darth vader's little princess

@ all anti-kallus people. You say that Kallus is irredeemable, you say that he is a completely evil Nazi, and that he’s redemption arc is the worst thing swr has ever done. Well, I have a counter argument.

Isn’t star wars all about seeing the good in everyone? I mean, all through out the prequals Obi-wan (and qui-gon) saw the best in Anakin. Padme tried to see the best in Anakin after his turn. Obi-wan didn’t want to kill Anakin, even after he murdered those younglings, he wanted to bring him back to the light. 

Luke always tried to see the best in Vader, even after he watched him kill his mentor. He wanted to bring Vader back to the light. And he did. I mean, the only reason the Emperor died is because Luke saw the good in Vader, brought him back to the light, and then brought down the whole empire.

And no one ever argues about Vader’s redemption arc. Besides the emporer he was the biggest Nazi in star wars. He participated in order 66, he killed younglings, he cut off Luke’s hand, he killed Obi-wan, he blew up alderaan, he tortured Leia, he tortured Han, he froze Han in carbonate, and yet no one ever argues about that.

Is Kallus really THAT irredeemable? I mean, there are so many others who have done much worse things. 


Here’s something new XD

I’ve been reading way too much Darth Vader and Son and Vader’s Little Princess lol feels have been intensified since then *le sigh*

This is very much an experiment, I have lots of silly Skywalker shenanigans so I thought it would be nice if I could unite them under a comic series…idk, I’m terrible at keeping up with stuff, but it’s something that gives me joy so why the heck not :P

sorry if my handwriting is illegible, I’m still working on it <_>


Here’s a couple pics of Lane’s newest dress. I made it out of a vintage Empire Strikes Back pillowcase. :) She wore it to Star Wars Weekends on Sunday. 


Uhhhh… I did a Star Wars thing.

Leia is such an Anakin’s daughter

“Oh, Bail, Breha, what a precious child,“ Mon Mothma said while she rocked Leia in her arms. "And such a feisty one!” she added a moment later as Leia worked one arm, then the other, out from under her swaddlings, curled her hands into tiny fists, and let out a wail that echoed in the palace’s great room. “Ah, you want your mom and dad, don’t you, Princess Leia?”

Queen Breha was already hurrying over to relieve Mon Mothma of a now gesticulating and kicking Leia.

“That’s her feed-me cry,” Breha said. “If you’ll excuse me, Senator… ”

(Dark Lord: The Rise of Darth Vader)