darren radner

Warrior U christmas at the castle

Darren is still cursed with rotten luck, but he can still have fun cus’ its Christmas, and shiel is the one that dropped the decorations on him. Mean while the princess just thinks the whole thing is hilarious, and Darren’s dad is just like “what?”. so yeah their probably setting up for some huge castle christmas part or something, use your imagination ^^

So… Noble Women Darren…

Would her name be Darleen? Daria? Darcy?

I like Daria best.

but yeah.

So her mother (equivalent of Sir James) would be super strict, “Be a proper lady!”“Sit up straight!”“Brush your hair back!” yaddayadda, and probably a hen, and her father would be caring and the one who raised her as a person and not a lady. She would try to be the classiest/proper lady as her mother demands so that she can find a good husband. She hates Finn(Fiona?) and her father (Lane?) because of her fathers wizardry and threats over the kingdom, oh and making her mother into a hen.

She wouldn’t be asssss stressed as Darren since instead of not knowing how to use a mace very well, she just gets confused on how to properly do things at first (curtsy, which fork to use, such and such)

She and the Prince are just as close as Darren and the Princess, the Prince has taught both Daria and Sheilla how to hunt using crossbows, and is teaching Daria how to use a sword.


So not Daria- but Genderbent by some spell Leenan (or another witch/wizard) used >:3

Don’t ask me questions because HAAH I don’t have the answer.

((Shhh yes Leenan said she wouldn’t make Darren a girl cause she might be hotter, but let’s face it she may be pretty but who’s a hotter babe than Leenan?
No one.))

Welp yeah

It was a quick dumb doodle with very little thought, so ignore everything but the head okay?