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What happens to the gang after the book (headcanon)

-The gang buried Johnny and Dally next to each other because they knew that is what they would’ve wanted… and they couldn’t bear the thought of little Johnny being next to someone he didn’t know. 
-Ponyboy got a full ride into an Ivy League school. 
-Two-Bit cleaned up his act and dropped out of school, he got a full time job as a mechanic. 
-Steve was conscripted to war and came back home with PTSD. He got onto drugs and wouldn’t accept any help from the gang. 
-Darry had found a girl to settle down with, they had four kids together, a set of identical twin girls and a boy and a girl… he found so much happiness with her. 
-Sodapop and Two-Bit opened up a mechanic garage together and it became quite successful, especially because most of the girls came to look at Sodapop. 
-Eventually Steve managed to be rehabilitated and he got a job as a drug and alcohol councilor at a school, but on the weekends he also helped war veterans come to terms with the lingering problems they still had from war. 
-Ponyboy would come back home every couple of months or so to visit all of his brothers… Darry, Sodapop, Two-Bit and Steve. 
-They all ended up having children and settling down with someone they loved.
-Ponyboy went on to become a movie director and screenplay writer that went on to win awards for best picture.
-On the anniversary of Johnny and Dally’s death, all five boys go and visit them at their grave and sit there in silence, thinking of the boys who never got to grow old like they did… they think about the boys who are forever imprinted in their minds as faces of innocence that were tainted by the cruelties of this world.









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When you can’t find anymore Outsider imagines

“My baby”

I say, looking at someone older than my own parents

Dally: Johnny man, you look really good

Johnny: r-really? T-thanks Dal

Dally: ya, you know what you’d look even better on?

Johnny: what?

Dally: My d-

Steve: A bench in a church, thank you good lord


Darry get’s called down to the office…. (Sister fic)

You knew he was going to be pissed something awful, and by God, you dreaded to see the glare you knew he was sure to be giving you the moment he walked through those doors. 

“I know your parent’s have just died, Y/N.” The principle said with a soft, patronizing tone. “But that is not an excuse to hit somebody, especially a man, you are just lucky he was raised in a good home and doesn’t hit women.” 

“You’re fucking kidding me, right?” You had risen from your seat, your hands on your hips as you stared down dangerously at him… but that was also the moment Darry decided to waltz through the room. 

“Y/N, you sit your ass down, you’re in enough goddamn trouble as it is.” You looked at your brother and you saw the venomous look in his eyes, and that was enough to get you to shut up. You knew you were in for a spanking, Darry had threatened you with it before. He still saw you as a child even though you were 17 years old. 

He sat down in the chair beside, all the while giving you his best glare. You knew he was pissed, he worked almost every day to provide for this family, and one day of work could make or break you.

“Thanks for coming, Mr Curtis. I was just saying to your sister that I know that she is under a lot stress because of the passing of your parents and I understand that, but it is not an excuse to hit another person, especially a man. She is lucky that the guy she hit was a fine fellow from a great family.” 

“A great family?” You sneered as you got up from your seat. “He is a piece of shit and you’re his uncle, what does that say about you?” 

“Y/N Curtis!” Darry snapped, not moving an inch from his seat, but his eyes met yours and you knew you urged yourself not to cringe, he meant business. You knew your ass was on the line- quite literally, but you didn’t care any more. 

“You’re lucky he isn’t pressing charges, young lady.” The principle spat. “Now take your seat so we can discuss your punishment like adults.” 

“Are you serious right now? He is lucky that I am not pressing charges for sexual harassment!” 

“Sexual harassment?” Darry asked, looking up at you with wide eyes and then at the snake of a man. “What exactly happened here, Mr Thomas? Because your receptionist told me it was all my sisters fault.” 

“He was snapping my bra straps down, hard might I add. I asked him to stop multiple times, and when he didn’t I hit him. He left bruises.” Mr Thomas’ face had gone bright red and he sank lower into his seat. 

“Can I see them?” Darry asked softly, apologetically almost. When you nodded, he got up from his seat and gently pulled your hair back over your shoulder. 

You felt him unzip your the top of your dress the slightest bit so he could see your back, and you could feel him tense up, a small gasp escaped his lips. 

“Have you seen her fucking back?” Darry spat at the cowering Mr Thomas. Your brother never swore, but this time he was beyond pissed. “There’s not just bruises, there are welt marks.” 

