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10 reasons why you should tune in to Pan Am

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10. Jack Orman is the creator and principal writer for the show. In case if you haven’t recognized that name by now, let me refresh your memory. He was responsible for a decade-changing television show by the name of ER. If that’s not proof enough of the man’s magic, then you might be one of those individuals who find it difficult to be entertained.

9.  The show is being directed by none other than Thomas Schlamme—a man responsible for one of those other epic television shows: The West Wing. If you’re not yet seeing the convincing rationale being laid down here then might I be a bit blunter; close this tab and start a Google search for the first two episodes, NOW.

8. It’ll culture you. If you didn’t live through the sixties, then you probably have no idea what Pan Am is. After all, this is not the type of information they include in your fifth grade history books. Go be entertained and educated by the story of four women who were apart of establishing the iconic status of America’s premier air carrier.

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7. It possesses the classic atmosphere that can be found in Mad Men while maintaining the modernity of today’s best dramas.

6. It stars four beautiful women both worthy of praise from both sexes.

5. It’s Desperate Housewives’ final season. We’re going to need something to replace the dramatic comedy that’s become so usual for Sunday night Fall TV.

4. Christina Ricci is in it. What’s not to love about that feisty talent of hers?

3. It’s the sixties! Kennedy was alive, values were present, the first wave of change was in the air, and American sportswear was in style. I would like to say this in a nicer way but, unlike now, America actually has a culture.

2.  The mild drama of the series is simple, understated but wonderful.

1. The show is good. Isn’t that good enough to keep a TV show on air these days?

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Here’s another one Thoughts of a Bohemian Child is absolutely crazy about. Who doesn’t love fun.?

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Well, the obvious witty double entendre put aside, the answer is that even Jesus is sitting up at the right side of the throne still bopping to the smash hit, We Are Young featuring Janelle Monae. The same will most likely prove true for Some Nights, the title track from the band’s breakthrough album. 

The song is full of witty lyrics, tight, powerful and high harmonies and a vibe that The Proclaimer’s “500 Miles” creates at every pub and bar across the world. Basically, how can one listen to this song and not feel the sudden urge to ask for a pint of Guinness? 

Take a listen to this song and reminisce about all those embarrassing moments that you got drunk and threw absolutely every value you’ve ever held dear out the window. Voice-off and tell TBC about some of the nights that you have had, after you listen to the song, which is available for first listen above.

And remember until next time, au revoir and muahzzerz. 

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