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The Outsiders boys as things I've said

Ponyboy: I’m only a child why are you all like this

Sodapop: I get drunk off of Strawberry Fanta.

Darry: You may call me the mom of the group, but I’m more like the stressed out grandma who takes care of everyone because the mom is on a acid trip.

Two-Bit: I want to be a comedian, but I’m a whole lot funnier inside my head.

Steve: //loses a game of Kahoot// I’M GONNA KASHOOT EVERYONE

Dally: What goes on in my head are the cries of the damned, 24/7.

Johnny: Don’t talk to me, I’m only a baby. (Youre 16) I SAID DON’T TALK TO ME

A Soft Sunset

Pairing- Johnny X Dally (The Outsiders)

Word count- 1910 words. Sorry, lol. Might be slow at first but it gets better.

Warnings: Fluff and drinking. Not really detailed about the drinking though.

Note: You can requests your own oneshots. They can be anything from gender-bends to mythical creatures AU’s. I accept all requests but you just have to tell me a pair or which character for ‘X reader’ fics. Tell me a bit about the plot direction you want it to go in! Thank you!!


  Johnny’s P.O.V.

  Perfectly rounded waves were ruffling the sea. The green and blue water rushed in and receded back into the great big sea. Some people were out in the waves surfing and others were laid on towels tanning.

  The gang had their snacks and towels tucked under their arms. I twiddled with the cap of a Pepsi bottle I had. I wasn’t nervous or anything, just lost in thought. The entire gang had been crammed in one car for a few hours and we were very excited about visiting a real beach.

  The ocean was right there and it was an exciting experience. A hand clapped against my back and I jumped.

  “Nothing’s gonna get you here, Johnnycakes. You can relax,” Soda’s gentle voice assured me. I wasn’t scared, Soda’s hand had just jerked me out of my thoughts too quickly. I nodded anyway. No need to correct him on a nice day.

  Soda grinned and walked on ahead to catch up with Steve. Darry was walking in the back and looking around for a spot to group up. We had discussed stuff to do on the beach while in the car, but I doubted if anyone listened much. Pony had been looking out of the window, Dally had gone to sleep, Soda had shotgun with Two-Bit, and Darry had been in the back trying to make sure Steve was paying attention while driving. Steve hadn’t been that pleased with Darry but did seem to listen anyway.

  Ponyboy fell in step with me as Darry found a nice place to lay the towels. Sure, it was cheesy but we wanted a spot together. It probably wasn’t gonna stay that way with all the people on the beach.

  Soda nudge Steve and pointed down the beach towards some girls. They talked for a minute about something, they seemed pretty excited about whatever it was. Probably something to do with the girls.

  Pony started toward the water and Two-Bit seemed to follow him. We were breaking off into pairs and heading in different directions. I saw an ice-cream cart not too far from where we were and stuck my hand into my pocket. I had some money. Ice-cream wouldn’t be so bad on a hot day.

  Dally must have noticed what I was thinking and looped his arm over my shoulder and started walking with me. He already had a cigarette between his lips and was taking a drag.

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