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lauraluvesyou: Went to celebrate the illustrious career of the incomparable Craig Slaight at @actsanfrancisco. And Darren Criss remembered me (or at least pretended to)! And was as cool as ever!!! Half Filipinos unite 😂 #halffilipino #halfasian @darrencriss

urban_oceans: AHHHHH TONIGHT I GOT TO MEET, PERFORM AND TALK WITH DARREN CRISS AND IM SO BLESSED AND HAPPY🤗😍 it’s all for Mr. Craig Slaight the best director and mentor in the world !❤️🌟

“I’m basically with the same lovely lady for many moons who I’m very happy with”

Typical vague insipid comment from Daisy, but a step up from ball and chain.

happy with - This sounds more like a professional recommendation for services than a declaration of love and contentment.  I tend to be ‘happy’ with the service in a restaurant or when a presentation goes well at work.  

Many moons - Darren forgetting the timeline as usual :).  His forgetfulness on this is always consistent and I love him for it.

lovely lady - it’s making me think of les mis ;) and there is no way that anyone would use that expression for someone they find hot.  His sentiments on Chris professionally have more passion.  At some point maybe he’ll say her name without looking like he’s about to cough up a fur ball.

1/10 for effort and content D.

Watch Darren Criss & His Brother Chuck Dance Like No One's Watching in Computer Games' 'Every Single Night' Video
Darren Criss’ alt-pop band Computer Games released a music video for their track “Every Single Night” on Sunday (May 21).

Computer Games, Darren Criss’ alt-pop band with his brother Chuck, released a music video for their track “Every Single Night” on Sunday (May 21).

Reminiscent of Justin Bieber’s “Sorry” music video, Computer Games’ new video features the band and friends grooving against a solid-colored background in mouse suits, sequined mermaid tails, unicorn horns and more.

Darren Criss & Brother Chuck Talk New, ‘Unapologetically Fun’ Alt-Pop Project, Computer Games Throughout the video, the sibling duo wears turtleneck sweaters that look like they could have been borrowed from The Wiggles, but they fit in perfectly against everyone else’s crazy attire, including pirate costumes and a drummer with a baby doll strapped to his chest.

“Every Single Night” is featured on Computer Games’ debut EP, Lost Boys Life, which arrived in March 2017.

Gianni Versace's doorstep murder recreated for American Crime Story
Edgar Ramirez - who plays Versace - could be seen laying face down on the ground in front of the Italian fashion designer's home: The Vesace Mansion

It looked to be a chilling scene as 30-year-old Darren kept his arm extended with firearm in hand over the body of the slain Gianni.

No doubt they wanted to capture the intensity in Cunanan’s eyes the moment he fired off those lethal shots as a camera could be seen right in front of the barrel of the firearm.

Prior to the fatal confrontation, Darren could be seen running across the street with gun in hand before stopping just short of those white and black speckled steps.

Earlier in the day former Glee star Criss could be seen taking direction from Ryan Murphy…

Cunanan was on the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted Fugitives after killing five men in three months prior to Versace’s murder.

He used the gun he killed Versace with to kill himself eight days later while hiding out in a house boat in the area.

The Versace mansion has since been converted into a high-end hotel called The Villa Casa Casuarina, which has 10 rooms to accommodate guests.

A day prior Edgar was spotted enjoying a much lighter day on set as he filmed on South Beach opposite Latin pop star Ricky Martin.

anonymous asked:

I do not understand. Darren telling a story about Chris in 2015 - two years ago - is important why?? So much changes in 2 years. Showing pictures of Klaine is important why? They were paid as actors to play lovers. You cannot say that is CrissColfer because that is an assumption, not proof. It seems creepy to use fake pictures to justify a relationship. Give me something current please.

Dear Nonnie,

Are you feeling so threatened by the video that you have to point out that it’s 19 months old?  I guess even you can see and hear how reverently Darren talks about Chris. How he says his name like it’s the most magical word(s) in the world. How excited he is to tell the story as he declares “it’s not a secret” and bounces a little in his chair. You know why he is excited?  Because everything else about his relationship is a secret.  This is the one story he’s allowed to tell thanks to Max. And he’s told it in detail.  4 times!!  

As for Klaine  I generally do not use character moments  it’s the BTS moments  that are pretty telling.   But yes   The kisses went far beyond what was required for the role   

But you are correct, the video is 19 months old.  But what confuses me in your ask.  You are asking for current evidence.  So does this mean you concede that as of 19 months ago they were a couple and perhaps they’ve broken up?  You do understand that if this is the case.  The other 2 couples you rely on existing mainly so CC cannot exist.  It means they are fake and were used as a prop to cover CC.  And if they were fake 19 months ago.  Well I doubt much has changed with regard to their legitimacy.  And if they are still being held at in public as real, you have to ask yourself. Why?  What are they still hiding?  And well.  I think we have the answer.  

