Lawrence O'Donnell LOL Destroys Ferguson Prosecutor’s (Robert McCulloch) Reliance On “Key” Witness

PLEASE watch this 

The fact that Tumblr and YouTube are literally removing certain posts/videos about Ferguson really really says a lot. They are removing videos documenting the riots and the attempts to stop the parade because they don’t want people to know what’s going on. They are trying to keep us in the dark. This is mass censorship and this is not ok. 

So today people in my city (Nashville, TN) gathered to protest the Darren Wilson decision & started at the police headquarters. The police then not only protected them (stopping traffic in the highways the protestors closed etc), but also set out table with hot chocolate and other things for them. This is how the police should be reacting across our country when injustices like this happen. They should be fighting with the people, not against them.