darth roast

The Ghost crew #roast Darth Vader:

Ezra: “It’s kinda fitting that you dress all in black since that’s the colour of GARBAGE BAGS.”

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Kanan: “I may not have eyes anymore, but it’s better than looking like a dragonfly screaming on a vibrator!”

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Hera: “I’m easily one of the best pilots in the rebel fleet and when people ask me if I could be as good as Darth Vader, I tell them I always was. ALWAYS WAS BETTER THAT IS.”

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Sabine: “As an artist I know a thing or two about colours, and I know that black goes with pretty much everything. EXCEPT DARTH VADER.”

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Zeb: “Sometimes I wake up in the morning and think back to all the times I’ve failed and lost, but then I remember, hey! At least I’m not some whiny Sith Lord who sounds like he can’t get a snorkel off!”

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Chopper: “01000100011000010111001001110100011010000010000001010110011000010110010001100101011100100011111100100000010011010110111101110010011001010010000001101100011010010110101101100101001000000100010001100001011100100111010001101000001000000100011001100001011010010110110001110101011100100110010100100001!”

(”Darth Vader? More like Darth Failure!”)

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