darren why do you always have to look so gorgeous for so long

Psh Soulmates: Part Three

Lucifer x Reader

Word Count: 1448

Warnings: Details of injury to reader, angst

Series Summary: Soulmates. You’re meant to love your soulmate, right? But what happens if your soulmates is a human hating, spiteful archangel?

Part Summary: Yeah… Lucifer’s pissed.

A/N: Bonjour mon petit poison. Sorry I haven’t been updating anything in a while. I’ve been swamped with working and trying to get my UCAS personal statement finished (it’s nearly there now).

I know I keep asking but if anyone has any ideas for what they want for Wings Part Two (read it here) PLEASE let me know cus I want to give it to you I’m just stuck. THANKS. As always I love you lots. Here’s part three


“Y/n, pick up your phone. You failed, come back,” Lucifer hung up the phone again and paced around the room in frustration. Why was he so worried? She’s a human! A small cockroach. A small, funny, gorgeous, clever cockroach- what was happened! Lucifer shivered and frowned to himself at the thought of him actually having feelings for some human. He hated humans. 

Lucifer looked down at the phone in his hand again the sighed. Why wasn’t she picking up?  The girl had her phone in her hand at least twelve hours a day; why wouldn’t she pick up? Maybe she was still pissed at him? Maybe she just didn’t have service? Maybe he should go check on her- to gloat about him winning obviously, definitely not because he cared. 

Lucifer had been tracking Y/n since she left. Not because he cared or anything… Either way, he knew that she was in a motel near  Cheyenne, Wyoming. Why she hadn’t just stayed at home confused Lucifer a little, but at least he knew she was safe as he’d stationed one of his most trusted demons there. 

“Daniel-,“ Lucifer started. 

“Darren,” The demon corrected. 

“Yeah whatever,” Lucifer rolled his eyes and continued, “where’s Y/n,” 

“She’s in room 66, sir. Uh, just like I said,”

“Wanna change your answer there, you sound a little unsure,”  

“She’s gone, sir,” Darren said defeated. 

“What do you mean she’s gone?”  

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Remember the Time - Epilogue

Here it is! The final part of this fic. I struggled with nerves publishing this series as it was written during a particularly tough time for me. It was a time of doubt and sadness (as evidenced by some themes in this story). I realize that I am nowhere close to the talent that this fandom has, but I want to thank every single person who took the time to read, like, reblog and comment on this fic. I don’t believe words would be able to express just how much that meant to me. Thank you again, and happy reading everyone :)

The past 2 years in New York had been different. But the time had flown by.

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Project Melting Ice: Looking Not Hooking! Detroit Red Wings (4/30)

Here are my top picks ;) (if you know what I mean lol). Just a reminder that these players are based purely on physical (for some of them personality too) looks, not hockey skills and popularity. Also you can look for your team (once it’s up) with  the hashtag (#project melting ice: looking not hooking) + your team (ex: #Pittsburgh penguins).

This one was very hard to narrow down. These guys are all about the same level for me, so it was very hard to number them. 

6. Teemu Pulkkinen (23) is the actual dictionary definition of cutie pie. His smile is the sweetest thing and he’s just a precious child too cute for this man world that he is in. (FIN-LW)

5. Again, another case of a goalie that I had not seen without his helmet. Umm…Petr Mrazek (23), where have you been hiding? Clearly he deserves a spot. Too bad basically all the non hockey pictures were with his girlfriend. (CZE-G)

4. The thing about Tomas Tatar (25) is that I’ve always heard his name. On the radio, tv, etc..however, I had never actually seen his precious face. He is the definition of masculinity as far as the Red Wings go in my opinion. Enjoy.(SVK-LW)

3. Darren Helm (28) is gorgeous. Long Hair. Short Hair. Shirt on. Shirt off. That’s all. (CAN-C)

2. Danny Dekeyser (25) looks like a Disney Prince. His glasses bumped him up to second place. The flow just got gave me all the feels. If his personality is just as beautiful as his looks, I will be following his every move (in the non creepy way). Well deserved second place. (USA- D)

1. It was SO hard to find a picture of Luke Glendeling (25) where he was NOT smiling. This man just loves his life as far as I can tell. He is SO attractive to me you have no idea. Smiles = all the feels. My favourite Red Wing. And as of this second I have no idea what his points are in the league. I don’t care. 

So there you have it. My top 6 BEST-LOOKING all encompassing Detroit Red Wings. They lightened up my day and they should yours as well!

