Character stills from the first and last episode of A Different World.

Freddie’s making that first face because she’s telling Jaleesa about how she’s in love with Dwayne Wayne. Freddie’s making that last face because she just got shaded by Whitley one last time. 


This is my official nomination of Tempestt Bledsoe for the Natural Hair Lifetime Achievement/Trailblazer Award. She’s not new to this, she’s true to this. I feel like Vanessa is the most overlooked Huxtable daughter, to tell you the truth. But she had some of the best storylines! The Wretched, the Alphabet Game, the “you’re not rich we’re rich,” Dabnus Brickey, Robert…her clothes stood out even at the time. I remember sitting there like “WTH does Vanessa have on right now?” But that’s all good because it was always authentic to the character…all the way down to the hair. The fact that her and Darryl Bell (Ron from A Different World) are together in real life makes it seem that the universe got something really right.

edit–shout out to Champagne925 for the catch–I meant to type “The Wretched” but I originally wrote “The Wicked.” A true Huxtable head, eh Champagne925? Sounds like you’re my kinda people.


But do you remember…Homeboys in Outer Space? Ty and Morris cruised the galaxy in something called a Space Hooptie. It only lasted for 21 episodes on UPN…and it was pretty bad. But it was there. The list of iconic or leading Black characters on TV in space is pretty short: Uhura, Lando Calrissian, Geordi La Forge…and the Homeboys in Outer Space. So they’re in the top five! But you know what’s cool about this: there have been way more actual Black astronauts than fictional ones. One time for Guion Bluford, Ronald McNair, Frederick Gregory, Charles Bolden, Jr., Mae Jemison, Bernard Harris, Winston Scott, Robert Curbeam, Michael P. Anderson, Stephanie Wilson, Joan Higginbotham, Robert Satcher, B. Alvin Drew, and those are just the ones who have actually already been to space. There are others who are in training or on reserve, like Jeanette J Epps, Victor Glover, and Yvonne Cagle, or who have retired or passed on, like Robert Henry Lawrence, Jr., Michael Belt, and Livingston Holder. You don’t even need the fantasy. The reality is better. And I promise, I wasn’t out here looking for pictures of female astronauts that happened to be cute. This is just how it is–how can somebody be that smart and brave and beautiful? How can they have everything? I don’t know, life isn’t fair, what can I tell you? They woke up like this. But don’t hate, congratulate.