darts and daggers

A lot of people want the Inquisitor dead so assassins are an inevitability. Luckily Dorian has his back. 

Dorian was sitting in his usual spot in the library. He had been there most of the day, slowly making his way through the pile of books that had accumulated on and around the table beside him. Eventually, long past the sun had set, Elden came staggering up the stairs and sat down heavily, leaning back against Dorian’s chair.

“Not even going to say hello, Amatus?” Dorian asked, running his fingers through Elden’s hair absently without taking his eyes off his book. Elden made a noncommittal sound. He must be very tired after the long day he had had, dealing with visiting nobles and whatnot. “Why don’t you go to bed?”

“I’ll go shortly,” Elden said, leaning into Dorian’s hand with a quiet sigh.

This wasn’t exactly the first time something like this had happened. Elden had stolen quite a few naps here over the months. Dorian wasn’t quite sure why he came here instead of going to his room, but he certainly wasn’t going to complain.

Dorian continued to read for a time, but he could feel Elden leaning limply against his arm. He should probably get the man to bed before he passes out entirely. When Dorian stood up, Elden nearly fell over with the loss of his arm for support. Dorian sighed, although he was more amused than exasperated, and helped the Inquisitor up but kept a hand on his shoulder, steadying him, just in case.

“Have you been drinking?” Dorian asked, chuckling.

“Maybe a little?” Elden said blearily.

“’A little,’” Dorian echoed as he experimentally released Elden’s shoulder. He swayed dangerously and Dorian quickly steadied him again. “It’s only me, no need to try to hide it. I know Josephine had you meeting all sorts today, I’d want a drink or ten too. Perhaps just go a little easier next time. Or call me so I can join in on the fun at the very least.”

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Weapons Vocabulary Word List

A-bomb ammo ammunition armaments arms arrow assault rifle atom bomb atomic bomb autocannon automatic rifle axe ballista ballistic missile bat baton battle axe bayonet bazooka billy club biological weapon blackjack blade blaster blowgun blowpipe bludgeon bomb boobytrap boomerang bow and arrow Bowie  knife brass knuckles bullet bullwhip cannon carbine catapault cat o'nine tails cleaver club crossbow cudgel cutlass dagger dart depth charge epee explosives firearm flail flamethrower flintlock foil Gatling gun grenade grenade launcher guided missile gun gunpowder halberd hand grenade handgun harpoon hatchet howitzer hunting knife javelin katana knife knout kris lance landmine longbow longsword mace machete machine gun magnum maul mine missile morning star mortar munitions musket mustard gas muzzleloader nerve gas night stick nuclear bomb nunchaku (numchucks) onager ordnance peashooter pepper spray pickaxe pike pistol pommel quarterstaff rapier revolver rifle rocket rocket launcher saber scimitar scythe semiautomatic shell shillelagh shooter shotgun sickle slingshot spear spiked mace stiletto stun gun submachine gun switchblade sword tank tank  gun taser tear gas tomahawk torpedo trebuchet trident tripwire truncheon Uzi weapon weapon of mass destruction weaponry whip  

The Intimidator

Word count: 1,493

Warnings: Mentions of violence, cursing

Summary: The most intimidating man on the planet, James Barnes. Yet somehow he can’t scare away the girl who frequently puts on different colored shoes.

“Avengers, I have an assignment for you.” Fury said. Steve looked up from his phone, nudging Bucky so he would pay attention too. Fury pulls up a file on the screen behind him.

On the screen is multiple videos of a girl. Some of her fighting, shooting, and hacking into computers. Bucky’s interest was immediately peaked. He’d never seen a person who seemed to possess the same skills at the same level as him before. His heart sank. She had to be either working or being forced by HYDRA. 

Every punch and kick she threw was graceful and calculated, and could only be so from years of hard training. She was beautiful, but in a terrifying way, much like a snow tiger would be. Bucky couldn’t peel his eyes off the screen. 

“This is Y/N Y/L/N. Before you make assumptions-” He shot a pointed look at Bucky, “-she is not working for HYDRA. She is independent, and highly dangerous. We want her brought here before a different organization takes her. We’ve tried multiple times to extract her with no success. Bring her back here in one piece and alive.” he said.

