Darren Criss on the Wendy Williams show

Darren Criss in the French Magazine Cinema Teaser - Interview Translation
  • Why have you chosen this film and this role for your first experience on the big screen?

This will sound very strange to you but from my part I don’t plan on things. I go wherever life takes me and I’m glad that it landed me to Imogene. You see.. It’s like a combination of circumstances.  Glee takes over a great part of my time. I have already taken a few film offers: often I said no either because I knew the parts didn’t suit me or due to my working hours, so I had to refuse. In this case (referring to Imogene), everything was so simple, I knew that it would be good for me. I loved the script, the casting, the directors… I would have been very disappointed if things couldn’t work out.

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Darren Criss has a goofy sense of humour that catches you off guard, upon picking up the phone the actor chirps, “You’ve got Darren.” Then, “Wait, that sounds like you’ve contracted some form of vicious disease, right?” It’s hard to argue with someone as forward and articulate as Criss. Actor, singer, songwriter, composer and long-running television star are all notches in the California native’s theatrical belt.
—  HERO Magazine (x)

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