Something interesting from Rose’s pile of trash.

She has a Daruma doll in the back with only one eye filled in.

The interesting thing about the Daruma doll is that there might be a little more to it than you think. Daruma dolls start out with completely blank eyes. They’re often used for motivation. When trying to fulfill a goal, the owner of the Daruma doll will usually fill in one of the eyes, representing the goal they’re trying to fulfill. Looking at the doll can remind one of the goal in case they’ve forgotten about it. Once it IS fulfilled, the owner will fill in the other eye. It’s interesting that the Daruma only has one eye filled in. Maybe Rose had another goal she was trying to fulfill herself, but never acted on it? Maybe it was used as motivation for Rose to have a child? Or it can even be some sort of foreshadowing.

or it’s just garbage

‘Maneki- Neko’ by noeldelmar
The Maneki- neko is a common Japanese figurine which is often believed to bring good luck to the owner. Daruma dolls are seen as a symbol of perseverance and good luck, making them a popular gift of encouragement. • Buy this artwork on apparel, stickers, phone cases, and more.

【live】 2017 Spring Tour 念力発生 (Nenriki Hassei) day 16

16th day of Plastic Tree’s 2017 Spring Tour held at TAKASAKI club FLEEZ in Gunma on April 29th.


01.バルーン (Ballon)
02.フラスコ (Frasco)
03.讃美歌 (Sanbika)
04.アローンアゲイン、ワンダフルワールド (Alone again, wonderful world)
05.テトリス (Tetris)
06.サイレントノイズ (Silent Noise)
08.嬉々 (Kiki)
09.メランコリック (Melancholic)
10.静かの海 (Shizuka no umi)
11.念力 (Nenriki)
12.ムーンライト――――。 (Moonlight ――――.)
13.マイム (MIME)
14.デュエット (Duet)
15.さびしんぼう (Sabishinbou)

01.リプレイ (Replay)
02.春咲センチメンタル (Harusaki sentimental)

01.NO NEW YORK (BOØWY cover)*

* BOØWY is a Japanese rock band formed in Takasaki, Gunma in 1981.

** What Ryutaro is holding in his arms, is a Daruma (達磨), which Pura has got from Takasaki club FLEEZ´s staff. It has been specially made for the band´s 20th anniversary.

Depending on the color, Daruma have different meanings. Black stands for prevention of bad luck. When you get a Daruma, the figure’s eyes are both blank white. You then will select a goal or wish and paint in one of the figure’s two eyes. Once the desired goal is achieved, the second eye is filled in.

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