Quick Stats
Average age: 25
Country of Origin: Sweden (NONE shockingly), Canada (1),Finland (1), Slovakia (1), USA (2), Czech Republic (1).
Position: Defense (1), Centre (2), LW (2), G (1).

What are your thoughts? Agree/Disagree? Let me know why you love these guys as much as I do!

Something Good to Celebrate

Summary: It’s New York Men’s Fashion week and Darren finds himself surrounded by gorgeous men who won’t stop lavishing him with attention. He’s undeniably turned on, but there’s only one man he wants, so he’s going home to get him as soon as he possibly can. (Nothing that even resembles cheating, I promise!)
Pairings: Chris/Darren
Words: 2842
Warnings: Dom/sub, sub!Darren, dom!Chris, barebacking, vibrators, fingering, anal sex
Read on AO3

New York City’s men’s fashion week turns out to be a whirlwind, just like it is every year. Taking pictures and meeting people and carefully planning his outfit while actually letting his stylist do his hair for once - it’s all in preparation for one of Darren’s favorite annual events that he wouldn’t miss for the world.

He’d be enjoying it much more, however, if it wasn’t for the fact that Chris flew in early this morning for Darren’s birthday. He’s barely gotten a chance to say hi to him let alone touch him and quite frankly, it’s slowly driving him insane. Who could blame him, though? The entire night has consisted of gorgeous men twice his size gushing over him and touching him and accidentally rubbing up against him while they pose for pictures. And as much as Darren loves Chris, as much as he would never even dream of going near another man while he’s in a committed relationship… he’d be lying if he said he wasn’t getting turned on by the attention.

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Adorable Distractions

Advent Prompt #22: We’re in a class and I sit behind and all you ever do during the lessons is watch cat videos on YouTube and it’s extremely distracting. CrissColfer. 1.6K [AO3Read Previous Advent fics on: AO3 | Tumblr

“Do you think it’s possible to fall in love with someone just on the basis of their YouTube playlists?” Darren asks Julia over lunch in the dorm cafeteria.

“You mean like fall in love with a hot YouTuber who makes the videos you watch? I don’t see why not; it’s really no different than falling for a minor celeb,” Julia says, shrugging.

“No, I just mean that I’ve fallen for him based on the videos he watches on YouTube,” Darren clarifies. “But he’s not a YouTuber or anything.”

“What kind of videos are we talking? Because it depends,” Lauren inquires.

“Cat videos?” Darren replies.

“Oh, then totally,” Lauren confirms. “Especially if it’s videos of adorable kittens playing in the snow. That’s my jam.”

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I Enjoyed It Though

Thanks to all of the adorable people that liked, reblogged and made such lovely comments on see-me-after-class😘😘

This fic is in response to a prompt (shown at the end) from the awesome @i-dream-of-emus, thanks honey - I hope this is ok?

Big thanks to my adorable beta @redprairielily.

This is a little bit smutty/crass for anybody that doesn’t like that sort of thing.  Anyway please let me know what you think?

I Enjoyed It Though

As she almost skipped around to Chops house Izzy felt like a million quid.  She was so pleased with the results of her trip to the beautician’s for de-pubing that she had rushed straight home to try on her new underwear.

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Elevator Pitch - cc ficlet

Title: Elevator Pitch
Pairing: Chris/Darren
Rating/Length: G / ~1,700

el·e·va·tor pitch
noun, informal

  1. a succinct and persuasive sales pitch.


His name is Chris, he has a dog, and he lives on the 8th floor. He owns a lot of button-down shirts, sometimes wear dark-framed glasses, and does not like it when it rains. These are the things Darren knows about him.

Chris walks his dog often, he owns multiple pairs of Converse (red, black, and blue), and he does not have a paper subscription to the New York Times. These are other things Darren knows about him.

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Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing - CC Valentine’s Ficlet

I absolutely love this song. And by now I think you guys know how this thing goes. Here’s about 700 words of Crisscolfer-ness.

Chris had been a sleepwalker, ever since he was a little kid. It frightened his parents at first, but he never did anything that would be considered dangerous.

They adapted. Kept all the glasses and fragile dishes up high, and the plastics in reach. Why? Because Chris would sometimes ‘sleep-eat’. And ‘sleep-watch’ TV. 

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A Peep - CrissColfer

Rating: PG-13
Words: +3000
N/A: Takes part after this. If you’re a CrissColfer hater, please don’t read this.

