d'Artagan (Dart)

The original protagonist planned out for Psychonauts a doublefine creation! Dart was a cool dude with a lot of character and i really liked his original design, but i haven’t seen a lot of references of him around, so here is a few concept images of him that Ive piled up from the Doublefine tumblr. He also makes a quick appearance in the final cinematic peeking around behind a outhouse (and in a couple of coach oleanders mind notes!) 

little interesting things:

When coach oleander tries to probe Raz’s mind in the opening, he says that Raz’s name starts with a “D” referencing Dart.

The reasons for Darts character design change was he was too hard to animate! The designers also didn’t want his long stocking cap to be confused as a ponytail and everyone think he was a girl!


What’s that guy’s deal,Anyway?

((Hey guys! Sorry about this. But that Anon keeps bugging me about the fact I ship Dart and Benny and calls me a pedophile for doing so. He also called me sick because I created this theory of Benny crossdressing when older… Needless to say he makes me laugh.So this is his second message (The first one was on my main)

And I want to tell you guys that it’s okay if you don’t like my headcanons,But don’t go around spewing bullshit like this. Suicide is never funny,And just because I made Dart a kid who’s unsure of his sexuality,Does NOT mean it’s sick.

Oh,And just to piss Anon off,I drew Adult!Dart and Femme!Benny about to make out.

So yeah.

Long story short,Anon hates my Gay!Dart/Effeminate!Benny shipping but fails at being intimidating

He also can’t ruin my good mood because it is my birthday today and I am now officially 18. Fuckyeah.))