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Dear Diary… That’s the secret, I reckon. You don’t need fixed ideas about who you are or where you’re headed. You don’t need offers or grades or stamps of approval. You just need to be ready to cope with whatever crap comes your way. And as for all the crazy shit: the mental screw-ups and the madness… Well, that’s mine, Dear Diary. I get to keep that. That travels with me. 


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PLL - Still unanswered questions

Who did Spencer hear scream that night? 

Was Spencer already awake when she heard the scream, or did the scream wake her up?

How did Toby’s jacket have Alison’s blood on it? 

Since Mona is the “Original A”, how did Mona get a hold of Toby’s jacket, considering Alison did not have the jacket when Mona took Alison to the Lost Woods Resort?

Who took the photo of Alison with Spencer’s shadow in the shot that night?

Did Alison go straight home after giving Emily the snow globe, or did she go somewhere else?

Where did Ian go after he left the bell tower?

Why wasn’t Ian that shocked when he saw Alison in the bell tower?

Who was the individual that was in the Dilaurentis house when Jason moved back in in Season 2?

When did Garrett slip Jason the note saying “I know what you did”?

Who was in the haunted house when the girls walked past it in 2x13?

Who was videoing Noel’s party in 2x13?

What was Jessica doing when the NAT club was in Alison’s room?

What happened to Ian after Jenna and Garrett left the Dilaurentis house?

Did Alison see anyone in Brookhaven the day of her disappearance or not?

Since Shana was the one who met Jenna in the park the day of the masquerade ball, what was her purpose of being there?

Who drugged Emily the night “Alison’s grave” was dug up?

Who is responsible for taking Emily to the graveyard that night?

Where did Jenna and Noel take Emily to that night?

In Pretty Dirty Secrets, why did it seem that Garrett thought Noel was the one calling his house?

Who was the Red Coat that walked behind Lucas in Pretty Dirty Secrets?

Was Wilden the anonymous figure who Mona gave the pills and bullets to?

Were Melissa and Wilden the ones who tried to push Aria off the train? 

Who did Aria stab with the screwdriver?

Who was the Red Coat that was across the street from Hanna when A had set up the fake job interview?

Who was Melissa speaking to on the phone the night of Alison’s disappearance?

Who is the Beach Hottie?

Who was Alison sleeping with?

Was Sara the one in the Red Coat the night “Alison’s grave” was dug up?

Since Cece stated that Jason never saw her that night, is Jason’s flashback of seeing Melissa talking to someone dressed similar to Alison real or not?

If Jason’s flashback is real, but he misidentified the individual Melissa was talking to, then who was Melissa speaking to?

Did Melissa take the photo of Alison, Cece and Wilden in Cape May?


Did Wren grant Cece a Radley pass after she had escaped Radley (with Mona’s help), or was Wren lying?

Why did Wren lie about Melissa calling Cece about Mona, considering how Cece was already a patient at Radley at that point?

How did Melissa know the girls were going to be at the lodge?

Who is responsible for hitting Toby the night of the fire at the lodge?

If Sara is responsible for pulling Aria, Emily,  and Mona out of the fire, how did Sara avoid detection from the other individuals by the lodge, and get to the lodge in time, especially since she stopped in the woods to talk to Cece?

Why would Cece have thought Alison removed the girls from the lodge if it was Sara?

Why were Shana and Jenna afraid of Melissa?

Why was Jenna’s hand burnt when she saw Emily in the first episode of Season 4?

Was Jenna simply lying when she told Emily that Garrett told her Wilden saw Alison the night she went missing?

Is it possible Garrett actually saw Wilden with Cece that night?

Was Cece the one in the Dilaurentis house in the second episode of season four when Hanna was talking to Mrs Dilaurentis?

Why were Melissa, Shana and Jenna afraid of Wilden?

If Shana and Melissa were on a team, why didn’t Shana tell Melissa Alison was alive?

Why was A (Cece) blackmailing Wilden to blackmail Melissa?

Why did Shana and Jenna tell Melissa Wilden set the fire when it was actually Shana?

Did Shana and Wilden both trap the girls in the lodge and start the fire?

