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No Touching

Could you please do one where the reader is super weird about any physical touch other than hugs and is really uncomfortable about it and she bonds with Reid over him not shaking hands or hugging people? I absolutely love your stories and they always manage to brighten my day, I don’t think you credit for how talent and so amazingly sweet you are! Needless to say, I think you’re amazing, have a wonderful day 💜😘

Oh my word, you are so incredibly kind.  Thank you, so very much, for your kind and generous words.  And…I can most certainly do this!  Here is your one-shot, comin’ ‘atcha!

“Everyone, I would like to introduce you to the newest member of the team, Miss Y/F/N Y/L/N.”

Raising your hand as you wave at the sea of people in front of you, you bring your hands to your midsection as you smooth over your dress, your red dress polka-dotted with white spots hitting you just below your knees, your red flats planting you into the floor as your string of pearls sits daintily around your neck.

“It’s very nice to meet you all,” you say quietly, a small smile creeping across your face.

“I’m J.J.,” the blonde woman says, jutting her hand out for you to take it.

Looking at her hand as you slowly look back up at her, J.J. slowly lowers her hand as you clear your throat.

“Um…sorry…I just…I don’t really, um…shake hands,” you say as you clasp your hands in front of you.

“Really?  How come?” a tall man asks, stepping to the forefront as you feel your new boss put a hand in between your shoulder blades.

“This is Dr. Spencer Reid,” he introduces.

“Well, it’s nice to meet you Dr. Reid,” you start.

“Spencer,” he corrects.

“Spencer,” you reiterate, “…and to answer your question, I just…I don’t.  Germs, or textures or something.  I’m not really sure.  Just…doesn’t feel natural,” you breathe.

“Well, it does pass a lot of germs.  It’s actually safer to kiss,” he says.

Watching you blush furiously as your eyes widen, he clears his throat and backgracks.

“I-I-I mean, on the cheek.  Kiss…on the cheek,” he stammers.

“Oh.  Well, alright.  I guess I will, um…keep that in mind,” you say, smiling awkwardly as you feel the heat flushing its way down your chest.

“Derek Morgan,” a broad man says, side-stepping Spencer as he puts a hand on your shoulder and plants a light kiss on your cheek.

“Oh!” you squeak, “Oh, well…h-hello,” you stammer, your eyes darting around as a cheerful woman comes bounding down the hallway.

“Don’t worry, cutie!  He has that effect on everyone,” she says, thrusting a lollipop at you.

“You are adorable!  Oh, and your necklace is beautiful!” she squeals, throwing her arms around your neck as you stiffen up, your arms taut at your sides as your jaw clenches.

“Um…th-thanks.  For the um, compliment and the…well…the sweets,” you say as your voice shakes, holding up the lollipop before unwrapping the paper with your delicate fingers.

“Make her feel welcome,” your new boss urges as you feel him turn and walk away, your fingers bringing the lollipop to your mouth as you wrap your lips around it.

“So…” Spencer says as he shoves his hands into his pockets, “you have a thing with textures?” he asks.

“Oh, well…I suppose.  I mean, definitely when I eat.  I can’t eat things that remind me of the flouride treatments at my dentist office when I was a child.  They make me gag,” you ramble, nodding your head as the lollipop skews your words.

Spencer’s chuckle was nice.

“Oh, oh geez,” you say, sucking hard on the lollipop to gather your spit before pulling it between your lips, the stick held within the pads of your fingers as Spencer’s eyes lock onto your mouth.

“But um…yeah.  I don’t really eat food with my fingers either,” you add, taking in a deep breath as you look around nervously.

“Don’t worry.  You’ll get used to it,” he urges as he motions for you to sit down in a chair at your desk.

“So!  Why don’t you shake hands?” you ask.

“How do you know I don’t shake hands?” he throws back.

“Because you’re the only one that didn’t offer me a handshake,” you retort.