Steve nodded, pulling Bucky out of the room. Before he could even speak, Bucky stopped him. “I want to come. As much as I don’t want to say it, I’m extremely skilled and you’re going to need me there if you want her extracted.” He said.

Steve nodded, “Alright. But if it gets to be too much for you, no one will judge you. You’re still recovering.” he replied.

Bucky had never put his tactical gear on faster.

Bucky wasn’t sure why he was so interested in the girl. Maybe it was because he’d never met a perfect equal of him. Her apartment was small and shabby, which puzzled Bucky considering the fact that she should have plenty of money. He’d seen her file and the calculations Vision had made of her possible income. Where had all that money gone?

Steve kicked the door down, and Bucky choked back a laugh when the girl looked over casually. Her posture was completely relaxed, a sandwich in one of her hands. “Can I finish eating first?” She asked.

Steve sighed, sitting down and looking at her. Everyone else stayed sitting, the front door shut. She took another bite of her sandwich, chewing slowly. She studied everyone in the room carefully. 

“I’m guessing you’re not HYDRA, you would be dead by now.” She said, breaking the silence.

Steve snorted, “No, ma’am, we aren’t HYDRA. but what do you mean by that?” he asked.

“There’s a sensor on the front door and all of the windows. All the agents have tracking devices in case they go rogue, so I’ve rigged the sensors to set off the bombs whenever they trigger them.” She replied, taking another bite of their sandwich. 

Sam looked at her with wide eyes, “So… you’re tellin’ me there’s bombs all over this place?” he asked.

“Yep. So, what are you guys wanting from me? And why should I do it?” She asked.

It was Bucky who spoke up. “We’re not going to control you, if that’s what you’re thinking.” He said.

Y/N relaxed a little, which made Bucky’s heart sink. He knew what it was like to live in fear of being controlled against your will. “What do you want then?” She asked.

“Someone on our side. We want you safe from HYDRA, and we want someone who may be willing to help us.” Steve replied.

Y/N smiled at him softly, setting the crust of her sandwich down on the paper plate on the coffee table. “Why should I go with you?” She replied.

“Let us show you why.” Steve replied.

The next day Y/N walked into the Avengers tower willingly and alone. Her high-top Converse were two different colors. One blue, one green. Her hair was pulled into space buns, her makeup light. The Avengers waited for her behind the metal detectors. 

The second she walked through, the detectors lit up like a Christmas tree. Bucky’s lips curved just barely into an amused grin as every weapon she had was taken away. Six throwing knives, two guns, several poisoned darts, and a dagger. She pouted as they were carted away. 

“You can have them back when you leave. We aren’t exactly inclined to be trustworthy.” Tony said, stepping forward.

“Ah, Iron Man. I believe you spilled bourbon on me at a gala and then stuffed a 20 in my bra.” Y/N shook his hand, “If I wanted to kill you, you would already be dead.” she said.

Tony looked her up and down. “Did mommy let you pick that out?” He replied.

Everyone held their breath, expecting Y/N to attack him. Instead, she burst out laughing. “I like you. Now, I’d prefer to go into a conference room. I don’t like… open spaces.” She said.

Everyone agreed, leading her to a conference room. Bucky glanced at her, noticing that her eyes were darting around wherever they could. He guessed it was because she felt defenseless. His hand softly slipped his dagger into hers. She gave him a small smile, slipping it up her sleeve. She relaxed after that. 

Steve knew she had the dagger, but considering she was agreeing with everything thy were saying, he guessed it wouldn’t matter. They discussed everything they needed to, quickly coming to an agreement. After only about an hour of talking, she was to have her own room, and access to the training room. 

The Avengers, save for Bucky, left to go return to what they were doing before Y/N arrived. Y/N tried to make conversation, but Bucky didn’t seem to want to. He quickly shut her out, not wanting to accidentally hurt her. He left the room quickly after that, cutting off her pathetic attempt at making conversation yet again.

Almost every day after that, Y/N found some way to try to talk to Bucky. Each time, he cut her off by either leaving or shooting her a look. He was used to people nearly pissing themselves when he looked at them like that, but she only seemed disappointed. 