“Boys will be boys.” Mr Thomas muttered softly. “It doesn’t excuse her for hitting him-” 

“Is that the excuse we’re using now? “Boys will be boys?” Does that excuse another man raping a woman? Does that excuse another man beating on a woman? Does that excuse your nephew from sexually harassing my sister?”

“He didn’t sexually harass her-”

“That is exactly what he did. She didn’t want him to do it, she asked repeatedly for him to stop it, and she is the one getting sent to the office and suspended because “boys will be boys?” you’re the most repugnant person I have ever met.”

“I’m not going to suspend her this time-” 

“You’re right, you’re not. We are going down to the police station to press charges and I am going to the school board to have you fired, did you know the head is a woman? How do you think she is going to feel knowing that one of her staff members is allowing sexual assault?” 

“I- I’m sorry- I” 

“Let’s go, Y/N” Darry grabbed your hand gently and began to guide you out of the room, but you were staring at Mr Thomas, the usually proud man was unfolding before your eyes. His wide eyes were furiously tapping at the telephone to make a call, and small, short breaths were escaping his lips.

Darry walked you to the car and opened your door… but then he shut it and looked down at you. 

“Baby I’m so sorry.” He sighed, all signs of anger were gone. “When she called me in, I was so pissed off, I had every intention of spanking you when we got home. I didn’t think for a second that maybe something serious had happened or that it wasn’t your fault. I’m sorry that I was so short-”

“You don’t have to apologize, I understand.” 

“I love you kid, they’re not going to get away with it, you dig?” He wrapped his arms around you, being careful not to touch your back. 

“I love you too.”

The Greasers as thing my brothers have said

Two-Bit: I got suspended for drinking with my friends. All my friends got put in this rehab program except for me. Why? Because I am a quote, unquote “Hopeless Case”

Dally: I’d like to start by saying Gaston did nothing wrong. He left Belle’s dad outside to get eaten by wolves! Yeah, because Belle’s dad was a little bitch!

Sodapop: I may be the middle child but I am also the most charismatic, handsome, and popular soooooo you all can suck it.

Steve: When I was your age I got suspended. Why? Becuase I wrote a fake newspaper for the school and one of the articles’ claimed that Josh’s mom was a hermaphrodite. 

Ponyboy: Uh, can I go to the nurse? I got this pencil stuck in my hand there is a whole lot of blood coming out.

Darry: Hey! The oldest gets shotgun! The youngest gets depression and daddy issues but that’s okay you’ll love it.

Johhny: Something must’ve stunt my growth when I was younger. I bet when adults see me at my job they think, Who let this 6-year-old be in charge of making me a sandwich?

What Would You Do If You Had A Time Machine?

Person 1: Go back in time and hang out with dinosaurs!
Person 2: Go into the future!

Cuddling with the Outsiders

Ponyboy Curtis

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Ponyboy would be one for cuddling all the time. Wherever and whenever. He would love to show you affection and kiss your forehead.

Sodapop Curtis

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Soda calls you cute names like “sugar” and “baby girl” while holding you. He always wants to cuddle with you laying on top of him and he would play with your hair. He would also love when you fall asleep on him.

Darrel ‘Darry’ Curtis

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Darry never really has time for cuddling. Even if you two live in the same house with the boys he would come in and just fall asleep instantly in bed, but on some nights he would wrap you in his arms and tell you how much he loves you and how he appreciates all you do for the boys with being their mother figure.

Dallas ‘Dally’ Winston

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Dally a famous player would be a sucker for slinging his arm around you and pulling you in his lap and kissing you all over. “You’re my girl. Forever and always.” Then kissing you making all the guys groan with how lovey dovey the two of you get.

Johnny Cade

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Johnny’s favorite thing is to be held by you and you stroking his hair. He is so desperate for love and affection and you are more than happy to provide the boy with all the love you can give.

Steve Randle

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Steve wouldn’t be keen on cuddling, but he would always play fight you and grab you in big bear hugs to suffice for the lack of cuddling.

Keith ‘Two-Bit’ Matthews

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Two-Bit would love to show off that you were his girl and always be affectionate in front of everyone. He would take every chance to snuggle and give you back massages and everything in between.


ᴛʜᴇ ᴏᴜᴛsɪᴅᴇʀs x ᴛɪᴍᴇ  ♡

What the gang taught me...

