darryl brax braxton

I have never in all my life been so emotionally affected by a television show or a fictional death. That episode was beyond agonising for me. I am distraught! I have fallen in love with this family and my heart broke watching them in such immeasurable pain. I had to put myself through watching it more than once because I couldn’t hear what they were saying over my sobs the first time around. I have had quite a few months to get my head around this event, but it didn’t come close to preparing me for that episode and in the end, after months of visualising these scenes, it was so much worse than I could have ever imagined. For that I must pay tribute to the writers and the actors. They completely ripped my heart out.
—  Fyn3 - Back To The Bay
Brax sitting alone on the beach watching the waves they’d goofed around in only that morning as he scrubbed Casey’s blood from his hands with the sand was so loaded with imagery. Blood and sand - the Riverboy code, literally in his hands and he’d lost the one person he’d fought to protect from all that.
—  izzyhoyland - Back To The Bay