Deep down, he appreciated her attempts greatly. She wasn’t intimidated by him at all, nor was she scared. He was almost… flattered by her attempts to be his friend. No one had ever put so much effort into him except Steve. Everyone else had either written him off or was too scared to try to approach him. 

But he knew it was for their own good. He was dangerous, and everyone else would be better off without him. 

After a week of him turning her away, he stopped bumping into her. He almost missed her. He had become used to her smiling and trying to strike up conversations. He walked out of the training room to be met with her talking to Sam. She said something that made him laugh loudly, and she laughed too.

Bucky threw his cup in the trash angrily, storming off. Sam and Y/N stared, their laughter ceasing. 

Steve knocked softly on Bucky’s door. “Bucky? You missed therapy today, are you okay?” He asked.

Bucky opened the door, looking a little down but otherwise alright. “Is it… bad that I want Y/N to talk to me, even though I want her to leave me alone?” He asked.

“A little unreasonable, but not bad. If you want her to talk to you, maybe you should talk back. She’s not bad. She’s pretty nice, and I know she won’t judge you. I know you think you’ll hurt her, but… you’re not a monster, Buck. You can still have other friends that you won’t hurt. It’s possible. She’s going with us to a restaurant downtown, you should come.” Steve replied, squeezing Buck’y shoulder a little before leaving.

Bucky nervously messed with his hair in the mirror. He’d never been this nervous over a girl since he was just a normal guy in Brooklyn, when his only fear was losing his best friend. He’d put on his nicest shirt, slipping a glove onto his metal hand. He walked out of the bathroom, immediately being met with a well-dressed Y/N. 

The dress she wore flattered her completely, giving her an aura of femininity she didn’t usually possess. She was usually dorky and sweet-looking, not sleek and elegant like that. She smiled softly at him. 

“Everyone else bailed… Are you still going?” She asked.

He smiled, holding his arm out to her. She took it sheepishly, smiling at the warmth of it. He smiled softly at her, walking with her. “Look… I’ve been a real ass, and I’m sorry for that. I shouldn’t have been so rude.” He said.

“It’s fine. I understand why you did it. You owe me lunch though.” She replied.

He chuckled, leaning down and kissing her cheek. “I would love that.” He replied, smiling at her.

Maybe he could be happy with her.

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Love Lust and Little Angels Pt 4

Pairing: Cas/reader

Summary: After having your morning dose of sex with your angel, Dean informs you that he and Sam are going on a supply run. They don’t come back for a while and you start to get worried

Warnings: Smut, language

A/N: “Ozien Merifiri” - My Angel

Fic Masterlist

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Oblivion Is Calling Out Your Name

And here is the angstier one shot I promised. willowaus, klarolineepiclove, you guys said you wanted this one.  Also, gusenitsagirl, it’s not as angsty as some, and no one has died (yet), but I’m still saying this is part of the angst battle.

The sunlight glints off the dagger when he angles it just right.  He’s been sitting on the docks, turning it between his fingers for hours it seems.  Each time, he hopes that when he spins it again, the name will have changed.  Each time, he’s disappointed.

               Emma Swan.

               They don’t know where she’s gone, just that she hasn’t been seen for twelve hours, not since she took on the darkness of the Dark One and left the dagger behind, the only sign that it had ever happened at all.

               Well, that and the Crocodile’s new, perfectly clear heart.

               Hook had seen him earlier, looking pale but otherwise fine.  He had been in the diner, with the royals and Henry, and in had come Rumplestiltskin.

               The sight had driven Killian here, because the urge to take the dagger in his heart and shove it through the other man’s heart…

               It was a stark reminder that darkness could so easily creep up on you.  And thinking of darkness made him think of Emma.  Emma, who was filled with the power of the Dark One and the Saviour, and who…

               I love you.

               He hadn’t gotten the chance to say it back.  It had been on the tip of her tongue earlier, when they had reunited in the loft.  And he had toyed with the idea of saying it first, when she had backed out and instead thanked him.  But he hadn’t, too afraid she wasn’t ready to hear it.  And then disaster struck, and he hadn’t had the chance to say it back.

               “Are you going to summon her?”