Darren literally jumped into the backseat of the car that was supposed to take him back to the hotel where he was staying. He was really glad the drive wasn’t long, but he pulled his cellphone out of his pocket anyway, he had time to answer a few more questions through twitter.

Okay, maybe he was feeling a bit guilty for being stupid and not understanding how the Q&A thing was going to work. A lot of people waited online for hours just to get a chance to talk to him, but it hadn’t been a live interview like he thought it would be – like he said it would be.

But well, it was done and his fans knew him all too well, so he could only hope that they weren’t too disappointed.

Darren had already sent a few more replies when the car pulled over by the sidewalk right in front of his hotel. He thanked the driver with enthusiasm and complimented the guy for his amazing work, waving goodbye before stepping out of the vehicle.

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All These Thoughts Locked Inside

~2.8k words

anon prompted: okay so i don’t know if you take prompt ideas but what do you think about some chris angst where he overhears some stupid comment and starts to think what if he is just a experiment with a expiration day for darren but he does not talk about that to him but it all keeps building til one day he snaps and then some reassurance and fluff from darren

also inspired by this anon, who flattered me very much. 

I really loved writing this. I hope you guys love it too. The title is from the All-American Rejects' It Ends Tonight, which is also mentioned briefly in the story.

“Well, we all know Darren’s just experimenting. I mean, he’s straight. His thing with Chris is just him being… Darren and trying out new things. It won’t last.”

His heart sinks. Drops. Falls. Descends into a deep, dark abyss and collides headfirst with the bottom, shattering. Breaking into a million minuscule pieces that are impossible to repair. A stranger pulls it out of his chest and squeezes it tightly in her fist, crushing it, destroying his only lifeline. Her words pierce his chest, and it tightens around an emptiness. There’s a lump in his throat, and his eyes sting, and he runs, not walks, out of the party. He doesn’t care. A million paparazzi could follow him and capture his tear-stained face, but he can’t care. How’s he supposed to care about a few pictures when his whole heart has been removed from his body and verbally stomped on?

He doesn’t forget. He can’t.

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CrissColfer: Seven Minutes

A long time ago, I brought up to Tk/caffelester the idea of hs!CrissColfer in an awkward seven-minutes-in-heaven where they’re just friends and so they spend their time telling each other bad jokes before one of them realizes he really does like the other one. So now, for her birthday (which was yesterday), I bring her (and you) exactly that. Happy (late) Birthday, lovely!! <3 I should’ve mentioned that it can be read as a sequel to Senior Bastard. I think I’m gonna start my first verse!

High school!CrissColfer + awkward teenage seven-minutes-in-heaven au, 3k words, PG-13.

[Also read on AO3]

Chris was going to kill Darren.

He was actually going to kill him.

At least, this was half of what he was thinking as he saw the bottle Darrenhad just spun land on him.

The other half was a mantra of holy shit holy shit fuck fuck FUCKHOLY SHIT WHY.

Chris raised his head from the bottle, sure that his face looked like he had seen a ghost. His eyes were wide and he was shaking, though thankfully not noticeably, the Diet Coke on the red cup he was holding threatening to spill on the floor. He had hoped, kind of foolishly, that the bottle would never land on him. Darren had assured him that he’d talked to the people in their Spin-the-Bottle circle (who were drunk as fuck by now) so that they wouldn’t pressure him into doing the whole seven-minutes-in-heaven thing. After all, Chris was only in this stupid party because Darren had dragged him into it.

Actually, he hadn’t exactly dragged Chris. He had used his magical powers of persuasion to convince Chris to agree to go with him without much thought.

Which was why Chris was going to kill him. Right here in front of everyone.

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4/4 - End Up Here by 5sos (His POV)

Requested: Yeah?

Author: Brit


  • So I know you said you wanted a Luke imagine, but I was inspired to do all 4 and we’re running low on prefs. I hope you don’t mind!
  • I got emotional…


You walked in

Everyone was asking for your name

You just smiled and told them “Trouble"

It was late and after one of our shows. We were in Italy… I think. Anyways, the boys and I were at a club one night and I have to admit, I was having a good time. I gulped down drink after drink and started to lose my control. Luke was sitting down, sulking, so naturally I made fun of him for a good half hour.

“Will you just cut it out?” Luke whined for the billionth time that night. He always hated this kind of scene, but I wasn’t making it any better.

