darth maul and qui gon


Don’t center on your anxieties, Obi-wan.” — Qui Gon Jinn to Obi-wan, “The Phantom Menace”

I will mend this old wound.“ — Obi-wan to Ezra Bridger, “Twin Suns”

 (Even though Obi-wan’s cameo and his fight with Maul was short and I still highly enjoyed this entire scene. And I don’t mind at all that Obi killed Maul in three moves I was very satisfied. Especially when I went back and noticed that Obi-wan {being the loyal Padawan he still is on the inside} paid tribute to Qui Gon by transitioning into his Master’s stance and form. 

It made me realize how much Obi still misses his old Mentor and that just made me sad. I also notice that Maul {because he’s a frockin evil cockroach} was going to use the exact same sneaky move he used on Qui Gon to trip up Obi, but Obi {because he’s a beast} foresaw this and is like “Yeah, no. Not falling for that.” And just ducks down and slices Maul’s saber in two and right down the middle of his front.)


→ Star Wars Junior: Obi-Wan’s Activity Magazine
→ aka: My favorite thing is just how irritated Obi-Wan is in every single image with every single person ever, until you get to Anakin and then he’s still annoyed, but it’s much kinder and his body language is softer and alSO HIS HAND ON ANAKIN’S HEAD just leave me here with my feelings about Obi-Wan reaching out to touch him to comfort Anakin

I’m Tired. Aren’t You Tired?

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Obi-wan stared down the blade of the lightsaber at his oldest enemy. He looked it. Maul’s patterned skin was worn and weathered, the deep, terrifying blacks and reds muted by age and washed-out by the bright blue light.

He certainly didn’t look the terror he had been on Naboo.

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So apparently lightsaber battle edits are the new Bee Movie/Lazy Town meme. This is literally the best thing to come out of 2016

So far I’ve seen

“Anakin and Obi Wan vs Count Dooku but every time their lightsabers clash Palpatine says DO IT”

“Anakin vs. Obi Wan but every time their lightsabers clash Obi Wan says HELLO THERE”

“Anakin and Obi Wan vs Count Dooku but every time their lightsabers clash Anakin says yippee”

“Qui Gon and Obi Wan vs. Darth Maul but every time their lightsabers clash Jar Jar screams OH NO”

“Obi Wan vs. Darth Vader but every time their lightsabers clash Krennic describes the Death Star”

“Yoda vs. Chancellor Palpatine but every time their lightsabers clash Jar Jar says HOW RUDE”

To the fans who are complaining about how lame the fight between Obi-wan and Maul was: Here is the reason behind it in Rebels Recon:
  • (Star Wars Correspondent) Andi Gutierrez: The actual duel between the two Masters is very short. Like a samurai film. How did you come to the conclusion that it had to be done this way?
  • (Producer) Carrie Beck: We never entered into this story trying to think about how satisfying that battle should be. It really became about what was the general intention of this moment? And knowing where these two men are at this point in their lives, I think it's important for us —even though on the timeline, we aren't to a New Hope yet— to think about what we know of Obi-wan in that movie and to work backwards in some way to make sure that the characters progression charts appropriately.
  • (Co-Producer) Henry Gilroy: When you've fought someone many times, or face off you kind of know each other's moves. So if you think about it, the build up to this confrontation and the actual Lightsabers hitting each other is actually longer, cause their basically playing it out in their heads and the amazing thing is the move that Maul tries after the initial exchange he actually attempts the move that killed Qui Gon Jinn. He tried to basically bash him with the hilt.
  • (Executive Producer) Dave Filoni: If you talk to a lot of people that sword fight, they'll tell you that people that are very good don't have long fights, it's very quick. And so that scene, it's an homage to the Seven Samurai. I think on one level people would be excited to see another prolonged Lightsaber fight but I just never really saw the confrontation that way because to do that is to say that the characters don't have growth. Yes, it's exciting as an audience member but it's not really a believable thing. The storytelling has to evolve.
  • (People need to take a moment and listen to what Dave said about Mauls death and the fight in general. It WASN'T meant to be a prolonged fight as he said otherwise the meaning of the fight itself would be completely lost.)