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Kylo Ren attempting to summon the spirt of Darth Bane....but accidentally summons Bane from the Dark Knight Rises.

Do you feel in charge?” he growls, and Kylo wishes he’d never bought that book of old Sith rituals from that weird curiosity shop to begin with

no but the guy who played Bane in Dark Knight Rises actually is going to be in Episode VIII so that makes this ask all the funnier

A human nicknamed “Rain,” the girl had not shown any sign of Force potential when a scout came to her in search of recruits to fight in the war against Sith. Rain went off with her cousins to partake in the final campaign, but their ship was attacked, and she fell out. The ship couldn’t recover, leaving her behind. Discovering she was strong with the Force, Rain hoped to be a Jedi Knight, though was prophesied to become a Dark Jedi. Bewildered, she attempted to commit suicide, but levitated to safety after deciding to control her destiny. When two Jedi killed her friend, Rain used the dark side to break their necks, attracting the attention of Darth Bane, who had taken her in as his apprentice. Rain constructed a double-bladed lightsaber that released electrical discharge when the weapon was utilized by anyone other than its owner. Criticizing Bane for betraying her, she decided to hunt her master and wrest from him the title of Dark Lord of the Sith. After a moment during which they were evenly matched, Rain finally defeated Bane and banished his spirit into the void of the Force, forging Darth Zannah as the new Dark Lord of the Sith.

Bane and Zannah, by Eugeny Bunin.


Darth Revan and Darth Bane speak with The Son of Mortis - Deleted scene from Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 3 Episode 17 Ghosts of Mortis 


Who made the most popular celebrity guest appearance in the Star Wars animated universe?

Mark Hamill, returning to Star Wars after a 31 year hiatus, voicing Darth Bane, creator of the Rule Of Two?

Or James Earl Jones, returning to voice Darth Vader, after a 10 year hiatus?

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The New Canon Timeline - A Meta

And welcome to a meta no one will probably care about. 

So I read the junior novelization for The Force Awakens a while ago: it had been lying on my shelf for a while, and I also lent it to my sister, but since it was probably going to be a pretty quick read before I attacked a big brick of a book I received for Christmas, I started it.

What’s going to follow is more or less unrelated to TFA: it concerns more the SW universe and the new Disney canon.

I’ll quote here:

“Once there was an Old Republic, a just and benevolent government that united the galaxy for a thousand years.”

Emphasis mine.

So this might be just a random phrasing, but it’s still interesting to consider.

We know thanks to The Phantom Menace there was some big conflict a thousand years before the events of it take place, since we know that it was the last time a Jedi killed a Sith (Obi-Wan being the first in a thousand years to do it again with Darth Maul… sorta). We also got Darth Bane re-introduced into canon, thanks to The Clone Wars TV series, and if I’m not wrong, he lived roughly a thousand years before the movies take place, and he’s the one who established the Rule of Two. We also know the last combat between Jedi and Sith happened a thousand years before the movies, and that Bane was the last surviving Sith. He had an apprentice, who remains unnamed in the Disney canon, but in the EU, she was a female Human called Darth Zannah. 

So what happened back then?

With the quote above, it could be assumed the Old Republic has been established a thousand years before the events happening in the movie. This “just” happens to be coincidental with Darth Bane, AND a Jedi killing a Sith for the last time in a thousand years, and whatever big “something” happened on Jakku that got Palpatine so interested in it. 

From there, we can assume that a thousand years ago, Sith caused a whole of shit in a galaxy that wasn’t united yet, but of course, Jedi and Sith already existed for a long time. We know for one that Sith were a pretty messed up group considering everyone was attempting to kill each other before Darth Bane came and imposed the Rule of Two. I think there was also a bigger variety of Force users, other than Jedi and Sith: Maz Kanata ALSO happens to be roughly a thousand years old (again, what a coincidence!), and she mentions in TFA having seen evil take many forms. Another interesting fact is that a big battle, a thousand years before the events of the trilogies (you don’t say!), happened on Takodana between Jedi and Sith, and Maz actually built her castle on what used to be the battle field. (Not gonna lie: I could write an ENTIRE meta on how symbolic Maz’s Castle is, as well as its destruction, and what it foreshadows for the upcoming movies. But I’m getting out of topic.) 

So whatever shit the Sith had provoked could have led the Jedi being on the forefront of the resistance against them. They could have been the ones to unite the planets who would become the Old Republic in order to face the Sith menace. 

And anyways, after the end of all this, we all know the Sith kept on existing while the Jedi and the Old Republic were blissfully unaware of it, and that eventually led to Darth Plagueis, Sidious, Maul, Tyrannus and Vader. 

(As a sidenote, that leads me to confirm that Anakin as the “Chosen One” still works, despite the new trilogy: the Sith still got destroyed and the Rule of Two broken thanks to Anakin killing his master, but doing that while turning away from the Dark Side and saving his son. But as I said, I think Jedi and Sith aren’t the only Force users out there, and since Snoke as well as Kylo Ren are said not to be Sith, there are still Dark Side users lurking out there.) 

But as I said, that quote from the novelization might just a random phrasing, but it is a pretty funny coincidence.

P.S. Lucasfilm, please please PLEASE give me a Darth Bane movie and the birth of the Old Republic instead of a freaking Boba Fett movie. It’s a FAR better way to expand your universe.

P.P.S. Okay, if you make that Boba Fett movie about Mandalorians, I’ll probably stop complaining.

P.P.P.S. Okay but Darth Bane movie is still a good idea mkay