Darry: He taught me that it’s okay to be serious when you need to be, and that it’s okay to grow up and be mature as long as you don’t take the things in your life for granted. 
Sodapop: He taught me how to live. I’ve been an absolute mess, I’ve gone through so many hard things and he taught me that all these bad things don’t define you. He taught me how to laugh and that sometimes the happiest people are actually the saddest.
Ponyboy: I’m sure everyone got this lesson, but he taught me to appreciate the little things. He also taught me that there is beauty everywhere, and love in places that you never really expected.
Steve:To stick by your buddies and be there when they need you, and in return they’ll have your back too.
Two-Bit: To keep that bit of innocence in me, to keep laughing and joking and not to take everything too seriously… he also taught me that loyalty is everything and that it’s okay to have beer for breakfast sometimes. (or in my case, an extremely big glass of wine)
Johnny: This greaser inadvertently taught me that innocence doesn’t stay. It does get taken away from you, but, that you should live your life in the fullest way possible. Leave your neighbourhood, explore, spread your wings, because your life can be taken away from you before you can blink. 
Dally: I can thoroughly understand Dally and all his flaws, he is the character that reminds me a lot of myself… he taught me that it is okay to be tough and to pretend like nothing can hurt you, but in saying that, he also taught me that it’s okay if I can’t be that way. He taught me that at the end of the day, it’s best to be open with your feelings instead of keeping them locked up inside of you. 

The main lesson I learnt from this book was that it’s okay not to “stay gold”, because eventually we all grow up. We all go through obstacle’s that mold us into entirely different people. But also “staying gold” doesn’t always mean staying innocent or pure. 

The Gang All Grown Up Headcanons


-let’s say these headcanons take place when he is likeeeeee 37. 

-found himself a really nice girl and settled down

-he had 5 children

-yES i said that correctly, 5

-4 girls and 1 boy

-Jade, Emily, Cameron, Regina, and Alexander

-And he is just so much happier and is always smiling

-He has a steady job as an accountant

-And is married to a middle-class, brown lady, who neither classifies as a soc nor greaser


-gets drafted and dies doesn’t know who S.E. Hinton is and frankly, does not care for her

-let’s say these headcanons take place when he is likeeeeeeeee 25

-he still works at the DX, but in a higher position

-has a fiancée

-she is also a middle-class girl

-when asking her to marry him, he told her that she would be marrying Steve in a way also but that’s okay because one day’s Steve will have his own girl and they will all be a happy, messed up family

-he still has a good relationship with his two brothers

-he and his girl babysit for Darry a lot

-still the same giddy boy he was when he was 16


-let’s say these headcanons take place when he is likeeeeeeeeeeee 21

-isn’t dating anyone at the moment

-goes out drinking a lot but doesn’t abuse it

-he is in community college and saving up money to transition to real one

-he is so dang close and just giddy with excitement

-he tutors kids and works at camps 

-has his own little apartment and it is very comfy and cozy in there

-he still reads a ton

-he always loves to hang out with the gang and still remains close with them

-has met up a few times with Cherry, but it was totally platonic

-although Cherry has a little crush on Ponyboy now, she would never admit it



-dead doesn’t know who S.E. Hinton is and frankly, does not care for her

-one day a very old man sees him get beat up by socs

-turns out, that very old man knows karate, so he teaches him to fight for himself 

-it starts out slow, but then he sees what he needs to do in order to be a real karate kid

-ends up winning money at competitions and gets a scholarship to college for his supreme karate skills

-finds a really nice, talkative, and quirky girl at college just basically think of Jessica day from new girl

-falls in love with her

-it is the happiest time of his life


-dead doesn’t know who S.E. Hinton is and frankly, does not care for her

-let’s say in these headcanons he is likeeeeeeeeeee 26

-stays at Ponyboy’s apartment sometimes, Johnny’s sometimes, Sodapop’s sometimes, he is just moving from place to place

-becomes more content with his life

-isn’t even bothering with girls anymore tbh

-the last time he saw his dad he punched him hard in the face 

-works as a bartender and is currently saving up money so he can buy his own apartment

-honestly, has had one night stands with both boys and girls

-eats more ice cream, exercise, and laughs a little more these days

-whenever he passes a police car he screams out of his car window, “FUCK YOU, PIGS!”

