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Behold sparkly Princess Anakin!

As you may know, this started with this AMAZING post by @darthluminescent and with the precious contributions of @forcearama, @fireflyfish, @writegowrite and my partner in crime, @alcalina

and it was @alcalina who said: game on!  Someone draw anakin flinging on a bed and crying, like a true Disney Princess. Only, in our twisted evil minds, we thought, wow princess Anakin was born because of his Ghost Doll, so we imagined that before this glorious image there must have been at some point Cinderella-Vader, on his Mustafar castle. Enjoy also stepmother Palps and stepsisters Tarkin and Krennic.

@vintage-smokestack I’m going to draw also your wonderful Cinder-Anakin soon, consider this a variation on the theme ;) 

I have no regrets.

You know, we can make fun of it because it was very much a cliched NOOOOOO but my heart broke for Luke then. Because Vader had been toying with him; Luke would have known that much – that Vader was holding back, nudging him, testing him – but not knowing why. He’d assume it was cruelty, like a lothcat pawing at her prey, and this is a very fair assumption to make. Vader oversaw Leia’s torture (the scars the torture droid left are minute, tucked behind her ears and below her collarbone, and she’ll never tell him precisely how it felt; but he has these dreams and when he wakes his head echoes with screams –) Anyway. Vader oversaw Han’s torture as well – they didn’t even ask me questions – and Luke may not have been there in person but you can bet he felt it. Not all of it; but a whisper of fear, a clutch of pain; an image of red, red, red

Go back a bit. Yes, fandom loves to drag Luke for Leia comforting him for the death of his mentor just after her planet exploded into stardust and nothingness (her parents, her friends, her everything); but acknowledging his pain doesn’t diminish hers; and, think about it, he’s just lost the only parents he’s ever known (found their red-stained skeletons, reaching across the sands) and he finds Obi Wan and Obi Wan was the first person in his entire life who seemed to understand him, understand his hunger for life beyond Tattooine’s red sands. And he died too, and Luke watched powerless, and he watched Vader kick at Obi Wan’s empty robes. (Luke wasn’t to know that Anakin couldn’t quite believe that Obi Wan was dead, that he half-expected the robes to come back to life and scold him and –). So: the boy’s been through a lot. And throughout this he’s been thinking of his father. His bold and brave father. His Jedi father. In his dreams, his father looks a little like Obi Wan, a little like Owen, a little like a holo he saw of some senator once – no idea why – and he’s smiling. He says things like Luke I’ll teach you to be a Jedi and shows him how to meditate and teaches him to fight and is never cryptic or strange and speaks like a normal fucking person (angry, are you. you do it on purpose you little alien – just say you are angry –). 

He idolizes his father – quite literally. He builds an idol of him and he worships it, because he doesn’t have much left. He’s only twenty. 

And then this monster, this terror, this thing that has haunted his nightmares, this thing that has tortured his friends, slaughtered innocents, toyed with him – this thing says I am your father and he’s telling the truth, Luke knows, and in that moment Vader kills his father again, because all those lovely warm daydreams, all those stories he’d used to lull himself back to sleep after waking from another heart-stoppingly terrible dream (about Han dying in a swish of red lightsabre, or Leia howling her pain to the stars, or just the skeletons of two kind people who had raised a child that was not their own) – all those stories are gone. They are gone. His father is gone, and his father is here, and so he screams. 

A continuation of my Jedi!Maul AU.
Padawans being trolls to each other in a world where everybody is happy and safe and nobody gets hurt. Ventress is here because she deserved better.
(Also, I have this weird headcanon that Nihilus is more or less the equivalent of Ghostface in this universe…)
I missed the Fourth, but happy Star Wars Day anyway ;D

laureas76  asked:

Your drawings are a inspiration for me. Could you do a drawing of Luke and Vader defending one another?

You don’t know how happy it makes me to hear that! :) This is at least a week late, and I’m really sorry it took me so long. I don’t know if this is exactly what you had in mind, but I hope you like it! <3

I still have a couple of requests sitting in my inbox and I’ll get to them asap. My inbox is always open to requests, I love taking them, and while you have my guarantee that they will always get done I can’t always tell you when. You know how life is :/


SithAU, Obi-Wan as Darth Venge
I often think about how painful it must’ve been for Qui-Gon to realize he has seen these hateful eyes before. Suddenly his beloved Obi-Wan isn’t that different to Xanatos anymore.

