A Legend of Zelda edition of Clue has been revealed. The game will center around finding out who will defeat Ganon, with which weapon, and where Ganon’s secret lair is hidden. The choice of characters will include Link, Impa, Nabooru, Zelda, Rauru, and Darunia. It won’t be available until July 31st, but it can be pre-ordered here


listen, i Need to share this classic video with you guys

a new generation has to see this


時の勇者 by mochio on pixiv

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#1035. How To Distract The Warriors

Agitha: With bugs and/or inaccurate bug facts

Cia: With Link

Fi: Undistractable

Fierce Deity: With Majora

Ganondorf: “Oh, look, an unguarded Triforce piece!”

Ghirahim: Show him his own reflection, he’ll be set for at least the next hour

Impa: Tell her Zelda’s in trouble

King Daphnes: Complain about something that’s more convenient than it was back in his day (Warning: prepare to be sat down for a lecture)

Lana: Tell her Cia’s causing trouble

Any of the Links: Tell them about someone who needs their help (Like a little old lady who’s cat is stuck in a tree)

Marin: Tell her you preferred the Indigo-Go’s version of Ballad of the Wind Fish. (Caution: be prepared for Marin to cry, and to not speak to you for at least a month)

Medli: “Look, it’s the Great Valoo!”

Midna: Same as Impa

Ravio: Drop a rupee (any color will do)

Ruto: Tell her Skull Kid is playing with Zora’s Sapphire

Sheik: Make a statement one way or the other about their gender

Skull Kid: Point out an excellent prank opportunity

Tetra: Tell her about some treasure

Spirit Zelda: “Hey, look, it’s the Ghostbusters!”

Volga: Tell him about a restaurant that serves dragon meat.

Wizzro: Give him someone to betray

Yuga: Tell him you think Cia’s paintings are more beautiful

Zant: Tell him the Twili throne is currently unguarded

Zelda: Point out a beautiful stranger, she won’t be able to resist the urge to go flirt with them

The Legend of Zelda Clue Board Game | Buy-Now!

  • SOLVE THE MYSTERY: WHO possesses the power to defeat Ganondorf, WHAT item is required to defeat him, and WHERE he has established his hidden lair?
  • CHOOSE FROM 6 PERSONALITY CARDS: Link, Impa, Nabooru, Zelda, Rauru, and Darunia
  • FEATURES 6 METAL HERO MOVERS: Master Sword, Fairy Bow, Megaton Hammer, Boomerang, Hookshot, Bombchu
  • INCLUDES: Custom Game Board, 6 Metal Hero Movers, 6 Personality Cards, 16 Boss Encounter Cards, Custom Score Pad, Custom Mystery Envelope, 2 Dice, and Instructions

This particular artist managed to perfectly replicate the OoT/MM art style and “anime-ify” it. If a Zelda anime were to ever happen, it NEEDS to have this art style as it’s literally perfect in every way possible.

THIS is how you stay true to the original art style while putting a new spin on it.

Not only are these pictures simply gorgeous beyond everything, these are some of the best pictures I’ve ever seen and is one of the best art styles I’ve ever seen. It’s a sin that it doesn’t even have 2500 views.

There’s many more where this came from so check them out at the original source here

Fun fact: The picture of Beast Ganon is based off some concept art of him from Hyrule Historia

Edit: Here’s Saria and Darunia which I forgot to add.

fantasyyen  asked:

The old and new Champions meeting their sage counterparts? Like Revali and Teba meeting Medli, Riju and Urbosa meeting Nabooru, Daruk and Yonobo meeting Rudania etc


-Baffled by this odd looking Rito

-Why is she so happy? Why does she only have wings sometimes?

-He’s very protective of her. Someone comments on her wings and he says ‘well, at least she has manners. And I imagine she’s quite a bit smarter than you if you thought it’d be a good idea to comment on them in front of me.’


-Will protect this little one with his life, and his wife just has to accept that they have a second child now

-Her and his son get along like peanut butter and jelly and sometimes they terrify him with what they get up to

-Make fun of her where he can hear and you’re getting a very angry papa bird in your face


-She’s awed. She knows why Naboris was named how it was, she knows the legends

-She tries very hard not to make it obvious how excited she is. She may be a grown woman, but meeting her childhood hero makes her giddy

-She ends up getting her to train her a bit, and is startled by the double scimitars. She ends up being pretty good at it when she tries


-She’s terrified that Nabooru’s gonna be disappointed in how she’s leading

-When Nabooru pulls her aside to tell her that she’s so proud of her, even though she shouldn’t have been put in her position. She does her best not to cry she’s so happy

-She gets a few tips, but she doesn’t take it as critical. Nabooru’s just trying to help, and she appreciates it


-At first, she thinks Ruto’s just a bit stuck up. Then she gets to know her and her circumstances, and changes her mind

-They get pretty close, and Mipha starts to notice a rueful little smile on Ruto’s face when she sees Link

-She’s fascinated by the background of her people, of the stories of that time


-He’s always adamant that Ruto’s a good person, even when people are getting mad at him for it

-He smiles a bit when she offers him the sapphire, and rests a hand on her shoulder

-”I’m flattered Ruto, but you should save that for someone from your own time. Perhaps when you’re just a bit older, your hero will understand what it means and accept it.”


-He’s awed by the fact that he’s meeting someone who’s a descendant of a goron who killed a dragon

-He’s constantly challenging him to eating and arm wrestling contests

-Ask him who his favorite person is after he leaves and he just smiles and says ‘someone from long ago’


-He’s embarrassed by the fact that he’s descended from a great warrior and this older one scares him

-He finally gets up the courage after a bit to ask him to help him be stronger

-He ends up giving up on that when Darunia’s teaching methods don’t help, and instead settles for asking about stories