supermen [darry & dally]

“For Pete’s sake, it’s a simple goddamn question,” Dally countered in response to Darry’s obstinate retort. “Tits or ass? Ain’t you a man?” He posed with an inquiring lilt again, tapping the ashes off of his Kool. A smirk was still in tact against his elfish features, which only confirmed that he was trying to elicit a reaction from the older greaser. Despite their age difference of three to four years, Dally and Darry had an unspoken ultimatum that they would never challenge the other’s power. Dally was dangerously skillful, and Darry knew it – just as Dally knew Darry was a human super-machine on his own. He respected Darry on a different level from the others, and didn’t much care to rock the foundation that they had silently constructed.

A scream – a feminine scream – resonated through the East Side, confirming their rough circumstances. Dally had noted the tension that intervened in their absentminded conversation, and if he knew Darry at all (which he did), he could rightfully predict that Darry was fixed on setting things right for what he surmised was the Socs toying on their turf. “Christ,” Dally murmured in spite of the possible turns the situation at hand could take.