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Holy jeepers creepers I did not expect Apath to end up with more than 100 followers, let alone, y’know…300. This is so heckin’ cool, like? So many potential friends. SO MANY. Not even potential. You’re all my friends now. If you follow me you are friend. No escape. You are friend.

Anywho! Let’s try to get this sappy thing done.

@pulchra-melodiam / @stalwart-guardian / @artificial-adventures / ur other blogs: SCREEEAAMMMSS!!! THE AUBREY TO MY APATH!!! I love you so much, friend. All of your muses are absolutely phenomenal and so are you. My depressed ass has an easier time getting out of bed in the mornings knowing that I’ll be able to chat with you throughout the day. <3

@oursavior-ourlord: Does a little dance up to you. Shimmies. Tea!! Ho-ho-holy heck my guy look at our adorable babs. Look at them. I am so here for emotionally fulfilling familial bonds and HOOO BOY do I get the feels over Apath n’ basically all of your muses. You write beautifully and it is honestly an honour to be able to write with you, thank you so much for the interest you’ve shown in my wee bab Apath. ;u;

@flicxers / @lxnardance: STRIKES A POSE. HELLO FRIEND did u kno I love all of ur muses like?? holy toast. your art is fantastic and so are your muses and aaaAHHHH SO GR8 UR GR8 ur an A+ friendo.

@quincymuses / @c-hxmpion: You are my most favourite person to ride the pain train with, if I’m being totally honest. Holy heck the mutual suffering we have inflicted on one another’s muses is BEAUTIFUL I LOVE IT. That aside, you write an outstanding Sans, and it tickles me pink to think of all the best friend shenanigans our babs probably get into. Even if it mostly just falling asleep in incredibly inappropriate places, tbh. Extreme napping. Who can pass out in the weirdest spot.

@transtrainer: JOHN LENNON HANDS ME APPLE BUT IT SLIPS THROUGH MY FINGERTIPS…memes aside tho holy heck Ashley and Apath are so important. They are both the mom friend at the same time. Ashley is perf and all this world needs tho tbh I want to Protect™ her.

@grunt-j / @groudoned: Ok, listen, listen. It makes my entire life to see you and the shenanigans you get into on the dash. We have a meme lizard and the #nohomo#yesbromo grunt and I love them both holy heck. I cannot begin to tell you how many times I’ve just been having a genuinely shitty night but then seen your muses on the dash and I’ve actually found myself giggling. You and your muses are both so incredibly important, friend. Also Legend of Zelda rePRESENT.

@plumeriaxskull: speaking of the legend of zelda…..thROWS MY LEGGY INTO THE AIR. COOKIE!!! COOKIE MY DEAR!!! HOLY HECK I AM SO HAPPY TO HAVE FOUND YOU AGAIN weeps. It has been fantastic to see you again. You’ve grown so, so much as a writer and an artist I am absolutely blown away. You continue to be one of my biggest inspirations.

                                        MORE MEMES

aka people i make vague whining noises at from afar.
bcuz ur all heckin’ cool as heck and i am but a wee meme bab.

@cheeriiisms | @celioplusplus | @corvidmagicae | @sayurismiles / @porygonastray | @ersatzambassador | @poisontrainercharlotte | @researchrebellion and also all ur other blogs | @pkmn-autumn | @interpoldirector | @shiirakeru | @deltaxtream | @make-it-trouble | @timelessheroes | @nharmxnic | @coerciflos | @normalprince | @decidxeye | @dauphindekalos | @fatedflare | @heliophilisms | @akalatapu | @kalosian-writer | @tabithq | @crimson-of-lights | @bagdestroyer | @plaayful | @chaostatiic | @attitxde / @couldbemine / @swcctladyluck / the others omg | @mewtwokissycutie | @mimicveil | @giixma | @bruderinschwarz | @susurriiio | @forestdcity | @ortus-ex-terranova | @ardentverdant | @modernspellsword | @team-skull-trio | @branch-chief–faba | @taiautwikstrom | @ambcrly | @rocketbcss | @craniumaniac | @aureajuniper / @mallowofalola | @scientistofdevon | @beliiispeak | @magma-odor-sleuth | @goodnightreality | @oakmd | @unintentional-nightmares | @beareroftheblueorb | @mezasepkmnmaster | @pxgtails | @bluedragonoforre | @inversion-formula | @writtenbykaichu | @oblivxonwxng | @artisanspyro weeps ur blog brings me life friend my mom and i love playing spyro together | @daiisychaiined | @rcdcapes | @pokemondeliverer | @collectorofcoresandcells | @it-takes-three | @tulog

MANY, MANY more belong on this list but hoo boy howdy social anxiety is kicking in the more i try to add usernames in. jeepers creepers. fdhfkdjf if ur name isnt on here dont worry i love u

i hope senpai will notice meme ||| mixtape for meme loving fucks

come on and slam ♦ caramelldansen ♦ spooky scary skeletons (living tombstones remix) ♦ butterfly ♦ nice legs daisy dukes ♦ i’m a believer (shrek ost) ♦ everybody (headshotboyz remix) ♦ a cruel angel’s thesis (bike horn remix) ♦ i wanna take you to a gay bar ♦ every time we touch ♦ steppin on the beach (club mix) ♦ ponponpon (heavy metal ver.) ♦ running in the 90s ♦ ninja clan here we stand ♦ levan polka (basshunter remix) ♦ what the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little bitch? i’ll have you know i ♦ marisa stole the precious thing ♦ gangnam style (yg mashup)♦ dota (dj walkz remix) ♦ bad boy ♦ never gonna give you up (dj flo remix) ♦ nyan cat (club mix) ♦ ice ice baby (high voltage mashup) ♦ what is love ♦ love shine ♦ actual cannibal shia labeouf ♦ hallelujah (waluigi remix) ♦ barbie girl ♦ darude - sandstorm ♦ HEYYEYAAEYAAAEYAEYAA ♦ crawling in my skin ♦ bumblebee ♦ all star ♦ numa numa ♦ careless whisper


this is my masterpiece, i will never create anything better than this mix

The signs as memes
  • Aries: Viva La Pluto
  • Taurus: Bee Movie
  • Gemini: Don't cry... Craft
  • Cancer: Sure, Jan
  • Leo: Darude Sandstorm
  • Virgo: Paul Blart Mall Cop
  • Libra: Snake meme, or sneme
  • Scorpio: Sneme (snail meme)
  • Sagittarius: Skeleton War
  • Capricorn: Crave that mineral
  • Aquarius: Putin banned memes meme
  • Pisces: Left Shark