darrenc riss

Today . . .

I doodled Kurt and Blaine in my notebok during class that had to be handed in:

Sister picked me up and mocked my outfit cause I’m wearing purple and oddities. I look at her like:


She asked me what the date was to write a check, I’m all:

“September 20th 2011!!!!!!!!!!!!!1”

She asks me if she wants to see a Contagion later.

Me:“At what time!?”


Me:“Nope, uh-uh, nope! No, it’s two hours long I need to be home early to watch Glee. Pick an earlier show.”

Her: “Fine Loser…”


I listened to my iPod with new Glee music so loud she turned up the radio so I couldn't hear it.

Trying to work on my art homework and english essay but I’m to excited to focus.

TV is on and whenever a commercial comes on for Glee: