darth vader and the ghost prison

mistystarshine  asked:

Also! Do you have any Vader redemption fic recs? Especially any that also acknowledge all the terrible things he's done. Yaaaas. <3

here you go!  right off the top of my head, this is all i’ve got. i hope there are some on this list that you’ll find interesting! and, hopefully, you haven’t heard of them all!

i can do a little searching and reading and come up with more at some date. i really should just make a masterlist of redemption!fic, after i search the internet far and wide.

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kassie115  asked:

What is everyone up to for halloween?

Shellans are us, their hellrens. So yeah, we have blind Beth, Mary being all cocky with short blond hair and Beast tattoo all over her back, Payne is wearing scrubs, Ehlena stole Rehv’s furr and cane, Cormia dyed her hair like Phury and is all dressed nicely, Bella’s still trying to make the scar, Jane has a goatee and Sox cap, Marissa is wearing a suit and talks with Boston accent, Autumn is wearing leather, and so on.
Nalla is twinning with her mahmen as Z.
Z is refusing to dress up.
Trez, iAm and Maichen are zombies. Which kinda fits as iAm’s cooking something… (read: someone)
Rehv and Wrath are kings. They got themselves crowns and all that king crap.
Rhage decided to be a… *sighs* ballerina.
Manny is a ghost to make fun of Jane.
Phury is Pipi Longstocking. He even took Glory and painted her white with black dots.
Qhuinn, Blay and JM decided to be villains from those nerdy movies. JM is Darth Vader, Blay is Voldemort. Qhuinn is a Ringwraith, he wanted to be Smeagol but Blay didn’t let him.
Tohr is a skeleton.
Lassiter is Victoria Secret’s angel… No needs to say we all are praying for blindness.
Butch is trying to make me be with him a BDSM version of Cop and his prisoner. No happening.

That set of panels from Darth Vader and the Ghost Prison is going around again, so I thought I’d share one of my favorite panels from that same issue, which is Vader stepping into Obi-Wan’s hologram.