darth maul's brother

  • darth sidious: the sith follow the rule of two which means there are only two siths at a time. a master and an apprentice. this rule applies to all sith bc without it there’d be a lot of in fighting and we’d never get our evil plot done.
  • darth tyranus: this is my apprentice asajj ventress and my apprentice darth maul and his brother savage oppress is also my apprentice and i tortured quinlan vos into becoming my apprentice also i’m training grievous how to use lightsabers on the side

Don’t leave me here alone. Don’t go where I can’t follow.

so @watson-sighs-and-tuts made this gifset and the tags are everything I need in season 3

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Maul, Savage, and Viscus for the writing meme



1: he’s sheltered. he has very little concept of normal concepts or objects. He can usually figure them out through context and induction, but he doesn’t recognize them immediately, and it makes him seem off-putting.

2: His main mindset is that he has no equals. Everyone is either far above him, and can hurt him with impunity, or far below him. and he can do the same to them.

3: he attaches to people quickly, despite this. if he fights beside someone, or shares food with someone, or if he feels he owes them a debt, his Nightbrother brain goes “PACK!! this is my new pack-mate. friend. protect.” Except his worldview doesn’t actually allow for this- on a nurture level he has learned that he has no friends, no pack. So he struggles with his feelings immediately, trying to put them into either “master” or “apprentice” boxes when all his instincts want to do is go hunting and share the kill with them.

4: he does have a sense of humor, albeit a very dry one, and he thinks his observations are worth sharing even if he then struggles with communicating them.


1: He’s a caregiver and protector type. He’s stand-between-my-brother-and-a-charging-spear protective, but more commonly, he’s grab-you-by-the-scruff-and-make-you-eat-something-healthy protective. The Mom Friend.

2: he’s very entrenched in his culture. He struggles with making eye contact with women, he splits his food to make offerings, he prays after he eats. fire is sacred, and so is music and moonlight.

3: he struggles with having been given responsibility, and having borne great grief, too early in life. He grew up too fast and it made him solemn and awkward.

4: post-transformation, he’s very confused and very mixed-up. he has a hard time making connections or thinking outside of orders. His good heart bleeds through the confusion, but not much of his personality or his mind makes it through. as the fog begins to clear after he gets away from Dooku, this gets significantly better.


1: he feels an extraordinary guilt for being the voice of the Nightsisters to the Nightbrother tribes. No one wants to see Viscus, bearer of bad fucking news, enforcer of the witches who take our brothers away. It’s seen as an honor and a glory to be their messenger, but it sets him apart.

2: he’s a middle-aged (well, old for a Nightbrother) man with a home and a family. He raised two younger brothers, and he’s been married for probably twenty years. This home life keeps him sane, and piles yet more guilt on him knowing that because he’s the Sisters’ Voice, his husband and brothers are granted immunity. (a thin immunity, that would last only until one Sister spoke against it. but it holds.)

3: he doubts his faith every single day. the Nightbrothers worship the Nightsisters as saints, spirits, emissaries to the Gods (with varying levels of conviction and bitterness, depending on how many family members they’ve lost). Viscus is one of the few who’s been driven almost to atheism, because he interacts with them the most and has occasion to see the Nightsisters at their least godly. He’s not even sure that he can pray to the Moon-Gods anymore, hating them for putting the Sisters in charge of magic and death.

(Lack Of) Responsibility
  • Feral: Savage, I'm a capable and respectable adult citizen.
  • Maul: Says the guy who got lost in Walmart last week!
  • *flashback*
  • Feral: Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!
  • Female Staff Member: *approaches him* Awww, what's wrong, kid?
  • Feral: *sniffling* I'm lost! I came here with my brother and I can't find him!
  • Staff Member: Aww, I'm sure he's around. *takes Feral's hand* Let's go and find him, yeah?
  • Feral: Ok. :)
  • Five minutes later...
  • Staff Member: *over intercom* Will Mr. Savage Opress please come to the courtesy room? We have a surprise for you.
  • Feral: *happily munching a cookie*
  • Savage: *arrives* Ok, I'm h- OMG Feral are you kidding me?!
  • Feral: Savage! Yay! *hugs Savage and kisses him on the cheek*
  • *end of flashback*
  • Savage: Yeah... I shouldn't really have to ask a 20 not to get lost in a supermarket.
  • Feral: *scoffs* Oh please Savage, I wasn't lost. I simply failed to maintain visual contact.
  • Savage: You were bawling your head off in the frozen foods aisle! Of course you weren't making visual contact!
Minor Star Wars Appreciation

Reblog is you know who Savage Opress is.

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Not my best quality since I’m dealing with a nasty cold atm, but I’m trying to draw at least one thing a day so here it is.

Darth Ketchup and his brother Mustard made using one of those draw the squad templates.

I’m not sure which one of them is older, but Mustard always struck me as the one with more maturity. I don’t know how the fuck he managed to deal with Ketchup and his Kenobi obsession. That’s true fraternal love right there.

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In your Jedi AU, are Savage and Maul both protective of little Feral?

They both are at first, when the Jedi Order is a new and mysterious place that has yet to earn their trust. Savage and Maul never lose their vigilant streak over one another, but eventually, Maul determines that Plo is Feral’s master, not him, not Savage. Over the years, Maul does (more or less) a better job than the eldest at repressing the knee-jerk reaction to come between Feral and harm, and often sternly talks Savage out of interfering with Feral’s decisions.

Maul becomes more of an intellectual, steadfast presence in Feral’s life than a nurturing one. It’s a level of detachment Savage never even tries to reach.

IMAGINE Maul and Ahsoka becoming platonic flatmates and disagreeing with how to deal with their annoying Inquisitors neighbors...

Ahsoka: Maul! How many times have I told you, bisecting your neighbors is wrong! Haven’t your read the houserules I told you about when you moved in with me? Thou shall not bisect thy neighbor?

Maul: He started cutting through my rosebushes again with those stupid spinny lightsabers

Eighth Brother: *offscreen* ARGGGGH THE PAIN!

Ahsoka: Whatever, anyway, I’m inviting my friend Kanan and his apprentice Ezra for dinner. But don’t try pulling anything. Kanan is still pissed at you after that incident with the red lightsaber and the fact you tried to steal his apprentice.

Maul: Hey now, I really wanted an apprentice.

Ahsoka: Also, I’m inviting Darth Vader. I mean, he’s on the Dark Side, but he technically is still Anakin and has his memories so we can catch up on old times.

Maul: What? No, but that guy stole my place…

Ahsoka: Also, Darth Vader wants to bring Darth Sidious with him too. Better start cookin’.

Maul: BUT WHAT WILL I WEAR? *hyperventilates*


Ahsoka: What you usually do, like bare your torso and slap a bow tie over it.