darren seems so happy

I drew some Darren vent art because recently the more i learn about this character, the more I’m learning I’m a lot more like him than i thought.

Anydudes. I have sooooo many headcannons about him and most of the connect to each other. But for this picture, it kinda shows one of them, which is that Darren messed up something in the past somehow, causing him to constantly grieve about it. He is always trying to hide this side of him from his friends, especially Vince, since he’s the youngest and seems to always be so happy. Darren most likely hides this side cause he doesn’t want to upset Vince, and he wants to be the strong one to protect Vince. Cause I’ve kinda thought that Darren was the type of person who would fake his happiness just so he doesn’t effect his friends. But no one notices, which he feels is good but sometimes he wishes someone would do something about it.

 Though point is, Darren has nights where he can’t sleep so he ends up staying up either smoking or drinking. 

And another headcannon i had about him being restless would be that some nights Darren would wake up, and just stare at his ceiling until he got up once again, but ends up just standing in the middle of the room…just staring…doing nothing, but have everything flash back to him while also constantly going over what he could’ve done to fix it all up. Though he still is in complete silence, staring at nothing, with a blank look. 

I guess a few other headcannons I have would be that Darren doesn’t cry anymore because he use to cry so much, so he tried making a promise to himself that he wouldn’t, thus probably shows why he has more blank stares than a sadden look. Though with this, it doesn’t mean that he never cries, but it just happens maybe once on a blue moon.

I  can go on with more headcannons but I should get to drawing some more :) Though these are only headcannons so they are not cannon do be sure of that.