“Morgan didn’t offer you and handshake,” he counters.

“Morgan also kissed me on the cheek,” you smile lightly.

Watching Spencer drop his mouth as the team flickers their gazes over to you guys, you pop the lollipop back into your mouth as you toss it to your cheek, your skin bulging as you sit your elbow onto your desk, crossing your let at your ankles.

“Well,” he says as he snickers lightly, “germs, mostly,” he answers.

“A good reason,” you muse, nodding in punctuation as you swirl the lollipop in your mouth as Spencer sits there in silence, watching your cheeks hollow out and puff back out.

“Any other eccentricities?” you ask, pulling the lollipop back out as it breaks Spencer’s trance.

“Uh, yes.  Well…I don’t know if it’s eccentric…” he trails off.

“Would others consider it weird?” you ask.

“Well…probably,” he says.

“Then it’s eccentric,” you state, smiling shyly at him as he chuckles.

“Well, then yes.  I do. IQ of 187, an eidetic memory, and I can process 20,000 words a minute if I need to,” Spencer states.

“Well,” you say, your eyebrows hiking themselves up on your face as Spencer grins.

“How about you?” he shoots back.

“Only that I don’t eat food with my hands and everything has a place and should be there,” you muse, “so…not as impressive as yours.”

“Doesn’t have to be impressive to be interesting,” he says as he settles back into his chair, his cheeks flushing lightly as you dip your gaze down and smile.

“Yeah, yeah I suppose so.”

“Meeting in 10,” J.J. shouts across the room, causing you to whip your head up as you grab your pen.

“Duty calls,” you say, watching Spencer get up with you and he situates his clothes on his body.

“Duty calls,” he repeats, his sly grin now growing into a full-on smile as you pop your sucker back into your mouth.

“See you up there,” you murmur, turning your gaze towards the stairs as you begin to walk towards them, ascending the stairs one-by-one as your little feet scurry you along in a graceful manner, your dress swishing against your legs as Spencer watches you, Morgan approaching him from behind as he wraps his arm around his shoulders.

“I guess I can lay off this one,” he muses, earning a nudge from Spencer’s elbow as Morgan smiles and laughs.

Meeting at the Club | 4/4 Preference

Requested by couldneverbefamous :-)

I hope this is okay, I think this is what you meant ^.^

Rating: PG-13 but I say shit quite a lot, sorry.

Type: 4/4 Preference

Please request things guys, I have a lot more time now :-) hope you enjoy this. (I accidentally wrote five pages, sorry!)


A S H T O N:

“Come on Y/N, loosen up a bit, it’s one party, it’s not going to drastically change the world,” your friend Haley lectured you, giggling slightly, as she made you aware of how intent she was on you joining her for the supposed ‘party of the year.’ It was accurate to say that you weren’t much of a party girl, but even now, it still seemed that maybe one party, low on the alcohol intake, couldn’t do you or your grades too much harm, right? Besides, maybe Haley was right – with the heavy stress of college weighing on your shoulders, one night could provide you with the freedom you needed.

Nodding weakly after her continuing pleas, she already had you sat on the dresser stool, curlers in one hand and an array of make-up in the other. I guess this wasn’t going to be too low key after all. By the time Haley had finished on your face, you’d talked about everything from guys and bitches to movie nights and ice cream, her girlish ways once again relieving you from everything else caught in your head, before the enthusiasm of your agreement tired you out again.

“There’s just a few more things, I swear Y/N,” she giggled, directing you to her closet, “Since we’re at mine, it’s only fair you borrow a dress of mine, and, seeing as you didn’t want to come, it’s only fair I get to choose, but trust me,” she paused, opening the doors dramatically before fishing out a standard but cute black dress, “You can rock this LBD way better than me.”