               He stops turning the dagger when Henry comes and sits on the bench next to him. He looks more like Bae every day, and Killian remembers how brave the boy had been in the alternate world.  His father would have been proud.  Killian certainly was.

               “I’m… afraid,” he admits hesitantly after a moment, setting the dagger carefully between them.  Henry looks at him for a moment, then reaches out and picks it up, resting it on his lap.  He runs his fingers over the lettering of his mother’s name, then sighs and places it next to Killian again.

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Our Shadows and Monsters

Belle/Rumplestiltskin, Dark One!Belle AU, Rated Explicit

[AO3 link]

Summary: Based on this interview where naughty comments were made about Belle being the Dark One and teasing Rumple with the dagger. So here you go.

Note: This is what the Rumbelle fandom makes me do, and it might be the smuttiest, kinkiest thing I’ve written and actually posted. 

Warnings: femdom, BDSM, dagger play, magic sex, praise kink

Rumplestiltskin knew he was in trouble that night when she walked out of the en suite bathroom in her blue silk robe, and handed him the dagger.

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Lady Cousland - Prince!Alistair x Cousland AU (Part 2)

For eeveevie and prairiefaerie66 and everyone else who reblogged and liked the first part! I think I’m gonna turn this into a multi-Chapter so be on the lookout!

Alistair walks beside Cailan, watching the greying head of his father as he speaks with Teyrn Cousland. Alistair’s beyond curious, his ears straining to hear the whispered words between the two men, but his efforts are futile, he can really only pick out certain words like Cailan’s name, and things about the castle.

The thought makes him nervous, to have Lady Cousland at the castle with them, to see her walking the halls he strode down every day, it would be too much. Even the thought of her sent his fingers trembling and his heart pounding desperately in his chest.

Cailan hadn’t said much on the topic, merely nodding when Alistair asked if he thought her beautiful. Alistair had almost pitched a fit at his older brother, instead settling for glaring at him incredulously. How could he not be taken with her! To give a simple reply in response to whether or not he thought her beautiful? It was almost a crime to be so flippant about a woman like the Lady Cousland, the way her eyes sparkled across the table at him at last night’s dinner, the pealing laughter at something her brother had said, the musical tone of her voice and the way her lips curled around his name.

He’d nearly fallen at her feet last night.

He was sure his father had noticed too, throwing him amused grins from the head of the table, watching him pining after her like a puppy, wide golden eyes glowing whenever she graced him with her attention. He’d felt it in his chest when she’d retired to her chambers, a deep ache that spread through his body, turning his fingertips numb.

Alistair pulls up short as he hears her familiar laugh, his head turning slowly towards the training grounds. The ache in his body rushes from him as soon as he sees her, nearly crumpling to his knees at the sight of her. She’s crouched within the ring, facing off against her brother, who laughs as she twirls the daggers she’s holding in her hands. Her long fiery curls are pulled back into a ponytail with a long green ribbon, some small wisps clinging to her sweaty forehead as she pants.

She darts forward with a speed he’s not seen before, launching herself up and over her brothers shoulder, latching onto his armour and swinging herself so she can pull him backwards, leaping off his thigh at the last minute to land lightly as he falls into the dirt.

She laughs again, holding her stomach as she bends. He swallows thickly, trying to force away those type of thoughts at the way the leathers she wears bends to cling to her shapely form, the delicate curve of her hips swaying as she moves forward to extend her hand, hauling her laughing brother to his feet.

“Seems like you’ve perfected that move Pup!” Her father calls with a good natured chuckle, stepping forward to lean against the ring. Fergus merely laughs and shakes his head when Elissa beams, her eyes shining with pride as she looks at her father.

Fergus shouts again, banging on his shield with his sword, watching as Elissa’s eyes harden, sinking into a low crouch as they circle one another, her eyes hard and unyielding, watching her brother’s movements cautiously.

Fergus leaps forward, his practice sword swinging in a wide arc, moving to catch her stomach, but she’s moving without a second thought. Alistair watches, enraptured as she ducks, before flipping backwards like an Antivan gymnast to avoid Fergus’ low cutting retaliation.

Fergus grunts with the effort it takes to right himself, circling her carefully as he tries to keep her to his front, Alistair knows if he gives up his back the fight is over. She twirls her daggers again, the silverite glinting dangerously off her eyes as she charges, catching his thrust with her daggers crossed, before palming it away deftly.

