Let Me Live That Fantasy

princedarren prompted: AU where Chris is one of the famous people and Darren is the civilian on his team on Hollywood Game Night

A/N: Fic title comes from Royals by Lorde, a song I’ve been listening to on repeat for days. 4K words [AO3] This is my very belated birthday gift to Robert & Cloud. Hope it was worth the wait :) 

“Welcome back to Hollywood Game Night!” Jane Lynch said, staring directly into the camera. “Here’s where we are. After four games, the score is Team Kay: 20 and Team Darren: 20.”

Darren let out a breath he wasn’t aware he’d been holding, relieved that he hadn’t led his team to total disaster, at least thus far. Chris turned to him, holding up his hand for a high five, and Darren happily obliged, thrilled to have any excuse to touch him.

“Don’t get too comfortable, because we have one last game tonight that might turn everything upside down and we call it I Love a Charade,” Jane announced, gesturing to the screen behind her with the game’s name written on it. “So Team Kay, I’ll give you a category and then I will give one of you a title that fits in that category. Without using words or sounds, you need to get your team member to identify the title I show you. When one of your teammates guesses right, you sit down and they take over as the performer. You’ll earn five points for each correct answer in this round, so now is the chance to jack up your score.

Darren watched nervously as the other team played the first round of charades, moving quickly through their category, sports movies, managing to get an impressive seven correct answers in ninety seconds. They were going to tough to beat, but Darren wasn’t going down without a fight.

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