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Imagine SWR Bloopers

Like, all the characters are safe and happy, they’re just acting, after all.

Imagine little interviews with them, about what episodes were their favourites and who they enjoyed working with and so on.

Maul and Kanan are actually good friends and Maul found it very hard to act like they were rivals. He kept laughing and saying “I can’t even!” during scenes, which had to be redone.

Obi-Wan and Maul had this little inside joke where they were acting too weak to attack each other. Obi-Wan said “Ow! My back is killing me!” and Maul told Ezra “Hold my prune juice, apprentice! I’m going in!” which just made Ezra have a laughing fit off camera.

Thrawn absolutely loved playing the part of a Sherlock Holmes mastermind, as he said in an interview: “It was very easy for me to play this part. I mean, I am actually what most call a ‘nerd’. Art is my life.” 

During that scene in Hera’s Heroes when Thrawn confronted Slavin for his small-minded opinion on art, Slavin kept laughing and it took about 20 takes before the scene could be finished. Slavin also couldn’t say his line right the first few times and just ended up blowing a raspberry.

Vader and Ahsoka had a lot of laughs on the set, with Anakin/Vader singing “Guess who’s back? Back again?” and so forth. Sometimes they would just randomly appear at the sidelines making peace symbols at the camera. At one point, they sang a duet of My Heart Will Go On in front of Ezra and the Ghost Crew.

Agent Kallus spent a lot of time goofing around with Zeb and actually has a soft spot for Chopper, funnily enough. Chopper would pretend to hand him objects like the newspaper, only to jerk them out of reach, laugh and hand them back to him.

Idk I just need happy AUs <3



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Give me 20 seasons.

i’m building an empire - a fanmix for female revan

01. Something Dark is Coming - Bear McCreary // 02. Bittersweet Symphony - The Verve // 03. Wicked Ones - Dorothy // 04. Here’s To The Fall - Kamelot // 05. Seven Devils - Florence + The Machine // 06. Power and Control - Marina and the Diamonds // 07. Citizen Zero - Kamelot // 08. Empire - Alpines // 09. Raise Hell - Brandi Carlile // 10. Here Come the Vultures - Delain // 11. Everybody Wants to Rule The World - Lorde


Monster Under The Bed
  • Ezra: You know, Sabine, I miss Maul.
  • Sabine: Really?
  • Ezra: Yeah. I wish I could see him again.
  • Maul: *enters room* I can help you with that, apprentice.
  • Ezra and Sabine: Aaaarrrrrrghh!!
  • Ezra: Where did you come from, Maul!?
  • Maul: Oh, I've just been hiding under your bed for the past two months, trying to avoid Caleb.
  • Ezra: Who's Caleb?
  • Maul: Ah, I see he hasn't told you yet.
  • Sabine: Who hasn't told Ezra what?
  • Maul: *rolls eyes* Just ask Kanan. He'll explain everything.
  • [Five minutes later]
  • Ezra: Kanan, M- *clears throat* Somebody told me about a guy named Caleb. Do you know anyone with that name?
  • Kanan: *gasps* Ezra, that's my real name! Who told you that!?
  • Ezra: One: Oh my gosh! Why didn't you tell me!? And two: I learned it from mau- *clears throat* I mean, the monster under my bed.
  • Kanan: Nice try, Ezra. Who really told you?
  • Maul: *approaches* Exactly what he said, Master Jedi. The monster under his bed.
  • Kanan: *facepalm* Oh, no!
friendly reminder

Darth Vader killed Starkiller at least over 3-5 times due to him not being able to let go of his love for his woman.

ironic isn’t it.

especially when you realize that if it wasn’t for Obi-Wan cutting in when he did, Anakin would have surely killed his wife and children that day.

lets not forget how he betrayed him TWICE after effectively raising him. oh, speaking of, he had killed his dad in front of him, while Galen was still a fucking child. so over a decade of first-hand grooming him, knighting him, making him stronger, he tossed him away like trash.

borderline the same thing Snoke did with Kylo Ren, except Kylo didnt have someone kill his dad for him, he had to do it himself. and, Snoke was grooming Ren since before birth subliminally, slowly but surely. In that aspect, he had been familiar with Snoke before his own parents.

some of y'all are ready to excuse Vader for the same reasons (or even worse) that you hate Kylo for.

oh but what do i know!!

cause according to anti’s, im some heterosexual white woman that hates gays and is a nazi sympathizer.


okay but can we stop talking about kylo ren and start talking about galen marek because dang

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