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Could you write more in that universe where Vaderkin turns Obi-Wan by dumping the Dark Side in his head during ROTS? How does Palpatine keep them from killing him?

Warning for Sidious, and all that entails. Memory manipulation, at the very least. (And isn’t it fitting that Sidious should come with his own warning?)


Obi-Wan Kenobi hated Sidious.  Darth Vader knew it.  Sidious knew it.  Obi-Wan suspected Padmé knew it.  The rest of the galaxy had no clue.  Those at the top of the new order had done a very good job of presenting a united front to the galaxy.

Sidious didn’t mind the hatred.  It gave Obi-Wan power, and Sidious had found ways to channel that power- into fighting rebels, into hunting Jedi.

Anakin Skywalker, Darth Vader, didn’t hate Sidious, but he was tired of the old man.  Padmé would be a much better ruler, and if Anakin needed a Master, he still had Obi-Wan.

Obi-Wan had been quite happy to help Anakin plan a way to kill the older Sith.  Ten years under Sidious’ rule was quite enough, by the Fallen Jedi Master’s reckoning.  They just had to wait for the right moment.

It wasn’t now, unfortunately, so Obi-Wan made sure his shields were as strong as he could make them, and entered the throne room. He knelt down and waited.  He was so looking forward to the day when he could stop doing this for good.

“Tell me, Master Kenobi,” the Emperor rasped.  “Did you and Lord Vader expect to hide your plans from me?”

Obi-Wan froze, but rallied immediately.  “My Emperor, I assure you…”

“You and Lord Vader plan to kill me, and place Lord Vader’s wife on the throne,” Sidious interrupted.

Obi-Wan jumped to his feet.  The time wasn’t right, but he had no choice but to fight now. Before he could grab his lightsaber, Sidious batted him aside.  Obi-Wan caught himself before he went flying into a wall, and readied himself for a fight.

Sidious ripped into his mind through a backdoor Obi-Wan hadn’t even realized was there, bypassing all his mental shielding.  As the Emperor began to erase memories, Obi-Wan suddenly knew that this had happened before.  Many times, in fact, and they had all ended either like this, or with Anakin as the first victim. 

And then he forgot.  He forgot their plans, he forgot that the Emperor had a bond with him. He forgot.


Sidious sighed as he stared down at the prone form of Master Kenobi.  He’d have to call Lord Vader in and repeat the process.  This was getting tiresome, and far too common.  These two were incredible servants, but it had only been two months since the last time they had begun plans to kill him.

Perhaps he should let them attempt it, just once, and when they failed, they would stop trying for a few years.


Yeah.  Sidious is creepy, folks.  Also, spoiler: the next time, he lets them try, and they, of course, succeed. Thankfully.  Oh- the previous fic is here.