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austonmatth3ws  asked:

Hello! I was wondering if you had any good recs for Star Wars EU books that focus on Leia?

Firstly I’m gonna go with the classic Tatooine Ghost because it has everything- newlywed Han and Leia, naked shenanigans, the remnants of the Empire, Leia learning about Shmi (it breaks my heart every time). It’s a fave in the fandom. 

Then I’m going to say the Thrawn trilogy- it’s not Leia centric but she’s written really well + it’s the birth of the Solo twins! It follows on from Tatooine Ghost so you get more of a story arc for Leia. 

Moving Target, one of the orig-trig books to come before TFA, is COMPLETELY Leia-centric and will absolutely break you with the scenes between Mon and Leia. It’s supposed to be for kids but I loved it. 

Razor’s Edge, another Leia-centric full length adult novel. This one is ON POINT- Leia’s feeling around losing Alderaan, and finding survivors. The cover is also badass AF. 

I haven’t gotten around to reading Bloodline yet, and the fandom is pretty divided on it but it’s got a strong Leia storyline. 

Lots of people say Truce at Bakura is a must read but…I don’t know. Yes it’s set entirely around Luke, Leia and Han, but the characterisation feels way off to me.

Crucible, set 45 years after ANH and after all the Darth Cadeus bullshit. I struggled with it because I hated seeing how much went wrong for our heroes, but still. Worth trying a read. 

Lastly, I’m going say give Courtship of Princess Leia a crack. It’s well known purely for the completely inaccurate portrayal of…well, everyone. But it’s kind of a must read purely for that reason. It’s addictive like crack!fic. 

Happy reading!