Why were Shana and Jenna in Ravenswood?

Who was in the Red Coat, wearing the Emily mask, holding up the guilty sign?

Why was Nigel apologizing to Jenna for failing to keep quiet?

Did Shana tell Jenna Alison was alive, or was Jenna making her own conclusions?

Why was Jenna so scared of Cece?

Since the Red Coat living in the Dilaurentis house has a button missing, was it Cece who was sleeping in the Dilaurentis basement and the Red Coat who attended the hoedown, or was it Sara?

What was Mona referring to when she told Wren he had been withholding things from her and that he was untrustworthy?

Who was Wren on the phone to when he told them to take care of their end?

Who was Cece on the phone to when she said she was not returning to Rosewood?

Why was Shana in Wren’s house in 4x12?

Why did Shana go to Mona’s house in 4x12?

Who was Shana referring to when shed said that she didn’t have a choice?

Since Cece appears to have been the one giving Ezra the pictures seen in Ezra’s liar, why didn’t Ezra suspect Cece of being A?

Was Alison the Red Coat Spencer saw in the episode Hot Water, since Cece claimed she saw a blonde girl in the Red Coat when spying on the liars, and it seems Cece took the photo of Wren and Spencer found in Ezra’s lair?

Who was Mrs Grunwald referring to when she said one of the liars has been touched by the one Alison fears most?

Did Alison phone the police the day of her disappearance or not?

Since Ezra is Bard Shorts but not A, why was Tippi calling the anonymous figure in the episode “Bite Your Tongue” Board Shorts?

Who scared Shana out of Rosewood?

Who was the blonde girl at the zoo?

Why did Cece say to Ezra that Jessica payed her to stay silent about witnessing the fight between Alison and Spencer?

Considering Spencer’s flashback in Cover For Me, is it possible Spencer did hit someone that night?

Who was in the Dilaurentis house when Jessica was in Spencer’s room?

Who was the anonymous figure Spencer was following when she left the bridal show, since the anonymous figure was not carrying the suitcase that Jessica gave to someone (presumably Cece)?

Who turned Cece in to the police?

How long has Noel been aware Alison was alive?

What secrets does Alison possess over Noel?

Was Ezra the one who took the photo of Alison in the Red Coat when she revealed tot he liars that she was actually alive?

Who was Jessica on the phone to when she told them to bring help?

Why did the body in the Dilaurentis backyard have an Alison bracelet?

Who killed Jessica?

Why did Alison state to Emily that Cece killed Wilden partly for her?

How did Mona know the girls were actually in New York?

Who was the individual Jessica was going to send the email to?

Since it was supposed to be Melissa’s hat in the Horse stables, does that mean Melissa knew Bethany or not?

Why was Noel so distrustful of Alison in his confrontation with Spencer?

Who was Melissa talking to on the surveillance camera, in the episode, “A Dark Ali”?

Did Mona (the Original A) get the photo of Alison in the hospital when she visited Hanna in Season 1?

When did Melissa bury “Bethany” that night, in regards to the timeline?

If Cece (A) was the one behind the shelf after A attacked Hanna the night of the Ice Ball, then where was Alison that night?

Is Cece responsible for placing the broken blood vial in Spencer’s bag, even though she was all the way in London?

If the Dilaurentis’s and Hasting’s were neighbours for 15 years, how did they not know about Charles/Cece?

(If Mona hit Bethany with the shovel, then that means Bethany was buried before Alison, since Mona found Alison on the road after Mrs Grunwald saved her; however, when Melissa found “Bethany”, the grave had already been dug up., indicating Alison was buried first. 

If “Bethany” was buried by Melissa first, then someone must have pulled “Bethany” out of the grave prior to Alison seeing Byron, Garrett and Jenna that night. The backyard must have been fixed by whoever pulled “Bethany” out of the grave, since Cece mentions nothing of the backyard already being dug up.

If Mona is telling the truth, then that means a third body was buried in the Dilaurentis backyard, and Bethany was within the vicinity of the Dilaurentis house when Alison was first in Spencer’s barn with the girls.