It was a wonder you managed to get there in time seeing as you two were already a mess of laughter, hair perfectly primed but giggles flying everywhere before you even had the chance to down some. Stumbling slightly in your heels, the club and loud beats of the party grew closer as you and Hayley made your way inside, the dim lighting not only clouding your eyesight, but your sanity too.

It was only a matter of minutes before Hayley was intoxicated, her dark hair falling devishly in front of her eyes as she drunkenly dragged you to the dance floor, two single best friends dancing together, but of course, nothing more. It was easy for you two to let loose, the lack of alcohol meaning you had the upper hand on sociability, meaning you could manage to converse here and there while still keeping a watchful eye over Hayley.

It was only when you turned back to the bar, giving up on your state on mind, you saw him, sitting carefully on a bar stool, his tousled hair caught in a bandana and his mouth caught in the most beautiful of smiles. But the best bit?

His striking green eyes were looking right at you.

Carefully making your way over to him, it wasn’t long before a blush had crept its way onto your cheeks, the strangers’ blunt hotness not pairing well with your curiosity.

“Um, hi,” You blushed again at your awkwardness as you took the stool next to him, your eyes creeping up only to find him with an even bigger smile.

“Hi there, what’s your name?” He smiled again, providing no need for the clubs lights.

“I’m Y/N,” you giggled, looking down once again.

“That’s a pretty name, for an even prettier girl. I’m Ashton, and well, I’m sorry I was staring but…” His rushed awkwardness was almost too cute.

“It’s fine, I guess we were both guilty, right?”

“Right, but you see, the problem is, I wasn’t just staring,” he mused, quietly chuckling to himself, “I mean, I find myself in the position of wanting to kiss you.”

“Oh I wouldn’t be complaining.”

C A L U M:

“You sure this isn’t too much?” You asked your friend Cassidy, as you inspected your eye makeup harshly in the mirror, “I mean, maybe the winged effect is too much?” You asked again, turning to her as you both got ready for your friend’s party, situated at the club downtown.

“It’s fine Y/N, honestly, you’re walking perfection, why can’t you see that?”

You scoffed, shaking your head, “But thanks anyway Cass, you’re not too bad yourself.” You joked as the two of you collected what you needed before making your way out.

With the height of your heels paired with your shared clumsiness, it was a literal miracle that you two made it there alive, let alone still in pristine condition. Either way, neither of you were complaining as you joked about relentlessly, your Beyoncé mode in full swing as you finally entered the club, meeting up with some mutuals before you turned to the dance floor, ready to be unsociable shits as the heavy bass of popular songs found their way into your head.

It was only when Nicki Minaj started playing that you sauntered over the bar, collapsing onto one of the stools, a giggling mess, before the bartender finally came over. It was a regular scenario, you ordered your standard Apple Lush before he left once again, leaving you alone to eye the fit and out of your league guys that surrounded you.

But I guess you just weren’t expecting one to be right behind you.

“Hey,” he said as you turned around, sitting himself on the stool next to you, “I’m Calum, I’ll buy that for you,” he gestured to the drink, paying before you could utter even a word of protest,

“Well, um, thanks, I’m Y/N. What are you here for tonight then?” You couldn’t quite tell if his motive was to get into your pants or not, but either way, you certainly weren’t in the position to pass off hot strangers.

“It’s my mate Jacks party, we’re celebrating here I guess.” He laughed nervously.

“Oh cool! Jack Sunderland? I guess we’re celebrating together, after all!” You giggled, standing up.

“Well if we’re celebrating, I guess a dance is in order.”

“I guess it is,” you mused, your drink left discarded at the bar as Calum took you by the hand, leading you to the dance floor.

With his body pressed to yours, it was safe to say you were enjoying his presence, but there was just one more thing that needed to be taken care of.

“Hey Calum?”

“Mhmm?” He answered into your ear, shivers running down your spine.

“You’re nice and all, but I don’t think I can go another moment without kissing you… You’re killing me here.” You giggled.

“You’re funny, Y/N. I think I could just about manage that.” He laughed along with you as relief flushed through you.