“Lighten up will ya, Lukey Luke Lucas,” I sang and he rolled his eyes. I sat down next to him and bopped his nose over and over again. “Boop, boop, boop,” I repeated like an annoying little brother.

Suddenly, Luke’s eyes widened and his lips slightly parted. “Wow,” He breathed.

I followed his gaze across the club and laid eyes on the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. She was wearing leather shorts, an old Sex Pistols shirt, and had dark red lipstick painted across her mouth. I stood up and gaped at her for a couple more seconds before acting. “She’s mine,” I declared and wiped my nose in case there were any boogers. That would be awkward.

I confidently waltzed onto the middle of the dance floor, but stopped dead in my tracks when I saw what was going on. Guy after guy was coming up to her, doing the same thing I was about to do. Even with all the alcohol in my system, I knew I had no chance with her.

I watched her interact with each guy and she said the same thing over and over again. A tool would go up to her and ask her for her name. She’d say, “Trouble,” and blow them off. I could go up to her and make a fool out of myself or forget it all and not have to face the embarrassment. As the alcohol seeped into my skin, I had no control over what I was going to do.

I took a deep breath and continued to strut towards her. We made eye contact as I came up and a smirk spread across her face. “Hello my name is Michael Clifford and you are more stunning than the seven cocktails I’ve had,” blurted out without thinking.

She laughed and extended her hand. “I’m Y/N,” Her voice was like the warm chocolate chip cookies. Maybe I was just hungry, but I swear that’s what it sounded like.

I scrunched my face up once I realized she wasn’t shooing me away. “What happened to Trouble?” I asked with a smug look on my face.

“That’s just what I say to blow people off,” Y/N smiled, still holding onto my hand.

“Why aren’t you blowing me off?” I wondered, “Is it the hair?”

“You’re charming and you seem really sweet.”

“So… It’s the hair?”

Y/N looked at me with her glistening eyes and laughed. “Come on, Michael Clifford,” She lured me in, pulling me close to her, “Let’s dance.”


How did we end up talking in the first place?

You said you liked my Cobain shirt

Now we’re walking back to your place

The best thing about touring all over the world is literally going all over the world. The worst thing about touring all over the world is literally going all over the world. I cannot express the amount of times I have gotten lost in some city I had never been too before. The most memorable time was when we were in the states.

It was 3:18 am and I was wandering the backstreets of Downtown L.A. I lost the boys after a night out and still hadn’t found my way back. My cellphone was dead, I had no money, and I was pretty much out of ideas. Way to go, CalPal. I sat down in front of an apartment building and leaned my head back on the wall. I was totally screwed.

“Hey,” A girl’s voice called from across the street. I opened my eyes and looked to where the sound was coming from. Almost directly across from you, a girl sat in the same position, up against an apartment building. I couldn’t see her eyes because they were coated with dark makeup and it intimidated me. “I like your shirt,” She complimented, “KC. I’m a huge Nirvana fan.”

I smiled and looked down at what I was wearing. “Yeah,” I said, “Good ole, Kurt. What a tragedy.” We went back to wallowing by ourselves and I closed my eyes once again, hoping one of the guys would find me. How could they though? I was completely M.I.A. I heard a clicking sound and looked at the girl again. She was flipping open a lighter and set fire to a cigarette dangling from her mouth. “Smoking kills!” I was appalled.

She threw her head back, laughing, “Does it look like I give a shit?”

“No,” I sighed. More silence. “What’s your name?” I asked her.

“Y/N,” She exhaled a puff of smoke, “Yours?”


“That’s a funny name.”


Y/N laughed and flicked the cigarette ashes to the side. “Alright, Calum,” She cleared her throat, “We’re both sitting on opposite sides of the streets, in the same position. Why don’t you come over here and we can keep each other company?”

I surprised myself by getting up and going to her. I sat down and studied her face. I wanted to see those eyes without the mask of makeup. “So what are you doing out her so late?” I asked her, trying to get a better look.

“I like to sit and watch the nightlife,” She shrugged with a smile on her face. She looked up at the sky and beamed, “You meet interesting people at this hour.” She was so beautiful; I couldn’t take my eyes off her. Y/N turned to look me in the eyes and I blushed. “Why are you looking at me like that?”

“You’re mysterious,” I muttered, “And drop dead gorgeous.”

She shuffled her feet and grinned at the ground. “So what are you doing out this late?”