-I mean, he’s still Dallas Winston


-let’s say in these headcanons he is likeeeeeeee 23

-is still living at home because he needs to help his mom look over his baby sister

-really wants to be a comedian one day 

-spoiler alert: he becomes one

-but now he is working at the town’s local diner

-a lot of sleepless nights

-and a lot of crying

-but things get so much better, I promise

-his name is going to be known for hundreds of people and he would be throwing sold out comedy shows

-he is getting more opinionated for human rights now more then ever these days


-let’s say in these headcanons he is likeeeeeee 25

-does not work at the DX anymore

-just got out of college with loads of student debt

-but let’s be honest, still has a really sick car

-he is a  junior high teacher

-the kid’s favorite of course

-he just really seems to get along with children

-and he treats all of them fairly, no matter their background

-is still inseparable with Sodapop

-he is really content with his life

-oh and yeah,,, he still loves cars don’t even try to fight me on that

What Turns Him On
  • Ponyboy: Pony really liked whenever you would babble on. The way you would just get into a conversation. The minute you would shut up, he would slam his lips right against yours without warning.
  • Sodapop: When you wear his clothes or steal them from his closet. How they were too big on you to wear. The minute he saw you in them, he would just want to rip them right off you.
  • Darry: Darry found it a huge turn on whenever you would wear your hair down. The way it swayed in your face and how it bounced around as you laughed or ran around with Two-Bit. It just really made him happy.
  • Johnny: Your smile. Whenever you would laugh, or even perk the slightest smile, it would drive the poor boy nuts. He may be innocent, but he just wanted to feel those teeth on his skin.
  • Steve: When you cooked or baked for this boy, he would praise you like a goddess. When he watched you prance around the kitchen, he would realize it isn't just the food he wanted to eat.
  • Two-Bit: Teasing drove Keith wild. Making him wait would just turn him on even more. Mostly whenever you would sit in his lap. Then, he'd let you know he was really excited. He would usually make an excuse though. Like- "It ain't nothin' but my blade, baby!"
  • Dally: Dally found it a huge turn on whenever he caught you fighting. During a rumble, he would always bring you along, just to have an excuse to shuffle you back to his house with blood all over the two of you. His famous little line, "Im gonna pound you harder than a Soc's face."
First Date for The Outsiders


- nervous sweating

- constantly rubbing his palms down his thighs

- looking at you often and smiling to himself

- gets ready 2 hours before he goes and picks you up

- nErVoUS cHuckLinG

- “is it hot in here?”

- blushing when you call him out for being nervous 

- ends with him walking you home and receiving a kiss on the cheek than skipping all the way home


- picking flowers from other people’s gardens

- his hands will remain in the pockets of his jean jacket for most of the night

- not really looking you in the eyes

- knee bouncing

- starts the night off with slow conversations 

- which later turns into lots of laughing and genuinely getting to know each other

- walking you home but still being as nervous as he was when he picked you up


- picks you up in his car that he washed and cleaned just for you

- picks you up 30 minutes early

- triple checked to make sure that there wasn’t any chocolate cake on his face

- went to soda for advice

- smiled when he saw you walking out the door and thinking,’how did i get this lucky?’

- buys you a milkshake 

- buys your whole mean even though you protested for 10 minutes

- telling you funny stories or jokes just to see you smile

- driving you home 

- meaning to kiss you on the cheek but you turning to thank him and ooOo


- smiling the WHOLE night you’re with him

- taking you dancing

- but you’re kinda shy bc he’s good 

- helping you out

- laughing more than dancing

- dancing pretty close to each other

- ending the night with sore feet but all giddy


- walking to your house

- checking you out often

- not really being nervous but anxious because he really wants this to happen again

- jokes, jokes, jokes

- complementing you on your laugh

- and your hair

- and your clothes

- paying for both of you

- after you say something that makes him laugh him shaking his head and smiling

- rolling your eyes at a few vulgar things he says


- asking darry for advise because you are a little out of his league

- even though he has been on a few dates, this is the one is the one he has been the most nervous for

- asking ponyboy how he looks five times before leaving to pick you up

- lots of nervous giggling on both parts

- still being nervous after the ice was broken

- not letting you pay even though you protested

- driving you home

- walking you up to the door step

- “can we go out again soon, please?” 

- nodding and kissing him before going inside and sliding down the wall wondering wtf just happened 


- picking you up almost an hour after he said he would

- explaining why but you don’t really fall for it

- cracking jokes to make you forgive hum for being late

- complimenting you on your appearance

- being really chill about paying for the cokes even though you told him three times how thoughtful it was

- actually putting a little effort in looking decent for you

- although he wants to act like he doesn’t care, he was a little nervous before

- asking you two questions about yourself before talking about new york

- walking you home 

- “so are we doing this again of what?”