It breaks my heart.

some QuiVenge Hug to feel better

(The idea of Darth Venge and the related fanfictions belong to @deadcatwithaflamethrower ;D)

obi-kenobi-wan  asked:

I think my last prompt for this got eaten, but if not, sorry for the repeat. I was just hoping for some more of EmperorVader now that the babies are born. I want to see them with their hands full.

Eyes snapping open at a soft cry, Obi-Wan mumbled and struggled out of bed, carefully pushing himself to his feet before the cry could turn piercing and loud.

Beside him, Anakin shifted too and sat up in bed, watching the redhead make his way in the dark to the crib and pick up a squirming shape. “Do you need me?” He questioned, voice tired. Force he loved his babies but he had no idea they could be this draining.

“You could call the nanny droid and tell it to make two bottles of milk.” Obi-Wan yawned back before using the dim light of the fresher to guide himself towards it. “And pick up Shmi, she’s squirming but not crying yet.”

Anakin sighed at that but did as told, smiling when he picked up his little girl. “Hey there little princess.” He nuzzled before following after Obi-Wan, squinting in the fresher light before he focused on Obi-Wan changing Qui-Gon’s diaper and talking softly to him, tickling little feet.

It made Anakin smile because Obi-Wan looked happy.

He looked actually happy compared to when Anakin had found him again all that time ago and even the fall of Palpatine.

“You’re staring.” Obi-Wan hummed.

“Just…you look happy.”

That got a slight pause out of Obi-Wan before he looked at Anakin, eyes serious. “I got more things to be happy about and I have managed to…put things behind me. Forgiven…if not forgotten.” He sighed.

“…You’re still unhappy with me.” Anakin moved to his side, peering down at the changing table and cooing at Qui-Gon.

“Yes. But I also love you. So I’ve forgiven if not forgotten. And I’m keeping an eye on you Anakin.” Obi-Wan said severely before sighing. “But…we’re rebuilding. Everything is rebuilding.

Hesitating only a bit, because Sith and Emperors do not hesitate, Anakin leaned in and pecked him on the cheek. “Well, its good I have you and Ahsoka then, to help reign me in if I go to far?” He offered gently.

“There is that. There is also the fact that you remember what it felt like to be a slave and yourself and you’re actively trying to make the galaxy a better place. I do question the wisdom of the embargoes you have placed against the hutts but… I do understand them.” Obi-Wan hummed while finding a fresh diaper for Qui-Gon.

“They need to know that slavery will not be tolerated anymore.” Anakin scowled, memories from his and his mothers life with Gardulla to tightly caught in his mind to ever be forgotten.

“You can’t expect them disband it in on a day, with a system built on slavery its not that easy which was why the Jedi could not do anything without the support of the Senate.”

“Well its a good thing they have the support of the Empire now.” Anakin said firmly.

“…We do…don’t we?” Obi-Wan blinked at that and looked at his husband. “We have…your support? We could…do things.” He looked back down at Qui-Gon.

The blond sighed before pressing a soft kiss to the others cheek. “You need to recover. Don’t tell me you’re good to go on missions yet, I saw you wrap your arms around your stomach before bed.” He scolded quietly.

“Oh I’m not going anywhere, not with Qui and Shmi still so small.” Obi-Wan snorted. “And my insides are still so…ugh.”

Shoulders relaxing, Anakin pressed another soft kiss to Obi-Wan’s bearded cheek. “Good.”

Exchanging babies once Qui-Gon was redressed, Anakin felt a grin cross his lips. “I still can’t believe you called them for rats. Hairless, tailless rats.”

“I have no memories of that.” Obi-Wan said airily.

“Uhu, and I imagine you would have denied it even if there existed evidence.” The blond teased.

“Of course, they are perfectly gorgeous stargems, that’s what they are.” Obi-Wan cooed down at Shmi while tickling her feet, grinning at her giggles.

“I love you.” Anakin sighed happily, leaning a bit against the shorter man while rocking Qui-Gon.

“…Anakin, I love you too.” Obi-Wan offered quietly, smiling up at him as Anakin gifted him with a delighted kiss and a tender kiss to the lips.

Things were far from perfect.

But they were getting better.

Obi-Wan would try his best to keep this growing empire from becoming a consuming beast and keep Anakin on the straight path.

He hoped history would remember him kindly.

Concerning Star Wars: Clone Wars

What I expected it to be like:

Silly cartoon
with over the top battle scenes,
a ton of unnecessary jokes,
and all about Anakin and his problems.

What I got instead:

Amazing character development
for tons of characters
including villains and clones
lots of unexpected outcomes
like a ton of killing, so much killing,
and extreme emotional pain
for all of these fantastic characters.