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Yu-Gi-Oh! meets quotes from The Avengers

Mokuba: Have a care how you speak! Nii-sama is beyond reason, but he is of Kaiba Corporation and he is my brother!

Anzu: He killed eighty people in two days.

Mokuba: … He’s adopted.

Jounouchi: Big man with a dice game. Take that off, what are you?

Otogi: Genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist.

Yugi: We need a plan of attack!

Atem: I have a plan: attack!

Atem: *covering his eye, looks around* How does Pegasus even see these?

Pegasus henchman: He turns.

Atem: Sounds exhausting.

Bakura: I am Thief King Bakura, of Kul-Elna and I am burdened with glorious purpose!

Insector Haga: *at the beginning of the Battle City tournament* This is just like Duelist Kingdom all over again.

Dinosaur Ryuzaki: You and I remember Duelist Kingdom very differently.

Ishizu: Seto, we need to talk.

Seto: You have reached the life model decoy of Seto Kaiba, please leave a message.

Sugoroku: Duelists? In Domino City? Give me a break!

Dartz: I have unfinished business with the nameless pharaoh.

Malik: Yeah? Get in line.


trying to get out of a short art block by drawing eyes (9 •̀ 3 •́ )9 i made yugi, kaiba and pegasus dinks too~

What if Lotor is not the “big bad” of VLD after all? What if that honour goes to someone else? I know I sound like I’m off my rocker, but here me out!

A lot of long running shonen anime tends to be written in story arcs where each arc has it’s own villain, before switching it up in the next season.

For example, in YGO DM there were a  lot of story arc villains such as Pegasus, Marik, Dartz, etc. The final boss of the series was none of those characters, it was…

Bakura was hinted at throughout the series, showing up to cause trouble. It wasn’t until the last arc he stepped out of the shadows to raise some hell. His past is tied to Yami’s since he is the spirit of the Millennium Ring and his village was burnt down by Akenadin, or Yami’s uncle. It makes sense for him to be the final boss since he is very closely tied to the hero and posses a Earth shattering threat due to him wanting to summon Zorc.  

The other YGO series were the same way. The final boss of GX was Trueman. For Zexal it was Don Thousand.   For Arc V, the latest YGO series, it was Zarc (not to be confused with Zarkon!). I’m not sure about 5Ds, though.

A lot of other shonen animes are the same way. Granted, I never got into One Piece, Bleach or Naruto, but I heard from others they tend to have “arc villains” too, which makes sense since a lot of these ran on for years and years, so they would have change things up to engage the audience.

What if VLD is the same way and is more story arc like? After all, it was based on an anime, Beast King Go Lion, and the series is very serialised so far, aiming at a larger goal then a ton of one off episodes. The more I think about it, the first two seasons seem like a season long story arc with it focusing on taking down one main villain. Sure, there were side villains the team fought off, but the main villain they battled was Zarkon.  

A lot of people who are working on Voltron were heavily involved with the Korra series, which tended to switch villains out each story arc too. So it could be possible that they are planning to do the same for VLD.

Not only that, during an interview, the showrunners seemed to allude at other threats at play and that there could be twists about who the main threat is, making it very possible it might not be Lotor…

Lotor seems more of a Marik type threat (since I think he is the person in the Weblum and Lotor almost redeemed in DOTU to turn back into a villain much like Zuko) than someone like say Yami Bakura. Someone who has some connection to the hero, but still holds a chance to change his ways and yet is a very threatening villain in his own right. With that said, he is still not powerful enough to be considered a final boss of the series.

Plus, if Lotor possibly redeems himself (which I have a hunch he might) or is more morally grey villain and his father’s well…out for the count, then the series would end on a whimper instead of a bang. I really can’t see the VLD writers ever doing something like that. The writers on the series are super talented and would no doubt make a very good climax for the series.

You guys maybe thinking, “Wait. If you don’t think Lotor is the Final Boss of VLD, then who the hell do you think is?”


This is Emperor Throk. He is the main villain of the whole old school franchise…outside of maybe Lotor in a lot of the western adaptions. He is more blood thirsty and darker than Zarkon ever was. He assisted the emperor and pretended to be loyal to him, being a rather big kiss ass, but did it so he could put his ass on the throne instead. During the series, he murders the emperor, taking command of the army.

If I had to compare him to an Avatar villain, to quote @darkspellmaster from a meta they made, he’d be Amon from Korra. Someone with a very powerful presence and is very cut throat.  (I think he might be more like Vector from YGO Zexal this time around, but that’s not the point).

