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hello, i vividly remember seeing an interview where darren wilson confirmed he didn't know about the "theft" mike committed, do you perhap have that? he was standing infront of a green hedge

I’m not sure which interview you’re talking about.

But on August 15, 2014, 6 days after Mike Brown was murdered, Ferguson Police Chief Tom Jackson said, “the initial contact between Darren Wilson and Mike Brown was not related to the alleged theft of cigars”. Chief Jackson said Wilson approached Mike Brown and Dorian Johnson for “blocking traffic”.

Darren Wilson and the police have changed their story many times since August 9, 2014, however.

Michael Cera has been one of the highlights of Twin Peaks so far. Man, Wally’s monologue was something else. Like, Wally is weird (everyone in Twin Peaks is) but with him it’s a particularly relatable type of weird.

You understand perfectly how this young man, growing up in an eccentric town, especially after all that stuff went down, with two eccentric parents, ended up like…eh, that. 

His passive aggressiveness towards his mother and father in that scene was something else too. 

Please fire me. Most of my morning coffee customers think Darren Wilson “seems alright” and “don’t understand the big deal.“

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In fact 90% the people supported by BLM were thugs who were assaulting officers and got what they deserved. Anyone who is dumb enough to assault an officer deserves whatever they get. Mike brown literally begged Darren Wilson to shoot him by taunting him and reaching for his gun. he told wilson he was to mush of a pussy to shoot him. He even tried to reach for wilsons gun.

I don’t know why you’re making shit up besides the fact that your life must be really, really sad, and you have nothing better to do. But kindly fuck off



It. Doesn’t. Matter. If. Mike. Brown. Was. Innocent.

It shouldn’t matter whether or not Mike Brown stole cigarettes because even if he did, he didn’t deserve to get shot. The footage that finally proved Mike’s innocence changes nothing about Darren Wilson and nothing about our criminal justice system. Even if Mike Brown did steal those cigarettes, he still did not deserve to get shot. The fact that he was shot for ‘stealing’ cigarettes, for doing things that white teenagers are known for (shoplifting) is indicative of the double standards of our criminal justice system. Stealing cigarettes was never the problem, being black was, and the people rejoicing over the fact that Mike didn’t steal the cigarettes are accidentally promoting respectability politics. Whether you intend to or not,  you’re promoting the idea that black boys who do steal deserve to get shot. They don’t. They never will.

This conversation about Mike Brown’s case shouldn’t be about how he was an angel, and wrongfully shot, it should be about how we use character flaws to murder black children. Because there is a black kid out there who’s troublesome, and has a rebellious spirit, and does steal cigarettes. And he deserves life just as much as Mike Brown did. Because we don’t kill white girls who shoplift bracelets from Target. We don’t kill white boys who steal beer. So we shouldn’t be killing black boys who steal cigarettes, then arguing over whether or not did it. Because when you argue that, you’re saying that if he did do it, he deserved what he got. And he didn’t. He deserved life. 

Please try your best to shift this conversation away from respectability politics. If someone tries to tell you Mike Brown stole those cigarettes, don’t just argue “no he didn’t!” Argue that even if he did, that shouldn’t cost his life. Black lives are more valuable than cigarettes. And black boys don’t deserve to get shot over them, whether they fucking stole them or not.

conversation with an sjw
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Report: The Justice Department is Ready to Sue the Ferguson Police

CNN says that the Justice Department will demand that the Ferguson police correct whatever tactics are leading to a pattern of racial discrimination. If they refuse, the Justice Department will move forward with a lawsuit to force changes. The Justice Department could also ask a judge to order court supervision of the police department’s dealings with minorities.

More here: http://bit.ly/1LfpQXi


wow the real story behind the Michael brown case

this shit is amazing


The Hush Sound perform Lighthouse at their Washington DC concert on August 6th, 2016 concert.


Posting this series in response to the Department of Justice’s announcement that Darren Wilson will not face federal civil rights charges for murdering Michael Brown.

These photos were captured during the Black Lives Matter protests in New York last December. Some drivers honked their horns and hung out of car windows in support of the movement. Others took issue with the interruption in their commute…

Clinton said the two cases, which have stirred a national conversation on race and law enforcement, show the need for federal funds to be used for better practices, ‘RATHER THAN WEAPONS OF WAR.’

'Each of us has to grapple with some hard truths about race and justice in America. Because despite all the progress we’ve made together. African-Americans, and most particularly, African-American men, are still more likely to be stopped and searched by police, charge with crimes, and sentenced to longer prison terms. The United States has less than 5% of the world’s population, yet we have almost 25% of the world’s total prison population,’ she said.

'Not because Americans break more laws than other nation, “But because we have allowed our criminal justice system to get out of balance. And I personally hope that these tragedies give us the opportunity to come together as a nation to find our balance again.’

—  Hillary Rodham Clinton