But you asked for more current proof.  So here we go:

The fact that these two men and self declared friends that exude chemistry and clearly enjoy each other’s company have not been seen together in over 2 years and don’t interact on social media.  In direct contrast to pretty much every other person on Glee.  

Stranger than Fanfiction released this past February.  Chris’ most autobiographical book to date.  About contracts, celebrities lying, legal obligations.  With a shout out to the Kraken!  And of course Sunshine Studios. And let’s not forget our closeted teen.  

The Day the Dance is Over.  A song that Darren can’t push off and say chuck wrote it unlike Lost Boys Life.  "Many times you have kept me higher up that I can reach.  And now you’re on my shoulder.  And well there’s something to talk about. And well there’s something to say. I promise you that I won’t be gone on the day that day that the dance is over, I will be your song.  Keep holding on. Because on the day the day dance is over I will be your song.  You can put away your costume. You can be yourself. There is nothing to be scared of.  They can turn all the lights out.  Leave us standing in the dark. I’m not going anywhere love, no.“

The reprisal of Chris Col-Fur on the very evening the worst Von beard ever appeared back in San Fran.

TLOS.  With Froggy in the mirror.  Placed there by Morina.  Both prominently on the cover of the last book.  And we know Chris is Red.  

Mother Goose snap. Mother Goose a character Darren has no independent association with.

Christmas in October.  Why did this have to be staged? Especially as Darren did spend Christmas in Northern California.  Away from Chuck who was in New York. Suspicious indeed.  

The subsequent refusal of Chris’ cousin to out his boyfriend.  Ummm.  Will is pretty out as the public kept man.  

Ben?  You can’t tell me you are ignoring the man that lives in that house.  

Chris’ denial that he had seen AVPM. Ask yourself. Why?  Why deny this when there is an abundance of evidence to the contrary that not only had he seen it. But loved it and was a complete fanboy.

That’s just a few examples.  I could continue. But it’s early and I think you get the idea.  

Criss and Colfer.  Still going strong.


Someone on twitter found it it’s from an interview where Darren talks about Chris at 3.16. This is an old interview

“Kurt and Blaine, public school or private school for your future children?”

Chris says that Kurt would not settle for public and Darren says:

look at Chris’s little sly grin, when Darren says that Blaine would lose
(he nodded and smiled as if he remembered something)

then this movement Darren’s body, which reminds me of a line from All of me “even when I lose I’m winning“ (because all of me loves all of you)
and Chord is like “well, as always”

this reminded me of a conversation between Kurt and Blaine in Lima Bean in 3x01

Blaine’s reaction (charming smile, isn’t it?)
(i don’t know what it means to Blaine, if Kurt wins, my thoughts too dirty for that)

i found earlier a post (unfortunately,I don’t have the link), where it was written that this scene was shot after the kiss in Dublin, where as you know, Chris and Darren were playing, and Darren broke the rules, and technically Chris won

returning to today’s paleyfest. Darren and Chris talk about the kind of Klaine, but the grin makes me think that they are talking not only about them, but also about each other.

i don’t say anything, it’s just my observation and thoughts.

but remember: glee is not a documentary


anonymous asked:

i shipped miarren for a long time. not so much because i thought they were a cute couple, but because i always thought it was rude to ship a real person who already had a signifigant other with someone else. for years i've tried to look past all the obvious signs that D and M weren't actually together. for years i tried to ignore that whenever D is around M, or someone so much as mentions his "longtime" girlfriend, he looks absolutely, completely and utterly miserable. i tried to disregard-

Part 2:  the fact that D being with M just didn’t make sense, considering what kind of person M is, to put it simply. they just didn’t go together well. it seemed as if someone was trying to force two pieces of a puzzle together that didn’t fit. i always thought the concept of crisscolfer was cute as all hell, but i thought it was just that, a concept. however, over the past year and a half or so, i’ve started to doubt. i started following crisscolfer blogs, and what i began to see turned my entire-

Part 3:  perspective of D and M upside down. nothing made sense anymore. it became clear to me that it was all a charade. after i had been convinced that D and M weren’t together, i continued to try and convince myself that just because miarren was so obviously fake, that didn’t outright mean that D and C were a thing. but as time went on, i became curious as to why people thought they-

Part 4:  were. why crisscolfer supporters always say that they don’t “think” D and C are together, they “know”. so i did some digging. and what i found wholly convinced me. the one thing that gets me every time, is that C and D seemingly are not allowed to interact in ANY way. you see both C and D commenting on other glee co-stars posts. you see them hanging out with each other. miarren supporters always say that the reason you never see C and D together, or interact at all is because they “hate” each-

Part 5:  other. however, both C and D have confirmed that they are at the very least, close friends in the past. there are only two things that could explain the fact that they no longer interact. one: they had some sort of huge falling out. this however, makes absolutely no sense considering the relationship they had, and the way darren would respond to mentions of chris at the hedwig stage-