The thing is he already showed up in VLD a few times and is right on the season 2 poster…

Even Throk’s design is extremely fishy. He sticks out in shots paired off against the other Galra.  Everything in animation, unlike live action, is planned out and put there for a reason. Usually characters that have stand out outfits or looks from the other grunts tend to have a bigger part to play in the series, whether it be later on or then and there. This is probably why Sendak,  Ulaz and Thace were distinguished by their physical looks. It’s also probably why the Weblum Galra wears custom made armour with a symbol that no other Galra in the whole series has on their chest. Throk having that red uniform and being more willowy then the other commanders not only makes him stand out, but indicates to the audience this a person to watch out for in the near future. There is even a scene where Throk is front and centre when Zarkon talks with him. Even though he has no lines, he sticks out from the crowd. (Not suspicious at all)

The show staff foreshadowed things long in advance before like with the Glara Keith thing, so them hinting at future villain now isn’t that much of a stretch.

It might be just me, but Throk had a wicked and malicious gleam in his eyes on the season 2 poster, which gave me the creeps, like he would sweet talk you one minute and stab you in the back the next. The last character in an anime I saw to have that same look in his eye was Vector from Zexal, who was a very powerful villain.

With the show staff naming a character after a major villain of the whole franchise, it really makes me wonder. It’s like if there was a character in Alex Hirsch’s new cartoon or in the new Ducktales reboot named Bill Cipher; I just would stare at the character the whole time, half expecting them to turn into a triangle at any second. It’s the same thing here, especially with the show staff naming a character after a main villain of a series.

To add on to this even more, only Galra commanders with large roles to play are given names whereas one shot villains tend to lack that; granted, there are some exceptions, but for the most part only stand out characters get a name.

Another possibility?

Emperor Zeppo is another dark emperor of the old school franchise. He was more powerful than Zarkon was. He was a master manipulator and worked with Throk. He’s a very subtitle character, who doesn’t like making his presence immediately known to you. He can hide his plans by pretending to be foolish. But he can be just as cut throat as Zarkon. He even destroyed his own planet just so it couldn’t be in enemy hands.

Granted, he never had a modern counterpart show up in the series yet. But if the crew does plan to have another worse villain after Lotor become emperor, he is a huge possibility, especially with Zeppo’s ability to be undetected in the background.

Again, this is just a theory. I could see either one of these being the final boss in VLD.

I think Tristan is the only major Yu-Gi-Oh cast member to not have gone through heavy suffering of some kind. Yugi was bullied daily and had no friends, Yami Yugi had no memories of himself, friends or anyone, Joey had the situation with Serenity, growing up on the streets, and his parents being separated, Tea had the whole Yugi/Yami love triangle that could only end in tears, Seto and Mokuba suffered because of Gozaburo, the Ishtars suffered because of Marik’s father, Ryou suffered because of Yami Bakura, Duke suffered because of his father, Pegasus lost Cecelia,  Priest Seto lost Kisara and had his father turn evil, Thief King Bakura lost his village, Dartz’s followers lost loved ones, Noah lost his body and his status, Mai grew up lonely and suffered in Yami Marik’s shadow games, and even villains like Arkana lost loved ones.

Meanwhile the worst Tristan got was the occasional body-swap in the anime and having an awful nephew in the manga. He really helped ground the series with a sense of normalcy XD;

I’m watching a Yu-Gi-Oh voice actor panel Q&A from 2012. It’s got some cool parts and some really funny parts XD

Dan Green: It was always fun to fight Kaiba, and Pegasus as well. That first season had a really nice arc to it, and it was very satisfying. But I think–and this is going to sound completely narcissistic–when the series concluded and it was Yugi versus Yami, I thought storywise, that was a very interesting duel.

Audience Member: Dan Green! I would like to challenge you for the title of King of Games…
Dan: You will so win. I am not a good duelist. :(

Ted Lewis: I would’ve loved to play Mai, but, uh… I’d also love to play Yami Yugi because he’s famous.

Audience Member: I wanna know why Wayne never recognizes that he was Dartz.
Wayne Grayson: Oh no, I know I was Dartz. I-I just don’t wanna spend an hour and a half running down my very nuanced Yu-Gi-Oh characters. But I know. (Dartz voice) Yes, i was the King of Atlantis…and Shadi… (normal voice) Well  now I’ll say it. Here and now, for all the cameras, I PLAYED DARTZ! Yes! …He’s a bad guy.

Audience Member: How annoying was it to work with 4Kids?
Wayne: It was really annoying cashing all those checks.

(the actors are asked to say ‘their signature lines’)
Tristan: …Go Yugi!
Yusei: From two come one, and from one comes great cosmic might! I Synchro Summon Stardust Dragon!
Pegasus: Your turn, Yugi-boy~
Yugi: Grandpa said to always believe in the heart of the cards!
Yami: That’s right. It’s time to duel!
Arthur Hawkins: Hello, I’m Professor Arthur Hawkins.
Yami Bakura: I’m going to send Arthur Hawkins to the graveyard!
Jack Atlas: I’m Jack Atlas, the master of faster!
Joey: I gotta do it for my sister… Serenity!