The origin of Volvagia !!

Guille and Ieron lived in a time where Lizalfos, Dodongos, Gorons, and etc. lived in peace, and the two were adventuring buddies. Back then, the Fire Temple was used to worship Din. Gorons would go there regularly to pray, and Guille and Ieron were no exception. 

One time though, the two had fallen into the lava pit in the Death Mountain Crater. As their bottles melted during the heat, the fairies inside them tried to heal them, meshing the two creatures together. Once they got out of the lava, they has been made into Il. 

Il raced back to Goron City for help, but the fellow Gorons freaked out and sealed Il in the Fire Temple. For the next few weeks, Il sat in the temple while the Gorons forged the Megaton Hammer to slay the ‘beast’. After the hammer was finished, the leader of the Goron tribe (one of Darunia’s ancestors) killed the monster with it.

When Ganondorf came into power, he saw the corpse of Il, and reformed his body to make it stronger and faster.

He dubbed the creature Volvagia.


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時の勇者 by mochio on pixiv

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