Things Darren Criss does that drive the fandom crazy #20

Stuff he says in interviews.

  • They let me in by accident, I’m not supposed to be here.
  • They’re really organic.
  • And beautiful.
  • And delicate.
  • What? I’m just a fanboy. I’m just some dude.
  • Hobbit, bum, this is just a facade.
  • I don’t know anything.
  • That’s neither here nor there.
  • Oh hay! Is that (insert celebrity here)
  • It was awesome.
  • Freelance Whales.
  • Organic.
  • Blessed.
  • Surreal.
  • My brother, Chuck…
  • Something about intergalactic travels or magical creatures.
  • Darren is sure of this.
  • Pulls out his guitar, sings a song.

Things Darren does.

    I guess it’s really a good prep to be a parent becasue I had to pretend, like, the stuff that the kids were doing, that I know was wrong, to pretend, like, they are bad things. Like, if the kids were throwing rocks or, like, playing with matches, I have to tell them that’s bad because they’re, like, tiny, and that’s a terrible thing to do and you get in a lot of trouble but when *I* was a kid those were the coolest things to do, to throw rocks and to play with fire, because that’s what you do when you’re a kid, because it’s awesome

    Darren Criss about being a camp councelor at CYO Camp

    me: Oh I bet they still hide those when you’re around, honey


    Interview with Darren Criss during his Sophomore year

    Best sentence ever, brought to you by Darren Criss (regarding what he would do with Blaine's character if he had complete control)

    I’d like to see him go back in time and hang out with dinosaurs, and then.. and then uh, maybe, uh, like, befriend, like a really cool triceratops, and then, uh, of course the, uh, dinosaurs in this universe would be friendly, and wouldn’t harm me, and they would, of course be able to speak english perfectly, too, and, uhm, and also the character of Blaine would be incredibly proficient at, uhm, wilderness skills, and, uh, would be able to build a house similar to that of The Swiss Family Robinson, uhm, and uh, and of course, magically there would be other humans there that I can befriend so I wouldn’t go crazy, uhm, and then I would just kinda hang with them and then if and when I got bored by season 4, uh, I would take a time machine back to where we are now, uhm, and then maybe go to space, and then uhm, you know, have like a monkey friend that i get to have intergalactic, you know, intergalactic adventures with, and thennn uhm, oh and then I’d discover the cure to cancer, and then uh, I find a secret file somewhere in the atlantic that, uh, would give me the power of flight.