darren would so take this to his advantage

klaine-run-the-world  asked:

1) It's pretty incredible how str8!darren fans do not see how an asshole homophobic he looks like?? (if he was sooo straight). If I believed Darren is straight and 100% with his "gurl uwu" I would totally think he is an ass takes advantage of the lgbt community while he trying to prove how straight he is 24/7. If I believed he is straight, I wouldn't even call him an ally. He doesn't look like an ally, he looks like someone using the community for his career and in no way wants ppl to assume -

This is an extended ask and isn’t straight Darren friendly so read at your own risk.  You have been warned!

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Tonight's the Night, We're Gonna Celebrate

So, thejuryisout and I wrote a ficlet based on this post (x), set at a time England was still in the world cup.

Also it is worth noting that I cannot write make-outs, that brilliance at the end is all the lovely Paula’s work :)

“Darren. Hurry up!” Chris said enthusiastically. “They’re showing the line-ups of the players.”

“Okay. Okay. Who ever imagined that you could ever get this excited about sports?”

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