“I’m lost, have no battery left in my phone, and no cash so no cab.”

“You could use my phone,” Y/N took my hand and stood up, “I left it at my apartment. Is that ok?”

I nodded and smiled, “Just don’t smoke in front of me.”


The worst thing about touring all over the world is literally going all over the world. I cannot express the amount of times I have gotten lost in some city I had never been too before, but that’s ok because that’s how I met my wife.


Next day out

Everybody thought you were so insane

‘Cause you were so far out of my league

“So will I see you again tomorrow?” I asked Y/N. I still couldn’t believe we had just finished with our third date. I couldn’t believe she ever said yes to me in the first place.

She nodded and gave me a kiss, “Most definitely.” I dropped her off at her front door and watched to make sure she got in safely. I got in my car and drove home with a stupid smile stuck on my face. Y/N was a skater girl. She was basically the queen of her clique and everyone loved her. She was just so cool, ya know? I’m the complete opposite! I’m shy, academically oriented, and a total loser. I never expected her to go out with me on one date, let alone three.

The next day, I went to school and told Michael and Calum all about Y/N. They were also amazed by the fact she liked me back. It felt kind of nice to have something Michael didn’t. He was always picking on me and I finally felt like I had something to brag about to him. Y/N was perfect and I had no problem telling him that.

Sometime around lunch, I grabbed my tray and looked for a place to seat. Monday lunch period was always rough for me because Cal and Mikey both had class. I bit my lip and thought about sitting with Y/N. I’m sure she wouldn’t want me intruding on her crowd, but I was desperate. All the skater kids sat outside behind the school for lunch, so I made my way there.

As I was about to round the corner, I heard Y/N’s voice. “Yeah, what about Luke?” She said.

“Is he your charity project or what?” One of the guys, Darren, spat and I felt like I just got pissed on.

“I’ve gone on three dates with him,” Y/N replied. The fact that she didn’t answer the question made me nervous.

Her friend, Elise, took her turn to bash on me. “And I bet he hasn’t even kissed you yet. Luke is just so worthless and you’re so much better than him,” She said, “I think you should play around with him for a little bit and then snap his heart in two.”

“I-,” Y/N started but I couldn’t listen anymore. I dropped my tray and ran to the music room. I picked up my favorite guitar and started angrily strumming. My hand was shaking like mad and it felt like an anvil had been dropped on my chest. Her friends were right. I’m nothing compared to her. I rested my head on the crook of the guitar and gave up. I had been demeaned to the point of defeat. “Hey,” I looked up to see Y/N. I didn’t hear her come in. “You heard all of that, didn’t you?” She sighed, sitting next to me. I nodded and refused to speak. “I’m so sorry, Luke,” She tried to look into my eyes, but I avoided contact.

I turned my back to her and muttered, “You didn’t sound very sorry.”

“That’s because you didn’t stick around long enough to hear me defend you.” I wasn’t buying it. “Please, Luke, believe me,” Y/N pleaded, as if she was reading my mind, “You are so much better than them. All of them! You’re so much better than me. You’re someone I’m proud to show off. You’re perfect to me.” I gently slide my hand into hers. I grabbed the back of her neck and pulled her lips to mine, taking complete control as I dug my feelings into her. When I finally pulled away, Y/N had a giant smile on her face. “Come eat lunch with us,” She ordered, “We’ll show those assholes how great you are.”


Call me lucky 'cause in the end

I’m a six and she’s a ten

She’s so fit, I’m insecure

But she keeps coming back for more

Normally, I’m the happy, chipper, guy who likes to bring a smile to someone’s face. Sometimes, I’m the total opposite. Sometimes, I just close the curtain on my bunk and refuse to come out for ours. Sometimes, I shut down. When that happens, there’s only one person I care about.

“Come on, Ash,” Luke tried to help me, but he just made things worse, “You can’t take everything you see on twitter to heart.”

“Oh, ok!” I yelled sarcastically, “Great advice from the one who cried after seeing what people had to say about you at the BBMAs.”

That hurt his feelings and I immediately regretted saying anything to him. “I didn’t cry,” Luke mumbled, sadness in his tone. He climbed into his bed and shut the curtain.

Half an hour later, I overheard Michael on the phone. “Hey, do you think you could swing by soon?” He whispered, “Yeah, he’s having one of his days. He really upset Luke when the kid was just trying to help him. It’s the worst I’ve seen him.” A long pause hovered in the air. “He read stuff about him not being good enough for you. He’s really beating himself up and anyone who tries to comfort him. This is all you, Y/N.” Another pause. “Awesome, see you soon!” And he clicked off.