“Better not keep me waiting then.” You muttered, bringing his lips to yours.  

L U K E:

“You know Y/N, the idea of bringing you to this party is that you have to be sociable for once.” Your mate Louise mused as you two made your way into the club.

“Maybe, or maybe I could find someone equally as unsociable and see where that leads?” She laughed, shaking her head at your attitude as you both made your way to the corner, sitting down at a table rather than your usual spot up at the bar.

“Either way, try to keep your hair nice for once, that took me an hour to perfect.”

“I can’t make any promises, but I’ll see you in a bit, I really need to sort my face out,” you giggled, bidding goodbye before you made your way to the nearest loos.

You hadn’t quite made it inside before you came in contact with something, or rather someone, the height of your heels not providing you with any balance as you found yourself falling to the floor.

“Hi there.” A voice giggled from under you as you shrieked, rolling off of the guy before giggling.

“Hi, sorry about that,” you laughed uneasily, “I guess I’m slightly clumsy.”

“Just a tad,” he laughed with you, sitting up, “I’m Luke. Shall we start this over again?”

“I think we should. Hi Luke, I’m Y/N.” You smiled as Luke stood up, offering you his hand.

“I have to say, I’m pretty glad you bumped into me.” He smiled, pulling you up.

“And why’s that?” You smirked, trying to mask your endless giggling.

“Because, as an apology, you might just have to come and dance with me.”

“Very tempting, I must say.”

“You should probably join me then, strictly on apologetic motives.” You giggled.

“Well if it’s going to apologetic motives, you better kiss me first.”

He didn’t bother replying, instead busying himself by gently pressing his lips to your own, the cool metal of his lip ring harsh against your warm skin.

“After that, maybe it doesn’t have to be on apologetic motives after all. Would you like to dance with me Y/N?”

“I’d love to Luke.

M I C H A E L:

“So what tall, dark and handsome stranger do you have your eye on tonight?” Lilly giggled from next to you, swinging her legs over the side of the bar’s stool, “I can see a few that certainly have their eye on you but…”

“What? Where?” You cut her off, your eyes dragging over each of the hot guys you two had scouted earlier. You weren’t intending to sleep with anyone tonight, rather this was just a game that you two and two singles to play, but nevertheless, it gave you both some excitement and increased the growing fantasies that nested themselves in your head.

“Just entered, club door, three o’clock,” she mused as your eyes darted frantically to the over side of the club, “Try the blonde hair cutie in the plaid flannel.”

“Holy –“ She was right again, your eyes had already locked at first glance, a playful smirk resting on his lips as he ran a hand through his hair, joining his mates in the corner, but never breaking eye contact. Not once.

“Cheeky bastard…” you muttered, your eyes narrowing before you turned to face Lilly, mission mode activated.

“What’s going on behind me?” You asked her as you trained your eyes on your drink, the strangers teasing glint in his eye still rushing through your mind.

“Why don’t you see for yourself?” She giggled as you turned around, puzzled at her change of attitude.

“Holy shit!” You yelled, to see him standing behind you, a melodical laugh escaping his mouth as Lilly managed to escape into the crowd, “How long have you been standing there for?”

“Long enough,” he laughed again, sitting in what was Lilly’s seat prior.

“Well, hello, I guess. This is awkward… Um, I’m Y/N?” you offered him your name as a blush arose on your cheeks, your shoes becoming oddly interesting for once.

“Hey Y/N, I’m Michael. What are you up to tonight then?”

“Talking to you, apparently, I guess I’m supposed to be at a party but I guess being unsociable doesn’t really help.”

“Well if you’re at a party, you should be celebrating, not talking to a weirdo like me.” His right eye dropped into a wink.

“I probably shouldn’t, but what would say if I said that the two weirdos should go and dance instead?”

“I’d say I like your thinking.”

“I guess we have a plan then.”