is that it works on so many levels.

Darcy: You’ve respected my confidences, after all.

Lizzie: Really? What about when Charlotte and I–

Darcy: If I knew a “Darvid,” perhaps he would feel differently.

First, it shows that Darcy has watched Lizzie’s videos–and that he’s not self-conscious about it either.

It also shows that Darcy’s not afraid to poke fun at himself, that he gets jokes, that he has a relatively dry sense of humor. It shows that he’s more reasonable than she’s given him credit for–that he’s not going to hate her for the things that she’s said about him (something that she’s been actively worried about for a little while).

But it also shows a sly astuteness. What Darcy wants to say is, “You respected the things I really wanted to keep private, and I appreciate that.” But he can’t come out and say that in front of the viewers. If he does, he’s admitting that there was more to his letter than Lizzie has disclosed, and Lizzie has actually kept her mouth shut on the other parts of his letter. She hasn’t even told her best friend about what happened with Gigi. If we didn’t know the source material, we might not know there was anything else to his letter.

His joke allows him to communicate his appreciation to Lizzie–to let her know that she can tell Darvid’s secrets as much as she wants, so long as she doesn’t spill Darcy’s–all the while, concealing from anyone in universe who doesn’t know about Gigi (Caroline, for instance) the fact that there isanother secret that she hasn’t told.

It’s funny, astute, wry, self-deprecating, forgiving…and most importantly, it keeps his sister safe. And that face he makes as he delivers the line about Darvid–looking right at the camera, just a little challenging, and then looking at Lizzie with his eyebrows raised–that makes me see a big brother who would protect his little sister at all costs.

*happy sigh*