darren's 25th birthday

Darren's Birthday Poem!

25 years ago the world was blessed

With a curly-haired boy unlike the rest

With talent galore and a guitar in his hand

He’s won the hearts of many throughout the land

I could write you a book on reasons he’s loved

But for now, 25 will be more than enough

Reason One is how he’s stayed humble and kind despite his success

Reason Two is when it comes to his fans, no one is loved any less

Reason Three is the way he promotes Freelance Whales

An endorsement from Darren must skyrocket album sales

Reason Four is his laugh, so adorable and sweet

Reason Five is his hidden talent of rapping with a beat

Reason Six is for his smile, which brightens my day

Reason Seven is for his COURAGE, which chases my own fears away

Reason Eight is for his perfect songs that he writes on his own

Reason Nine is the way he forgets the words to these songs at all of his shows

Reason Ten is his musical portrayal of the boy-who-lived

And his co-founding spot in the best thing in life…Starkid!

Reason Eleven is his pink sunglasses that live on his face

Reason Twelve is for his enthusiasm for things like “Muppets in Space”

Reason Thirteen is for his fandom, whose love is built strong

Reason Fourteen is the flawless way he covers Disney songs

Reason Fifteen is the way he sings with overwhelming passion

Reason Sixteen is how he cares for others with unending compassion

Reason Seventeen is the way he’s a walking dictionary

And how “beautiful” and “organic” are always in his vocabulary

Reason Eighteen are his eyebrows, with their triangular shape

Reason Nineteen is how he is OUR superhero, who doesn’t even need a cape

Reason Twenty is the way he’s saved so many lives

Inspiring people to keep the will to survive

Reason Twenty-One is for singing the best version of “Teenage Dream”

And lighting up Glee as a strong, gay teen

Reason Twenty-Two is for his debut on Broadway

It was only three weeks, but he’ll be back there someday

Reason Twenty-Three is for his film debut in Imogene

As long as he’s in it, it’ll be the best movie ever seen

Reason Twenty-Four is for his undying love and his gigantic heart

Reason Twenty-Five is for an exciting 2012, and it’s only the start!

There’s a reason for each year

That he’s spent with us here

I could go on forever, but this is where I’ll end

So thank you, Darren, for being like a friend

You’ve made a dent in all of our lives

Have a grand birthday, and enjoy 25