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Thinking about my deep cover au where Anakin, Padme, Obi-wan, and Ahsoka are gearing up to be the Four Horsemen of Palpatine’s own private apocalypse.

(Which is why I’m calling it Four Horsemen au in my head, btw. I don’t want it to get confused with @fialleril ‘s absolutely incredible Double Agent Vader stories)

Just a list of random extra things to go in it, most of them about Padme but some about the others:

Vader and Bail, despite being allies, are very stiff and uncomfortable around each other for a long time. (Vader is far more comfortable with Breha at first). But they end up bonding over being overprotective of Leia and being exasperated over some risk Obi-wan took. (”He’d better not teach that kind of behavior to Luke,” Bail asserts grimly. “Oh no, we’re in trouble as it is with my risk-taking and Padme’s being potentially genetic. Add Kenobi and Luke will have personally caused six cataclysms by his tenth birthday.” Vader agrees)

(Vader is afraid that Leia will hate him for most of her childhood, and he’s also afraid he’s endangering his kids every time he contacts them or interacts with them. Hence him misinterpreting about half of Leia’s cries when she was a baby as “I scared her” and usually ending with him or Breha yelling “Bail help!”
He’s a lot more confident with little Luke, who gets to call him twice a week and is convinced until he’s five that all dads are bald because his dad doesn’t have any hair)

Padme is a master of disguise.
I mentioned this in the other post, but now I’m adding a little more detail to her exploits.

As such, she gets to see her family much more than anyone else in the group. For Ahsoka’s twenty-second birthday, Padme disguises herself as a wandering Zeltron bard and helps her liberate an entire city, just the two of them. Toppling regimes tends to be what they do for Ahsoka’s birthday now. It’s rarely intentional. It just happens. And then they go out for drinks with General Syndulla, usually.

When she’s thirty-two, she invents a character named Joana Rys, a hard-nosed ISB harpy and the terror of Imperial interns everywhere. She uses this disguise as an excuse to visit her husband, who thinks the whole thing is hilarious and usually ends up creating a few “problems” for “Agent Rys” to discover and report.

There are entire divisions of the Empire that live in constant fear of up to three of Padme’s “characters” at any given time. Especially the one that has no name, just leaves the mark of angel wings burned into walls.

Luke had to learn to sense people’s identities early because his mother looked different almost every time he saw her. He also had to learn to keep secrets early because Beru had to explain to him “sometimes your Mommy needs you to pretend she’s not there, okay? Like hide-and-seek”.
Luke thinks this is totally normal until he’s ten.

About half of Anakin’s calls to Obi-wan end with the latter yelling “Have to go! Luke’s on the roof!” or “Luke’s trying to fly a speeder HE’S SEVEN” or “OWEN THAT’S NOT SAFE WHAT KIND OF EXAMPLE ARE YOU SETTING FOR LUKE” (Owen was balanced on a box with wheels. That’s it. That’s all he was doing)

anonymous asked:

What tropes do you like in luke and vader fanfiction? what don't you like?

Oh, how broad and how specific do I get here…?

So this is a random, cobbled-together list of things, typed out as I thought of them. There are plenty more that I like and dislike, but these are what I thought of right now. They’re not in any particular order. 

Obviously I love “Vader finally gets Luke.” I’m quite a bit more partial to “Vader takes Luke to the Empire” than “Luke drags Vader back to the Alliance.”

I love Vader freaking out about injured or sick Luke. I especially love this if it’s pre-ESB, and Luke doesn’t know who Vader is yet. :) His confusion is always so fun.

I love Luke accidentally calling Vader “Father” before he was ready or meant to, and Vader is so shocked and happy that he does whatever it was Luke was asking for when he called him “Father.” (Usually some form of Luke begging for something like the release of his friends, then when Vader’s like nah, Luke busts out a “please, Father!”)

I love Vader carrying Luke for whatever reason, and I love him playing with Luke’s hair. I love Luke being defensive of his father to the Alliance. I love Luke wrapped in Vader’s cape.

I love fics where Luke and Vader’s Force bond is very strong. I love when they bargain, like Luke agrees to go with him in exchange for something, usually the freedom of his friends. I love Vader being hesitant to touch Luke (especially after Bespin), so worried that he’s going to hurt him, but Luke’s having none of that and is constantly touching Vader’s arm, or holding his hand.

I love Vader being very gentle and caring towards Luke, and the Imperials or Rebels or random people around them are super confused about this.

I love post-ESB Luke being stuck in a situation and forced to call Vader for help.

I don’t much care for fics that end with Vader/Anakin in prison or under house arrest or whatever, and I really don’t like it when one or both of them die.

I don’t really care for fics that include Leia in the family dynamic, outside of Luke being like “I love her like a sister!” I’m really not interested in seeing/dealing with Leia and Vader’s complicated relationship once she inevitably learns. Especially not if it’s early enough that she could possibly actually get along with Vader. ( @fialleril‘s DAV ‘verse is the rare exception to this, just because it’s so well written.) I’d rather the focus just stay on Luke and Vader. I guess I’m jealous of Vader’s attention on Luke’s behalf.

I usually don’t like fics that have Vader being cruel or indifferent towards Luke, more interested in his potential than anything, or being willing to just hand him over to Palpatine, actually acting out the “he will join us or die” thing that he told Palpatine.

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Well, here we are at Chapter Seven, in which xenomorphs make poor life choices and pay the price.
And in which Luke has to face up to a few things he’s been avoiding.

(there’s probably going to be one more chapter after this, possibly an epilogue as well)


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