darren twitter

so the way my brother got the tickets was he called the number on darren aronoksky’s twitter… it told him to go to this random corner in chinatown where there was a woman playing a tuba who asked him “what do you seek?”… he got his thumbprint taken and was told to follow this painted line down like 5 blocks and it brought him to this fucken alley and down the alley was a man with a briefcase and the man asked “what do you seek?” and then took the paper with his finger print and fucken burned it.. and then had my brother hold the briefcase for him to open and the suitcase like lit up and he pulled out a fucking pepper thats meant to be a heart but inside the pepper is a deadass skeleton key with a phone number on i and when you call the number it tells you that this is your ticket to the premiere and to dress like youre going to a funeral…. like WHAT kind of fucking advertising stunt i LOVE it