darren's tummy


Even though Molly loved to get in trouble, she brought a lot of joy to the family. Every evening after dinner, Molly would wait next to the dinner table for them to finish. When Darren got up to clean up the dishes, she would run to the couch and lie there with her stomach up. Riley would follow after her and sit down on the couch to give the dog some tummy rubs. Darren joined them after he finished loading the dishes and took over when Riley’s arm got tired. Then when he got tired of the tummy rubs as well, Molly would simply lay with them and put her head on one of their laps while they watched TV.

I think I’ve discovered why I like Darren’s tummy so much.

Because even though he’s still in good shape and he does have muscle, I would say that his abs aren’t that noticeable unless he flexes or something. Even then, they aren’t crazy sculpted either.

Plus, when he hunches over just slightly, there’s a few lines there. His stomach isn’t hard as a rock. There’s still some softness there.

And I just want to squish him and his tummy.

CrissColfer Fic-a-Day Advent 2014: Day Twenty-One

Pairing: Chris/Darren 
Word Count: 
Prompt:  Darren is kind of oblivious to the crush he developed on Chris since he met him.

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Darren shoves a hand full of potato chips into his mouth with one hand, while the other expertly handles the game controller. “And then at lunch, Chris said-”

“MOTHERFUCKER,” Joey shouts as his man takes an assisted suicide dive off a cliff. Darren’s his best friend and all, but he’s totally that dick that’s effortlessly good at everything… including video games. It’s actually unfair that he can play one handed and still kick ass.

Darren just laughs. “No, that would be way inappropriate, we eat surrounded by middle schoolers.”

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