Part 6:  door. the only other option, two: there’s something they’re desperately trying to hide. i am 100% with you guys now. there is no way that M and D are truly together. and at this point, there is NO way that C and D aren’t truly-

Part 7:  together. on another note, i would just like to apologize on behalf of my former fandom. they can deny that they send extremely rude anonymous messages and asks to crisscolfer supporters all they want. but i used to talk to my former fellow miarren supporters. on a daily basis. and behind closed doors, some of those people (not all, some were kind and kept to themselves) would (no lie) brag to eachother about the hate they would send. it appalled-

Part 8:  me. they clearly feel threatened. they (whether its deep down or not) know something’s up. you can tell, by how defensive they get. when i was first starting to doubt that D and M were in fact together, i confided in someone i considered (at the time) a friend. they didn’t even try to convince me otherwise, they just BLEW-

Part 9:  UP. they might as well have just flown across the north atlantic ocean solely just to come to my house and personally bite my head off. they threatened me and called me names. i honestly could not believe the things i was reading. i blocked them, and that interaction only started to convince me that the whole miarren thing was fishy as-

Part 10:  hell. sorry for the long message. just needed to get this all out. lastly, who would you recommend talking to to get caught up? due to my apparent blindness over the past few years, i’ve missed a LOT of crisscolfer happenings. but i’d like to know about some, if not all of them and from what i can tell, there are no updated

Part 11:  masterposts/lists. also, i would be curious to know what was it that first started to convince you (and others) that miarren was as fake as a three dollar bill, and that crisscolfer was super duper on? maybe we could start a thread?


I applaud you Nonnie, thank you for your messages!!!!!!!  If you read my bio, you know I have only been here for about 2 years.  I never “shipped” miarren, i just never looked past the PR story. As a “naive New Yorker” i saw no reason for D to lie.   

I always suspected that there was something not right.  there was an Easter pic posted soon after she moved to LA and from that moment on, I was suspicious. There was a possessive vibe to it that made me extremely uncomfortable.

I found the CCverse when D’s twitter was “hacked” when both he and Chris were in Paris and quite frankly i never looked back. I spent a weekend researching. Sadly, the masterpost I found is no longer available. But I would recommend looking though @mleigh69‘s blog. I spent a lot of time there in the beginning. She no longer actively blogs, but is still a CC believer.

For me the final, 100% confirmation was watching the Trevor Live video. Watching I almost felt it was more intimate than watching a really romantic sex scene in a movie. There was clearly so much going on between the two men in this video. 

This combined with what I had read and saw left me with absolutely no doubt.

Chris of course is the captain of the ship. Read his books. Its all in there. Watch his IG likes.  So many are directly related to CC its unreal.  And honestly, Darren talks frequently and often, you just have to pay attention. He has a lot less freedom. But he rebels all the time.

And lastly,. came off anon and talk to me and to others. We are so happy to share what we know and point you in the right direction.

Darren Criss & Brother Chuck Talk New, 'Unapologetically Fun' Alt-Pop Project, Computer Games

Darren Criss was always destined to make a career out of music. He studied the violin from age 5 well into his teenage years, picking up other instruments along the way, while also pursuing a love for musical theater. But he credits his own musical endeavors to the environment in which he grew up – particularly his older brother, Chuck, who brought other musical interests to the table especially when they were in high school.

“Music has always been the backbone of our relationship and our household,” Darren tells Billboard. “We both had a voracious appetite for music, but I think high school is when we started playing together and being to communicate on a level that changed everything. I think the kind of music we played is probably loud garage rock, because we were just playing in the basement.”

Once they graduated, though, the Criss brothers decided to take their own paths. Darren independently released a solo EP, Human, in July 2010, just months before debuting in his breakthrough role as dreamy choir head Blaine Anderson on Fox’s hit musical dramedy Glee, while Chuck found a home in New York City and became a founding member of indie-rock fivesome Freelance Whales.

With Glee seeing its end in 2015 and Freelance Whales’ most recent album hailing from 2012, both Criss brothers were itching to do something new musically – so they thought, why not relive the days of the brotherly collaborations? And come March 8, 2017, behold, the Criss alt-pop project Computer Games.

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Never gonna happen. 1) Glee ratings in season 2 began to go down when Klaine got together. People don't like gay shows: the New Normal, The Real O'neils, etc. Klaine may still be important in social media, but it doesn't translate to viewership. 2) Chris is done with Glee. No, I don't mean he doesn't want to talk to Darren again. But he is done with the Klaine storyline, Kurt Hummel and the crazy fans who delusionally still ship him with his costar.

Okay you must be a crazy Chris stan because not too long ago Chris did in fact talk about Klaine and who the fuck cares who I ship him with it’s none of your damn business anyway so take your comments and shove them as far as they can go you chicken anon