Her next movements are a blur, complicated and practiced as she darts forward; using her dagger to flick sparks off his shield, staggering Fergus, before she catches his sword again, raising her arms before spinning, ducking underneath to twist Fergus’ arm, flinging his sword away with ease.

Elissa kicks him square in the chest, sending him sprawling as she leaps forward to push his arms down with her knees. Fergus laughs, his head thrown back as the training daggers dig into his stomach and throat, glinting in the mid-morning sun.

“Ahhh little sister, one of these days I’ll best you!” Fergus laughs as she hauls him to his feet with a grin. Alistair looks to his father, who’s grinning broadly as he begins to clap, stepping forward to stand next to the Teyrn.

“She’s very impressive” Alistair sighs breathily, watching as she moves forward to converse with her father. Cailan makes a disgusted sort of noise, which has him whipping around to face his brother. Cailan stands with his arms crossed, nose wrinkled in distaste as he watches a sweaty and dirt covered Elissa throw her arm around Fergus.

“She’s quite… barbaric wouldn’t you say? What sort of woman fights for fun and rolls around in the dirt?” His voice has the familiar whining tone it takes on whenever he finds something impudent. All Alistair can do is roll his eyes and glare at his brother, knowing without a doubt now that his brother doesn’t deserve her at all.

She was beyond impressive; a true practised warrior with amazing skill and finesse, a talent he knew came with many, many years of hard work and practise, one that only came through determination and perseverance. She’d make a good Queen, not one to move easily on matters she believed to be important, and wouldn’t be swayed easily by the heinous whispers of some of the advisors at court.

He jumps a little when there’s a soft touch at his knee, followed by a small whine. He bends down with a wide grin, hands instantly jumping up to scratch the large Mabari, laughing when he chuffs happily and rolls to his back, wriggling slightly when Alistair leans forward to scratch at his exposed midsection.

“He’s taken a shining to you, it’s curious.” Comes a soft voice. His eyes dart up, hands stilling in shock as his eyes meet the deep blue oceans of Lady Elissa’s, who stares down at him with a good natured smile, laughing as she crouches down beside him, hands scratching at her hound’s stomach. “I didn’t say it was a bad thing! He’s just never normally like this with anyone really.” She continues, laughing at his worried look.

He relaxes slightly, feeling sparks of electricity shoot through his fingertips when she brushes them, smiling when he continues to pet her hound. He smiles shyly at her, trying to keep the childish blush off his cheeks when she grins back, eyes sparkling when the Mabari wriggles again and barks softly.

“Oh hush Fenrir, I give you plenty of attention.” She coos, a loud bark of laughter coming from her when the hound whines and shakes his head slightly. He laughs as well, delighting in the Mabari’s reactions. He’d wanted one ever since he was a child, and his father had shown him several litters bred by the hound master at the castle, but he’d never truly bonded with one like the stories, not like Fenrir and Elissa.

“He really does like you.” She murmurs, eyes curiously gazing over at him through her long lashes, watching with pursed lips when he scratches his head. Fenrir leaps to his feet, moving closer to Alistair to rub against his side, licking wet stripes onto his cheek as Alistair laughs loudly.

“I was just about to take him for a run… if you’d like to join us your highness?” She asks quietly, her hands twisting slightly as she stands, looking anywhere but at him. His heart leaps into his throat as his hands still around Fenrir, watching with wide eyes and an open mouth as she wrings her fingers.

“I-I’d love to!” He beams, leaping to his feet with a deep blush at his stutter, but feeling warmth flood his body when she grins and holds out her arm, giggling when he hooks his arm through his and leads her out towards the fields.

He spent the entire walk to the fields and the forest beyond thanking the Maker a thousand times over.

Trying To Take Flight

Summary: In which Emma is gone, Killian is sad, and drunkenly mistakes David for someone else.

Song the title was taken from (Brothers On A Hotel Bed - Death Cab For Cutie)

He found him by the docks. Slumped over in one of the benches, the stench of alcohol strong on him even from a distance. In the two days since Emma had taken on the darkness and gone missing, no one had seen or heard from him.

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