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The Awesomeness That is Star Wars 


If Rebels Characters Were On Vine

(OMG I will never get over Vine’s death)

Ezra: *to Maul* Are you stalking me?

Maul: No.

Ezra: Good.

Maul: I just like to watch you in your sleep.

Ezra: *screams*

Loth Cat: *chases laser pointer*

Ezra: *laughing* I can’t even!

Kanan: I’m so tired, Ima lean on this boulder. *leans on the Bendu*

Bendu: *wakes up* You summoned me?

Kanan: *screams* The boulder’s alive!

Maul: *trying to open the holocron* You will yield to my power! *bashes it against the wall, hits it with a hammer and a lightsaber, stamps on it and bites it in between jump cuts*

Agent Kallus: Scaring Stormtroopers 101! *fanfare*

Stormtrooper: *walks by*

Kallus: REBELS! *points and jumps about*

Stormtrooper: *freaks out and fires everywhere*

Kallus: *winks* Never gets old.

Thrawn: *studying art with the X-Files theme playing in the background*

Zeb: *roars at someone*

What that person sees: *tiny purple kitten making a cute mewing noise*

Agent Kallus and Zeb: I hate you!

Narrator: A few episodes later…

Agent Kallus and Zeb: I…kinda like you…

Narrator: A few more episodes later…

Agent Kallus and Zeb: I love you!

That’s all folks! :D (Chopper: Bawh bawh!)


Give me 20 seasons.

i’m building an empire - a fanmix for female revan

01. Something Dark is Coming - Bear McCreary // 02. Bittersweet Symphony - The Verve // 03. Wicked Ones - Dorothy // 04. Here’s To The Fall - Kamelot // 05. Seven Devils - Florence + The Machine // 06. Power and Control - Marina and the Diamonds // 07. Citizen Zero - Kamelot // 08. Empire - Alpines // 09. Raise Hell - Brandi Carlile // 10. Here Come the Vultures - Delain // 11. Everybody Wants to Rule The World - Lorde