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You know what the scary thing about Ferguson PD and St. Louis cops in general is? They don’t even care enough anymore to pretend they’re anything but the racist, gun-toting, tear-gas happy maniacs they are. Because they know it doesn’t matter anymore. They can do what they want and no one really cares nor will there be any legal consequences. Now *that* is fucking frightening.

There was talk about Darren’s Twitter follower count so I thought I’d post my August tracking of Darren’s followers.

More analysis on past numbers when I actually have time to do it but yes, the TCAs have had an effect on Darren’s follower count. 

He came back on twitter on July 31 to announce his involvement with the TCAs and from that point until August 11 he gained 20,108 followers which meant an average of 1,118 per day.

Previous to that (May 12 to July 31) he had been averaging 948 per day*.

On August 9, Lucy Hale @ mentioned him and he gained 2,413 followers.

End of day of the TCAs (August 11)  saw him with an additional 9,520 followers.

He didn’t gain as many followers as he did when he was doing his GML promos (more on this later as I’m going to have to stop to bake myself some crow pie. As much as I hate to admit it, numbers don’t lie, that stupid hash tag worked**), but I’m assuming it’s because most of the viewers of the TCAs are already part of his fanbase.

(*Note that this average removes the influx of followers he had from July 14 - 16. The average is at 1.8k per day with those dates.)

ETA: (**It seems the reason for his sudden increase in followers was actually Cory related)