The only other plausible explanation regarding this revelation of Mona hitting Bethany is that it was not Bethany who Melissa buried, and Melissa found someone else’s body after Mrs Grunwald saved Alison.)

Whose body is actually in that grave?

Is Bethany actually dead? 

Was there a third body buried at some point during that night or not?

How does this fit into the timeline regard the day Alison disappeared??

Sara Is A BetrAyer Theory

Most of us were rooting for Sara to be irrelevant. But now that they gave her two of the biggest roles on the show, let’s hope she’s relevant as hell. This theory will also cover some CeCe unanswered questions.

I’ve been rewatching and taking mental notes since Sara’s reveal, so I have a lot of thoughts so I’m going to try to remember all and organize as best as possible. 

In ‘Crash and Burn, Girl!’ Caleb and Toby pay Nigel a visit. At first he doesn’t give out any information. When they leave, he makes a phone call. And upon Caleb and Toby’s second visit, he gives them CeCe’s name, easily. Why would CeCe be dumb enough to give Nigel her name? My theory is that she isn’t. Nigel spoke to Sara and she gave the name to Nigel to get Toby/Caleb on CeCe’s trail. But how did Toby/Caleb even suspect Nigel had info? The lighter that Shana put on Toby after she knocked him out. This leads me to believe Sara is the one who was working with Jenna and Shana in 3x24. They were all in on it. Remember Shana told us Jenna is afraid of CeCe Drake? They were all working together to bring CeCe down. 

Back to the episode, Caleb stole Nigel’s phone and tracked a number to 3 different addresses. One of them leads to CeCe’s “roommate” at UPenn. Could Sara have hired her to make CeCe look suspicious? Wren also told this story about CeCe getting kicked out of UPenn because of Alison to Hanna, but I think that was Wren’s “end” (I take care of my end you take care of yours)

When Travis was bribed so he could keep quiet about the blonde he saw in the woods, the money was in a ‘Diva Dish’ envelope. That’s the name of CeCe’s boutique. Again, is CeCe that dumb? No. But Sara (I know this is difficult to picture but try to visualize Sara as an Alison-esque queen bee throughout this post) is that smart. 

So in the above scene Sara sounds almost annoyed at CeCe when she tells her that Wilden’s dead. This was after Wilden’s funeral (thanks to melisssanicole for reminding me of this) and when someone put Ashley’s phone in his casket. (I have a theory of why Sara could have something against the Marins here) CeCe makes no mention of the phone. CeCe only sent her there to check if Wilden was dead. Sara planted the phone on Wilden’s casket on her own. Sara has her own agenda. 

At the end of 4x23 we see a black hoodie(We did see Sara buying hoodies in season 3 so I believe she occasionally wore one as well. Also let’s not forget Sara has left an A message to Bethany’s parents when she was dressed as black widow, so some actions “A” did could have been Sara) call the police to turn CeCe in for Wilden’s murder. Ashley was off the hook at this point so Sara decided to pin it on CeCe. I believe this was Sara and that’s why CeCe was so frustrated and asking if they got lucky or if someone turned her in. This could be one of the reasons Sara is punished. Which leads to my next point:

Why betray CeCe?

This looks a little too real:

Remember Mona was starved in the hole when she disobeyed CeCe? I think Sara also was punished whenever she misbehaved. She looks legitimately frightened when giving the food to the liars. She wasn’t putting up an act for anyone since the police wasn’t even there at that point.. (I don’t think Sara was actually there all those days marked with chalk however.) Mona also said it was fun having a partner to play the game with at first, but then CeCe stole the liars from her. CeCe isn’t good with allies. 

These BetrAyals not only happened in season 3 and 4, but even this season. Sara was going against CeCe’s wishes and tried to keep the liars safe in 6x10. I think Sara felt attached to Emily, and that’s why she tried to help them. But I also believe her motives are against Hanna, but this wasn’t like the lodge fire, Sara had to save all of them or none of them. 


Sara isn’t on CeCe’s side nor on the liars’ side. She has an agenda of her own and has attempted to expose CeCe in the past and tried to get the liars on her trail. Which is the reason Sara was punished in the dollhouse.

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