I dug my head into my pillow and tried to get all the self-shame out of my head before I hurt Y/N too. “Not good enough,” I whispered to myself about an hour later.

“Ashton Fletcher Irwin!” Y/N tore open my bunk curtain, “How dare you say that?” She said in her super scary threatening voice. I felt a chill run down my spine. She was terrifying when she was angry. “Scoot over,” She ordered and I did. Y/N climbed into bed with me and sat cross-legged at my feet. “Care to tell me what this is about?”

I kept quiet until she raised an eyebrow. The eyebrow raise was my one warning to spit it out. “#Y/NDumpAshton and #AshtonIsWorthless are both trending and I looked through the tags,” I admitted.

Y/N slapped my knee. “Why would you do that to yourself, Ash?” She was truly disappointed in me, “You know you can’t handle that and you know it’s not true!”

“It’s so hard not too!” I raised my voice and felt tears prick at my eyes. I couldn’t cry in front of her. I refused. “They hate me so much, Y/N,” My voice cracked, “Why do you even stick around? I’m not worth it!”

That’s when she took her phone out and started scrolling. I tried to peek at what she was doing but she shielded the phone from me. “Look,” She said and handed me the phone, “Only took me seconds to find.” She was on tumblr and found all these amazingly nice posts about how happy I make my fans. There was one about the butterflies I draw on people’s wrists, one about how my laugh makes someone’s day brighter, and one that cracked me. There was a whole post about my dad and how I’ve stepped in for Lauren and Harry. Tears fell from my eyes. I didn’t know how much the fans paid attention. It was truly incredible. Y/N wrapped her arms around me and kissed my head. “You are the most beautiful person I know, inside and out,” She whispered as I cried into her arms, “Don’t ever doubt yourself.”

She cuddled with me until I settled down. My breathing steadied and I realized I forgot something. “Luke,” I said quietly.

“Apologize to him. He won’t hold a grudge. You’re like his big brother and he loves you almost as much as I do,” Y/N smiled, “I’ll wait here.”


“I’m not going anywhere.” And she never did.

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End of an Era (Beginning of Another) - Pornstar AU
by savvymavvy and alittledizzy
Chris/Darren, explicit, 2.4k

Warnings for bdsm and daddy kink. This part is strictly Chris/Darren.  

We lost track of the ask prompting this, so if it was your request - hope you enjoy it! 

Darren takes a deep breath before finishing his email to work. He has to give notice that he will not be available for anymore privates and he knows work isn’t going to like that. They make the majority of their money on offering private chat sessions and telling clients that they can get a longer, more personable experience for just a quick bit of cash and for Darren to say he’s now not going to do that when he used to… Yeah, work isn’t going to be happy.

But that’s okay. Darren is fine with that because this wasn’t the career he wanted long-term anyways and Chris? Yeah, Chris is definitely long term.

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Life's Too Short

~2.3k words

do not let the first sentence fool you! nothing happens to darren, other than a revelation. he’s fine, I promise. inspired by this episode of sex and the city, where mr. big has a heart surgery.

giant thanks to mika & lena for giving this their seal of approval. 

Darren is fifty-four when he has the heart attack.

“Specifically, a coronary artery spasm,” his doctor clarifies. “It’s when the arteries tighten and the oxygen-rich blood can’t get through to the heart. He’s pretty healthy, which indicates that this might have been brought on by too much stress. Combined with his family history, it’s definitely not unheard of. He should be fine within a few days, but we want to keep him here to assure there are no further heart complications.”

Too many years, Darren’s busied himself with work, running back and forth, attending, starring, singing, and dancing at too many events, playing for too-crowded venues, getting into too many different characters’ headspaces, stopping for and greeting every fan possible, surpassing expectations, skipping sleep, undeniably giving his all… His body is now adamantly telling him to stop. Just for a while. He needs to rest. To calm down. To take a damn break. But he wouldn’t be Darren Criss if he provided anything short of his best. So now, Darren lies on a hospital bed, weak yet stable, surrounded by his immediate family.  

No one calls Chris. But Chris calls Darren, and Darren’s father picks up. Before Bill even begins explaining, Chris senses something is wrong. Why else would Bill answer his phone call?

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