Follower(s) of the week

Because everybody following fysbw is so awesome, always reblogging, liking, dropping by with messages, always giving their feedback and views on things… it’s quite hard to pick one. You’re all such a pleasure to have on here. Thank you :)

There will be different people each week, so keep on being awesome and keep an eye out for your name on here :)

This week I decided to pick a handful for the follow Friday post, and they are in no particular order… *le drum roll*  

For all the awesome gifs she’s provided fysbw with :) Just look


I mean don’t act like that isn’t just the best thing you’ve ever feasted your eyes on… Lovely lady who always keeps in contact too.

Another blog dedicated to SBW, and who couldn’t do with some more SBW on their dashes? Some cool edits put together on there, doing an awesome job!

Always liking, and dropping by with lovely messages. Very importantly asking interesting questions and bringing up good topics regarding SBW and generally being involved into the blog.

Permanent fixture on the fysbw dash. Liking and reblogging like there ain’t no tomorrow, even gave the blog a shout out :) Her captions and responses to everything she reblogs on here make me chuckle. Posts some rare SBW pics too. (I’ve reblogged a few)

Well guys I hope you enjoy checking those blogs out. Next week I’ll have a new set of followers of the week, so as I said keep an eye out.

Take care everyone. Hope you all have awesome weekends ahead of you :)



Some friends and I went to check out this rugby practice that meets every Tuesday and Thursday 7p at Kapaolono park, it’s close to KCC/Diamond Head. It was fun and if you want to come out with us, the more the merrier :) After all, they’re still looking for more girls. I wanted to go today, but my paper is being too needy and my legs are killing me, seriously.

But yeah, hopefully I finish this paper soon. Hope you’re having a good day/evening? Gah, I just messed up my sleeping schedule. :|

dartbreezy replied to your post: Love Yourself.

You are fucking beautiful ! Anyone who tells you otherwise can get bent .

Awww…. You are so awesome and amazing Dart, honestly, just reading this made me cry a little.

Everyone should follow Dart. She is awesome, amazing, genuine, funny, and more that you could imagine. You won’t regret following her!

dartbreezy-deactivated20120314 asked:

Hey girl , I read your rant just now . I hope today is much better for you than it was yesterday . I hope all the bus drivers are nice to you . I hope your practice and workouts go smoothly , and I really hope that no one tries to fuck with you today . You are totally fucking awesome and you can handle anything :) have a great day !

You are so amazing and lovely Dart, you have no idea how much I needed a message like this. Oh and these are supposed to be tears of happiness, since your kindness is much appreciated especially right now :) Gah, if I could I would totally hug you right now! I hope your day goes smoothly and great as well :) 

Everyone should follow Dart because she’s amazing, she’s funny and she’s a genuinely great person. Trust me, you’ll regret it if you don’t :)

dartbreezy replied to your post: O le tatau

I really admire your new perspective on the tatau . I really do wish that I felt the same way as you ‘cause honestly, I get offended when I see a non-Samoan with a tatau . The journey sounds like it’ll be beautiful though !

Aw, thanks, I’ve tried honestly, and it still offends me to an extent. I mean, if I see a non-Samoan with a pe'a but he understands the culture and respects it, I’m okay with it. But if they get it just for the sake of getting it and just to prove they can handle the pain, then I get offended. The same thing goes for Samoans as well. What also bothers me though is how people like my cousin are doing these traditional art forms without any apprenticeship or even with the traditional tools. Sorry to keep ranting.

dartbreezy replied to your post: dartbreezy replied to your post: It’s always like…

Oh , I see . Yeah , I get her point of view . I low key agree , but it doesn’t hurt to learn about the pacific at the same time . Either way , good luck with your studies ! Asian Studies sound a bit complicated , lol .

Yeah, I know, that’s why most of the stuff I learn on my own or ask my dad. My parents are straight up Yin/Yang combo. My dad supports and loves that I’m taking the initiative to learn about the pacific so it’s all good. And thanks :) It’s not that complicated when you’re interested in it. Just a bit boring at times :) Hope everything’s going great for you though!

dartbreezy replied to your post: It’s always like this.

Your mom kind of sounds anti-poly … I mean .. sort of . How come she was upset when you took Maori ?

She’s not really anti-Poly she’s more like “Why do you need to learn how to speak Samoan at school when you can learn it at home?” when it pertains to Samoan stuff. But as for Maori, she would get upset when I would focus more on Maori stuff than on my Japanese/Asian Studies stuff. 

The way she sees it is, there’s nothing really in the Pacific, whereas there are more job and educational opportunities in Asia. I know she means well, and I understand where she’s coming from, she just wants me to focus on my major first and then I can learn about Pacific Island culture on my free time instead of switching the two around.