Dat Dart Art

Hi Tumblr, this is a post dedicated to Dartty.

This person goes by Dart/Dartty/Dartanian.

There she is!

She has wonderful art, be it of Steven Universe, Adventure Time, South Park, lots of Homestuck and more. She’s really sweet and super nice. I can best describe her colorful art as cute




It’s also quite a bit is Shippy:

Dartty also teaches us life lessons:

And here’s Craig:

If you follow Dartty, there will be snakes on your dashboard… lot’s and lot’s of snakes.

You will believe that Snakes can be cute.

More Dart Art:

Thanks for being Wonderful Dart.

a beautiful ballad (I hope you recognize it)


Hey Hey Let’s Go 喧嘩する
大切な物 protect my balls
僕が悪い so let’s fighting
Let’s fighting love...
Let’s fighting love...

大丈夫、we do it all the time

Hey Hey Let’s Go 喧嘩する
大切な物 protect my balls
僕が悪い so let’s fighting
Let’s fighting love...
Let’s fighting love...

Submitted by: lyndis

Do you know how much I love you omg

dartty asked:

Oh my gosh!!! how did you make your buttons? Do you have a kit? THey look fantastic!

pixlotl bought a random button maker off ebay! if anyone else is interested in buying one just search for button makers, off brand ones are more plastic but tend to work fine. Ours hasn’t broken yet so…..

So, in addition to the other types of commsisions listed over at the helpfordartty blog, I’m opening up a special for FR themed wallpapers–30 USD and you can have a detailed wallpaper sized image of your dragon, customized for your Flight with your choice of text in whatever language you like, including hokey hiragana like you have pictured here (in this case it spells out the name of the dragon). Please see THIS POST for details!

haha okay people want to see my presents ovo 

I got a string of bunnies, a packet of star shaped lollipops and a tiara headband from synne ;o; she also made me a really dope mixed cd omfg, thank you hun <3 I got that sweet pichu/pikachu/raichu shirt from dartty I’ve always wanted that shirt dsghas she also got me the complete set of fionna and cake comics but I opened those on my birthday LOL thank you love <3

Summer Wars and Wolf Children dvd sets from other friends not on tumblr, I’m so happy aaaaa 

And things I got for myself, a Sylveon notebook, a bunny eared headband, AND NEW LAPTOP. I’ve been saving up for that for 2 months and its finally here I gotta learn how to use Windows 8 now dsghas but yeah all in all a very lovely christmas ;u;

I’m helping mom bake cupcakes now so brb <3

dartty asked:

One more question if you don't mind :o what are the size of the buttons you're making?

2 inches once finished! we’re considering investing in a 1.5 inch button maker because bigger buttons aren’t actually super fantastic sellers. A good range (if you can afford it) works quite well.

Also if you want to have more than 1 size buying makers with your friends works well, you can all get together and have button parties haha

A tamed warrior, a beloved pirate 

The men who they’d die for, the rebels of their world

Where their bringers of doom.


..this all I could do.

Anywho, long ago, I was actually on DA, found this, then found the creator’s tumblr, and etc. And basically fell in love with the lineart and decided I was gonna try my paw at serious digital art and actually try….like 4 months later it’s done and looks half okay…the other half is like a train-wreck.

This cool person made the lineart, it belongs to them. 


I THINK I LOOK BAD BUT OH WELL. I got my stickers from dartty’s giveway yesterday and I was SOOOOOOOOO happy so I thought I would share their glory. I also got a letter but that’s a secret shhhh.

anonymous asked:

i didnt realize you were in a relationship!!! congrats u-u what are they like? o: (just ignore this if you dont want to or arent comfortable talking about it lol)

she is a very lovely lady that first started out like a good friend, she’s stuck by me through the good and the bad and was always positive when things were at their worst, she’s never hesitated to help me when i needed it and always manages to make me smile or laugh or listen to me when im having a bad day and i appreciate it all very much !!!