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steve hcs

darry nsfw hcs

ponyboy nsfw hcs

dating modern gang hcs

lgbt gang hcs

sodapop strip tease/lapdance hcs

sodapop dry humping hcs

curtis brother hcs

johnny nsfw hcs

dallas hcs

sodapop (+nsfw) hcs

ponyboy hcs

johnny hcs

ponyboy x soc hcs

jealous ponyboy hcs

jealous tim hcs

morning in with tim hcs

tim finding out his girl is bisexual hcs

first date with tim hcs

johnny hcs

cuddling with tim hcs

summer with the gang hcs

curly hcs

gentle tim (+nsfw) hcs

cuddling with johnny hcs

gang teaching you backflips hcs

moving in with tim hcs

sodapop hcs

sodapop hcs

jealous sodapop hcs

curtis sister x gang hcs

cherry nsfw

pda ponyboy hcs

flirting with tim hcs

sodapops girl cheats on him with steve hcs

darry hcs

tim considering long term relationship hcs

gang receiving lap dance hcs

dallas hcs

ponyboy hcs

sodapop hcs

two-bit nsfw hcs

taking care of tim after a rumble hcs

anniversary with tim hcs

darry x soc hcs

two-bit hcs

darry x soc hcs

tims girl in a rumble hcs

drunk gang hcs

gangs reaction to curtis sister in a rumble hcs

what the gang calls their girl hcs

tim telling his girl hes in love with them hcs

ponyboy x artist hcs

tim taking care of sick s/o hcs

cuddling with curly hcs

tim hcs

cuddling with tim hcs

ponyboys soc gf punching a soc hcs

steve nsfw hcs

jealous steve hcs

ponyboy hcs

steve hcs

sodapop nsfw hcs

dallas nsfw hcs

sodapop nsfw hcs

cherrys greaser sister hcs


ponyboy imagine

dallas imagine

dallas imagine

ponyboy imagine

johnny imagine

dallas x reader x sodapop imagine





gangs ideal types

gang: boob or butt?

gang: scale of how much gang likes you sitting in their lap

tim: boob or ass?

ponyboy: boob or ass?

accidentally read your diary au with steve and ponyboy


Christmas with the Curtis’ headcanon

-Darry is beginning to loathe Christmas because the boys are even more immature than normal, he has to constantly sit them down and remind them not to lose their heads.
-From December the 1st until December 30th  Two-Bit insists that they all listen to Christmas carols.
-Every year they have a Christmas tree decorating contest. Steve, Two-Bit and Sodapop are in one group, Ponyboy, Johnny and Dally are in the other. Darry is the judge.
-Two-Bit usually steals the tree, but he tells Darry he bought it- Darry never believes him though.
-Darry picks up extra shifts so he can buy all the boys presents, because none of them get anything from their own parents. 
-Dally hustles people at pool to earn money for presents, Two-Bit steals them all, Steve and Sodapop co-buy and usually get everyone crappy presents, they then buy each other really awesome presents.
-Ponyboy draws a picture of the gang and Darry hangs it in a frame.
-Johnny can’t afford anything and he isn’t all that creative, so he tells the gang just much he appreciates each and every one of them.
-On Christmas Day Darry cooks mass amounts of food and makes each and everyone of the gang help, he will take a step back and smile at how much his big family is getting along… he is proud of each and every one of them.
-They all open their presents during the night, Darry makes a big pot of hot chocolate and they open their gift, they end the night by listening to Elvis presley’s Christmas Vinyl.
-The next day, Sodapop thought it would be a great idea to jump on the couch and onto the tree… it wasn’t. It fell down on top of him, he got a broken leg and needed 8 stitches in his head, he never did that again.
-Darry was pissed and said that Christmas next year was cancelled, everyone was pretty disappointed… but they had it anyway.

Movie You Watch Together (The Outsiders)

Johnny - Forrest Gump

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Dally - The Fundamentals of Caring

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Two-Bit - Guardians of the Galaxy 

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Darry - Friday Night Lights

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(I know this is the tv show but I couldn’t find any gifs from the movie)

Sodapop - La La Land

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Ponyboy - Beauty and the Beast

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Steve - Wet Hot American Summer 

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